Instructional Support Services and Retention

The Instructional Support Services and Retention unit, under the supervision of an associate dean, brings together many institutional support services to promote a supportive, student-centered learning environment.

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Services offered through the Office of Instructional Support Services and Retention include placement testing, academic advisor training, supplemental academic instruction and tutoring, research and information literacy instruction, instructional media support, minority student advocacy, outreach to targeted student populations, and design and support of intrusive institutional retention initiatives.

The goal of the unit is to develop and support a comprehensive web of intrusive services that introduces students to the expectations of college while addressing their academic and affective needs. Staff members (including full and part-time faculty, professional and peer tutors, classified staff, professional staff, and administrators) interact with classroom faculty and staff throughout the campus to develop programs and practices that integrate learning skills and practices with standard course curricula and the Hudson Valley Community College student experience.

Staff Information

Karen Ferrer Muñiz
Associate Dean for Instructional Support Services and Retention
(518) 629-7234
GUN 227

Matthew Howe
Coordinator, Office of Testing, Advisement and Academic Placement
(518) 629-8069
GUN 227

Norina Dowd
Program Assistant
(518) 629-7055
GUN 227

Brenda L Hazard
Library Director
(518) 629-7388
MRV 132

David C Clickner
Director - Learning Centers
(518) 629-8068
MRV 014

Lindsey Watson
Senior Media Specialist
(518) 629-7386
MRV 006