Be bold. Be a Viking.

The "Viking" was adopted at Hudson Valley in the early 1960s following suggestions by faculty, staff and students for the identity of its official mascot. Today when we say "Be bold. Be a Viking." we're asking students to venture on a proud tradition of success through higher education and to discover more than 70 academic programs led by outstanding faculty and supported by caring staff. Nearly 70,000 Viking alumni have forged successful paths at Hudson Valley and in their careers and communities.

Hudson Valley Vikings are smart, successful and involved. They can truly become anything they desire. They discover their own destiny, passionately following their interests and exploring opportunities to learn and grow. They work together to achieve what cannot be achieved alone and lend a hand to those in need.

These are qualities of the Hudson Valley Viking that we celebrate. They are exemplified in the lives of our bold students, as well as our alumni and devoted faculty and staff. We invite you to join our proud community.