Teaching and Learning Certificate of Completion

Teaching and Learning Certificate of Completion

Hudson Valley Community College considers the faculty to be critical to fulfilling the college’s mission of providing “dynamic, student-centered, comprehensive and accessible educational opportunities that address the diverse needs of the community.” The Center for Effective Teaching created the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program to provide faculty with the resources and opportunities necessary to improve their craft.

The Teaching and Learning Certificate Program offers faculty the opportunity to customize their coursework to meet their individual instructional needs. In order to complete the Certificate Program, participants will take six hours of courses from each of the three topic areas, for a total of eighteen hours, as shown in the table below. Participants earn the certificate upon the successful completion of all eighteen hours.

  • Six hours of courses in the Pedagogy topic area
  • Six hours of courses in the Classroom Management topic area
  • Six hours of courses in the Integrating Instructional Technology topic area

Substitutions for CET courses, such as discipline-specific conferences, seminars, workshops, and classes, will be considered satisfactory for completion of one-half or 50 percent of the course requirement in each of the three topic areas. Permission for substitutions is requested through the department chairperson. If feasible, participants will work with a mentor to customize individual programs and to track successful completion of the program.

Certificate program courses are designed by in-house faculty and other academic professionals and are offered throughout the school year. Additional information about the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program and professional development can be found by browsing these webpages.

Teaching and Learning Certificate Program Key Areas

Topic Area




Both new and experienced faculty can benefit from training based on traditional educational theory and current research.

Current Course

Classroom Management

Post-secondary students are a diverse and challenging population. Understanding how to manage, engage and motivate these students is essential to student-centered learning and institutional success.

Integrating Instructional Technology

Effective integration of technology in classroom instruction serves to guide, expand and enhance student centered teaching and learning. Faculty will be given an opportunity to learn how to integrate different types of technology into their instructional plans.

See a topic in which you have some expertise or experience? The Center for Effective Teaching is always looking for course proposals and ideas. Submit an RFP online by logging on to www.hvcc.edu/cet/facdev/rfp.html to submit a proposal. Up to $450 is available for delivery of the course for the first time. Subsequent sections of the class are remunerated at approximately $50 per contact hour.

Q and A about the Certificate of Completion

Who is eligible to take the courses?
All full- and part-time Hudson Valley and EOC faculty may participate at no cost except for materials, if needed.

What will the Certificate of Completion entail?
To earn a Certificate of Completion, participants will finish six courses — two from each of the key areas (Pedagogy, Classroom Management, and Integrating Instructional Technology). Courses will be listed on the CET webpage and will be offered regularly. Each course will have substantial content — approximately three classroom hours delivered in person, via the Web, or in a combination determined by the instructor. Those who earn a Certificate of Completion will be recognized at the Faculty Honors Convocation, Staff Development Day, or college Pinning Ceremony.

How will courses and instructors be chosen?
The Faculty Development Steering Committee will accept course proposals from potential instructors. Courses that meet employee professional development needs, as set forth by the committee and the Staff Development Steering Committee, will be announced as part of the Certificate program. Instructors interested in developing courses are encouraged to submit an RFP.

How will I know which courses may be applied towards the Certificate of Completion?
Applicable courses will be designated with a logo, the one at the top right of this page, and will be clearly identified as eligible courses in their descriptions on the Training for Hudson Valley Employees website.

May I apply other training to the Certificate?
Substitutions for CET courses, such as discipline specific conferences, seminars, workshops, and courses, will be accepted to satisfy up to 50 percent of each Certificate key area category, subject to approval by the participant’s department chair or supervisor.

Will a Certificate of Completion guarantee career advancement for me?
While the Certificate of Completion will be an excellent addition to your resume or teaching portfolio, individual departments at Hudson Valley Community College determine their own needs and qualifications for advancement.