Student Life and Student Services
College Health Services

Patient Bill of Rights

In order to meet our goal of providing effective, high quality health care to Hudson Valley Community College and EOC students, faculty and staff, we recognize the following individual rights of our patients:

  1. The right to competent, respectful, considerate and courteous care without regard to age, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, martial status, sex, or national origin.

  2. The right to be given proper treatment, education and follow-up to promote a healthy life.

  3. The right to protection of medical records and privacy during examination, treatment, discussions and consultations.

  4. The right to information regarding diagnosis, treatment and prognosis (when feasible).

  5. The right to participate in decisions affecting health care and refuse care if so desired.

  6. The right to information concerning; the student health fee, available services and the rights and responsibilities as a patient.

  7. The right to know the name of the staff member administering care and the right to change to another care giver if you wish.

  8. The right to voice complaints, to have those complaints investigated and the right to recommend changes in policy.

Patient Responsibilities

In order to ensure prompt, thorough, effective care, patients must cooperate by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  1. To provide the College Health Services with a complete and accurate health history.

  2. To keep appointments at the Health Service and any appointments off campus that have been arranged by College Health Services Personnel.

  3. To ask for clarification and explanation if health care responsibilities are not understood.

  4. To follow instructions regarding treatment offered by the Health Services staff.

  5. To be courteous, respectful and considerate when receiving Health Services care.

  6. To make suggestions for improvement in our services.