Personal & Psychological Counseling

Concerned StudentAttending college can have a profound effect on one’s life. It is a time of personal growth and development that has the potential for producing both short and long range achievements. It is also a period of significant adjustment, whether you are coming to college directly from high school, or as an older adult student who has been out of school for awhile. Regardless of your unique circumstances, you will probably find the college experience to be exciting and stimulating yet challenging, as you are faced with multiple academic, personal and social demands. Ultimately, your success in college depends on your ability to effectively meet these demands.

The staff in Counseling Services are here to help you with your mental, emotional, behavioral and interpersonal functioning, so that you can effectively achieve academic success. Personal and psychological counseling services are available to current Hudson Valley Community College students only. The links below provide more detailed information about our personal and psychological counseling services, as well as informational online resources.