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Post Jobs and Internships

Register and Post Positions through Symplicity

Register: Permits you to register with the site and return at a later date to post a job.

Register and Post Local Job: Permits you to register and immediately post a job at Hudson Valley Community College.

Register and Post a NaceLink Multi-School Job: Permits you to register and immediately post a job at all colleges and universities that utilize the NaceLink employment system. Please note that NaceLink charges a fee if you submit postings to more than one school. Your posting at Hudson Valley Community College is free.

Trouble registering with NaceLInk/Symplicity?
Contact the Center for Careers and Employment at (518) 629-7326 for assistance.

**Please note: All employment postings will be reviewed by a member of the Center for Careers and Employment staff prior to posting in the employment database. All internships must meet the criteria posted on this site. No "pay to work" employment postings will be approved. Individuals looking to personally hire students without a W2, such as for babysitting, personal tutoring, landscaping, etc. will not be posted. However, these positions may be made available for students to view in our office by e-mailing the opportunity to

Capital Region Career Consortium Job Board (For Employers)
Looking to connect with many colleges and universities from the Capital Region at once? Consider posting on the Capital Region Career Consortium's Board! This is a free service.

Create a New Internship
If you are interested in creating a new internship opportunity, contact the Center for Careers and Employment at (518) 629-7326 or e-mail [Internship Disclaimer]

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Recruiting on Campus and Employment Fairs

Recruiting on Campus

  • Employers may register to host a table in the Siek Campus Center Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at no charge.

  • Interview Rooms are also available for employer use in the Center for Careers and Employment.

  • Contact the Center for Careers and Employment at (518) 629-7326 or e-mail for more information or to schedule a recruitment time.

Employment Fairs

  • View the Events Calendar to see a list of upcoming employment and career fairs.

  • Part-time employment fairs are held at the beginning of each semester for students only.

  • A public job fair is held every March and includes full-time, part-time, summer, and internship positions.

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Present to Students or Become a Mentor

Would you like to share knowledge about your career with a student interested in following in your career path? Speakers and volunteers also are needed to host mock interviews and present to students the employer perspective on resumes and all aspects of the job search.

Complete the registration form below to start getting involved!

I am interested in (check all that apply)

Career Speaker
Register to be listed in a database of volunteers to participate in career panels on broad topics such as business, women in engineering, education, etc.

What topics would you like to speak on?


Employer Presenter
Employers and those who have experience hiring and supervising are invited to host mock interviews, present on job search techniques, and present on workplace etiquette skills.

What topics would you like to speak on?


Career Connector Mentor
Sign up to be a mentor to a Hudson Valley Student or graduate. By volunteering you agree to be contacted by e-mail or phone (your choice) by a student or graduate with career-related questions.

Career information you wish to share with students

How do you prefer to be contacted by students?

Personal Information

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Degree(s) Held:

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