Student Life and Student Services
Center for Academic Engagement

Location: Siek Campus Center, room 230
Phone: (518) 629-7550

Center for Academic Engagement The mission of the Center for Academic Engagement (CAE) is to facilitate collaboration between academic and instructional support units and encourage faculty and staff to intervene on student retention issues in a timely manner. The CAE will employ active student outreach, as well as support the faculty and staff, in proactively connecting students to services that can enhance the opportunity to be successful at Hudson Valley Community College.

The CAE focuses on reaching out to students and encouraging them to access academic support services, connect with offices throughout the campus, and develop a connection with center staff. This connection will provide students with a solid point of contact to help them navigate the college process.

CAE staff will reach out to, and meet with, students on an ongoing basis to maintain a long term, effective follow up system for students and referral sources.

The CAE also hosts the Veteran Mentor program. Veteran Mentors are peers who understand the unique situation of transitioning from the service to being a student. They are here to speak with you about your military service, help build camaraderie among veterans on campus and share information about the services available to students. To speak with a Veteran Mentor, visit the center or contact Advising Specialist Aaron Nooney, or 629-7856.

Goal: To increase achievement and success of all Hudson Valley Community College students.

The philosophy and practice of this retention initiative is to identify students, facilitate early academic engagement, offer appropriate services and create a solid connection to the college with one goal: student retention and persistence. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the College Success Referral System to help us achieve this goal.

"Engage-n-Go" mini-workshops are designed for small groups of students and feature a wide variety of topics relating to retention issues. The 15- to 30-minute sessions are both timely and informative, and are meant to complement the full-length instructional sessions offered by the Learning Centers.

Pre-registration for these free sessions is not required. All sessions are held in the CAE (Siek Campus Center, room 230).


Jessica Gilbert
Academic Coach/Site Supervisor
(518) 629-7609

Marlo Daniels
Academic Coach
(518) 629-7260

Doreen McGreevy
Academic Coach

Gail Barber
Enrollment and Retention Services Technician
(518) 629-7505