Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

SEVIS is the acronym for Student Exchange Visitor Information System. Simply stated, SEVIS is an online tracking system for international students (F-1, J-1 and M-1 visa holders) and their dependants (F-2, J-2 and M-2 visa holders). SEVIS became operational in July of 2002. Through SEVIS, colleges and universities enter and update various data regarding the international students who have been issued Form 1-20s by their institutions.

What this means to you is that vital information about you and your F-1 Status will be updated regularly on the SEVIS database. This includes but is not limited to change of address, change of name, change of major, dropping below full-time enrollment, practical training, illegal employment and non-enrollment. These and other occurrences are considered "reportable events" and Hudson Valley is mandated to report these events.

The United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) has complete access to your information via SEVIS. Additionally, an USCIS officer will receive a notice via email and/or an alert anytime a significant change is made to your SEVIS records. Additionally, Hudson Valley will receive notices and/or alerts from the USCIS via email regarding significant events (i.e. your re-entrance into the United States, upcoming I-20 expiration, upcoming visa expiration, etc.). This will assist you in properly maintaining your F-1 status.

It is important to note that while SEVIS is operational at this time, there are still some "bugs" in the system that need to be worked out. Because of this, there is still some "grey area" regarding how processes that were previously done using all paper will be carried out using SEVIS. Be patient. To quote one USCIS officer when discussing SEVIS, "it's a work in progress."