Financial Aid
Transferring Aid

Transferring Financial Aid to Hudson Valley from Another School

  1. Locate your Federal Student Aid ID. If you have forgotten your ID, you can request it online at
  2. NOTE: Effective April 26, 2015 the Department of Education will be transitioning to the use of FSA ID's instead of using PIN's. After implementation on April 26, 2015, users who arrive at the impacted websites will be directed to a link to register for their new FSA ID. The registration process should take less than seven minutes. During the FSA ID registration process, an individual who already has a PIN with a successful match from the Social Security Administration (SSA) will have the option to link that PIN to their new FSA ID. If an individual does not link to a "matched" PIN during the FSA ID registration process, they will have limited use of the FSA ID until the SSA confirms their personal identifiers (1-3 days). This is similar to the "conditional PIN" that new PIN applicants currently receive, while waiting for the SSA match to be conducted.

  3. Once you have your ID number, go to and choose the option “Make Corrections to a Processed FAFSA.” Add the Hudson Valley Community College school code, which is 002868 and be sure to SUBMIT your change. You will see a confirmation number when the change has been submitted. Your FAFSA change will be received in 5 - 7 days.

To change your TAP school, go to Choose "Manage My Account," then choose "Change TAP College Code/Address" and enter your HESC user ID and PIN. Be sure to only change the school listed for the semester(s) that you will be attending a different school. The Hudson Valley Community College TAP code is 2080.

*These same options can be utilized when changing financial aid from Hudson Valley Community College to another school.