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Our program is designed toward meeting children's increasing physical, intellectual, and social competencies. The goals are centered not just on content but on the process of learning. Children need to know: how to learn, how to think, how to love, how to communicate, how to make decisions, how to organize, how to create, and how to value.

The center provides opportunities to work alone and in groups; opportunities to select and choose, to talk and listen, to express feelings to teachers and to other children. We want children to be initiators as well as doers, to help plan experiences, to participate in activities which have open ended solutions and to participate in activities that are challenging, but not frustrating.

Children enrolled will be offered a variety of developmental activities designed to meet their individual needs. Activities designed to assist in physical development would include climbing apparatus, balance boards, tricycles, music and dance, tumbling, playing with balls and bean bags as well as providing adequate health care, nutrition education and an emphasis on safety. Small motor development will be encouraged through the use of puzzles, beads, scissors, crayons and pencils, peg boards, play dough, and other manipulative toys and games. Activities designed to assist in social-emotional development would include such things as dramatic play and puppetry, story time, conversation time, lock play, water and sand play, music and movement, and creative art.

Activities designed to assist in intellectual development would include block play; table games which encourage sorting, matching, classifying, making comparisons, counting, 1-1 correspondence, naming, describing, memory skills, sequencing, etc. as well as activities which encourage language development, mathematics, science and art.

The environment and program are carefully planned to meet the needs of young children for play, companionship, and individual attention. The program is flexible, recognizes children as individuals and provides for development at their own pace. There is a dependable sequence of daily events and a clear orderliness to the arrangement of equipment and materials to provide stability so that children can gain confidence in their surroundings. Emphasis is put on developing a positive self image in each child to foster competence, dignity, a sense of independence and pride in oneself.