Race Away Stigma 5K Race & Fun Walk

Race Away Stigma 5K Race & Fun Walk

Mental health issues will affect more than one in every five Americans this year. The college years, are the most common ages for mental health concerns to arise. Depression, anxiety, and other serious mental health concerns are increasingly common among college and university students in the United States.

Hudson Valley Community College's Project Aware and the Equinox Insight Program recognize that the negative stigma associated with mental health concerns can be what stops many students from seeking the help that they truly need. Stigma must, and can, be exposed and overcome. We have combined this outreach with the physical activity of a 5K Race & Fun Walk to literally RACE AWAY STIGMA that can surround mental health concerns both in our local community and nationwide.

10th Annual Race Away Stigma 5K Race and Fun Walk

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018 Postponed until Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018

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Larry Ellis
(518) 629-7175