Center for Counseling and Transfer
DSST Information

Exam Registration
The exams are administered on the following Saturday dates at 8:30 a.m. in the Guenther Enrollment Services Center. DSST registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Registration Deadline Exam Date
Jan. 2, 2015 Jan. 10, 2015
Jan. 30, 2015 Feb. 7, 2015
Feb. 27, 2015 March 7, 2015
April 2, 2015 April 11, 2015
April 24, 2015 May 2, 2015
May 29, 2015 June 6, 2015
No July Testing
No August Testing
Sept. 4, 2015 Sept. 12, 2015
Sept. 25, 2015 Oct. 3, 2015
Oct. 30, 2015 Nov. 7, 2015
Nov. 24, 2015 Dec. 5, 2015

DSST Exams are Computer Based
DSST Exam List
DSST Principles of Public Speaking Exam is no longer available at this test center location.
Hudson Valley Community College Test Center Code Number is 9680.

Registration and Payment Methods
Click here for a registration form.
DSST candidates should submit the $25 registration fee when registering and pay the $80 fee by credit card on the day of the exam.

  1. A $25 check or money order (non-refundable and non-transferable) for each exam payable to Hudson Valley Community College.

  2. The $80 exam fee must be paid on the day of the exam by credit card only.
    Personal checks, money orders or certified checks will not be accepted for the exam fee.

Mail your checks/money orders and registration form to:
Hudson Valley Community College
Center for Counseling and Transfer
80 Vandenburgh Avenue
Troy, NY 12180

Preparing for a DSST Exam
Preparing for a DSST Exam Like the CLEP exam, most individuals interested in DSST find that some type of test preparation is helpful. For more general information on DSST, and to take a practice test, go to

Important Notice
If classes are canceled or the College is closed due to weather conditions or other emergencies, call the Security Office at Hudson Valley Community College, at (518) 629-7210, or the Center for Counseling and Transfer at (518) 629-7320 for rescheduling information.