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Welcome! As a Workforce Development Institute (WDI) student or graduate, you have full access to Hudson Valley Community College’s Career Counseling services. These services include job search and resume writing assistance, access to an employment database, job fairs, and more.


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E-mail or call (518) 629-7326.

In person meetings are available at the college’s main location, 80 Vandenburgh Avenue in Troy, but phone conference appointments are available for students who are unable to make it to the campus.

The Job Market

Currently, the unemployment rate still remains high (May 2011) as more job seekers are searching for employment, than jobs are available. In fact, some employers have informed us that they are receiving 150 or more resumes for one open position. It’s more important than ever to make the best impression.

How to Make the Best Impression

  • Any materials that you send to an employer - applications and resumes need to be neatly organized and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Visit a counselor for help with your resume.

  • When you attend job fairs, visit employers, and attend job interviews, it is extremely important that you dress professionally. This includes personal grooming such as shaving, getting a hair cut, and touching up colored hair if you typically color and have roots visible .

  • Be mindful of what you say and do on the internet. Avoid posting unprofessional photos or saying anything negative about your current employer on the internet as this may turn off future employers.

Develop Basic Computer Skills

  • Everyone in the job market needs to at least have basic e-mail and internet usage skills which being able to use Web sites to look for jobs. Most employers now require that applicants provide a computer-typed resume and/or apply through the internet. In addition, sending and receiving e-mails is an important part of most jobs today.

Strengthen Communication Skills

  • Most employers state communication skills as the number one attribute of a good employee.

  • All employees need to be able to communicate positively with supervisors, team members, and customers/clients.

  • Communication skills include being able to clearly explain or receive directions, effectively speaking with your supervisor/co-workers (such as when asking for time off), and keeping up a positive attitude.

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How to Find Job Openings

Finding Job Postings
Most open positions today are posted online, rather than printed sources. Here are some suggestions:

Many people find employment through their network and by making a good impression on employers. It is important that you tell your friends and family that you are looking for work and it is more than acceptable for a friend, colleague, or family member to put in a good word for you.

Face to face opportunities to meet employers would include:

  • Attending Job Fairs – Visit the HVCC event’s calendar

  • Attend a Professional Development Organization (such as the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians)

  • Visit a Trade Show (i.e. a local home show will include venders selling solar panels)

  • Visit an employer (such as Sundog Solar or CVS)

  • Conduct internet research (such as utilizing Google to search for solar companies in the area)

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Applying for Jobs and Creating a Resume

To apply for a position, you will need the following:

  1. A well-written and well designed resume
  2. A well-written cover letter
  3. Optional: Additional materials such as a portfolio, documenting your work/accomplishments

Resumes and Cover Letters
Cover letters are letters that are sent to an employer with your resume that introduces yourself, states the job you are applying for, mentions several skills/qualifications that make you a good candidate for the job, and gives the employer your contact information for an interview. They can also be included in the body of an e-mail or attached as a document. They should definitely be included when faxing or mailing a resume.

Portfolios (Optional)
Portfolios may be as simple as a folder with examples of your work: this can include photos of your PV installation projects, blue prints that you have designed, copies of awards and certificates, copies of letters of recommendation from faculty or previous employers.

**Portfolios are not necessary, however, they can help set you apart from other job seekers

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Job Interviews

To succeed in a job interview, review the guide linked below, research the company, and practice your interview with a friend or career counselor.

Sample questions that you MUST be prepared to answer:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself.
  2. Why are you interested in this position?
  3. Why did you leave your last position?
  4. What is one of your weaknesses? What are your strengths?

After the job interview: Send a follow up letter thanking the interviewers for their time.

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Make an Appointment With a Career Counselor

Please call our office at (518) 629-7326 to set up your appointment.

Phone conferences are available for students unable to make it to campus.

The Center for Careers and Employment is located in the Siek Campus Center (main campus), Suite 270.