Center for Careers and Employment
Students with Disabilities

The Center for Careers and Employment offers its services to all students equally but has developed additional services that are aimed at providing services that are of particular value to those students and alumni who have disabilities.

Our office is located in the Siek Campus Center, Room 201, and is accessible via an elevator at the north end of the building. Disabled parking is available in front and at the rear of the building. The main doors to the building are power assisted.

If any of this office's materials or resources are found not to be accessible, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate.

Counseling is available on: resume development; interviewing; disclosure; reasonable accommodations; and many other issues relevant to disabilities.

Special Resources

Career Library "Job Strategies for People with Disabilities", Melanie Astaire Witt
"Job Hunting for the Disabled", Edith Marks, Adele Lewis
We also have special files on hundreds of topics, including handouts, information on different kinds of disabilities, job search strategies, accommodations, employer partnerships and legal reviews.
Internet Resources NYS Office for Disabled Advocacy
Presidents Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
The Heath Resource Center
EASI-equal access to Software and Information
American's with Disabilities Documentation Center
US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission EEOC
US Department of Justice ADA Home page
VESID Home page
VESID Local Page
Center for Assistive Technology- State University Buffalo
Resources for Persons with Disabilities via Catapult
NYS Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Project TRIAD
Independent Living USA
Technology Resources for Education (TRE) Center
Video Tapes "Job Search Strategies for Students with Disabilities" available in the Center for Careers and Employment.

Register with the National Business and Disabilities Council's resume bank at
Click on job seekers, then post resume, and your resume will be available to the Fortune 1000 companies.