Academic Waiver Explanation and Procedure

Hudson Valley Community College understands that there may be extenuating circumstances which have prevented a student from maintaining good academic standing and/or satisfactory academic progress. In these situations, the college provides the opportunity for a student to request a waiver of these standards. This waiver process is initiated in Counseling and Wellness Services.

Good Academic Standing/Satisfactory Academic Progress Regulations

All Hudson Valley Community College students are reviewed for good academic standing. Students must maintain good academic standing to be eligible for financial aid, veterans’ benefits, and participation in intercollegiate athletics, the Student Senate and other campus activities. For a more detailed explanation of good academic standing requirements, students are advised to read this section under the [Loading Policies and Procedures link…] section of the College Catalog.

In addition to good academic standing, students receiving financial aid need to also maintain satisfactory academic progress. The requirements for satisfactory academic progress are described in the [Loading Financial Aid link…] section of the College Catalog.

Academic Waiver Explanation and Procedure

A student at Hudson Valley Community College must be in good academic standing in order to continue studies as a matriculated student. To be in good academic standing, a student must meet or exceed the requirements specified in the retention table in the college catalog. To be eligible for financial aid, students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP). The standards for SAP are also outlined in our catalog. Understanding there may be extenuating circumstances which have caused a student to lose good academic standing and/or SAP, the college provides the opportunity for a student to request a waiver of these standards. Such a waiver will be granted only if the student's situation is viewed as an exceptional or extraordinary case, meaning the circumstances preventing the student from meeting the requirements were highly unusual and most probably out of the student's control. The student must be an otherwise serious and successful student.

In order to be considered an otherwise serious and successful student, the student must have:

  • A 2.00 GPA in each prior term
  • Completed more than 50% of coursework in each prior term
    Note: Students who meet the Fresh Start criteria will be considered

If the student feels his/her situation warrants use of the one-time-only waiver of good academic standing and/or SAP requirements, an appeal must be made in writing to the Waiver Review Committee by completing the waiver application form.

The completed application should explain the situation to whatever extent possible, show evidence through documentation that the situation has been rectified and discuss a plan for successfully pursuing further education. Documentation of illness or extenuating circumstances must also be provided.

Examples of Documentation

  • Personal illness
    • Note from your doctor stating: an illness, a minimum two week request of absence from school, and the physical and/or mental ability to return to school.
  • Family member with illness
    • Documentation showing you a the primary care giver
    • Doctor's note from patient's physician stating a minimum two weeks of care were required, prohibiting you from attending classes, and that the extenuating circumstance has been rectified for you to return to school.
  • Death in immediate family
    • Death certificate and/or copy of the obituary

All documentation must be in its original form. Copies will be accepted only once originals are viewed in the office. While the above examples are the most common reasons for academic waivers, the committee will review all applications on a case-by-case basis.

Waiver Application Process

The completed application packet must be submitted by noon on the first day of the semester of its intended use. Return application and supporting documentation to Counseling and Wellness Services in the Siek Campus Center, Suite 260. A counselor must meet with you to review your application.

The Waiver Review Committee will meet periodically to review complete applications. The committee may request a student to provide additional information upon review of the application. The student will be notified in writing of the committee's decision. If not satisfied with the decision, an appeal can be made to the Vice President for Student Services (by appointment only.)

Academic Waiver Application

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