Budget Request

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Budget Request Form
In order to obtain funds from the Student Senate for your club activities for the next Fiscal Year, your club must submit a proposed budget and Club Registration Form to the Student Activities Office for approval. The forms are to be submitted in April with the proposed expenditures for the next fiscal year.

Your club may request a maximum increase in its budget of 9% from the prior year and this increase must be requested simultaneously with the proposed budget. This amount must be warranted and such an increase can be obtained only through a majority vote of the Student Senate. A justification for an increase must be submitted with the budget request form for consideration.

A budget may be submitted as follows:

  • Via Web through the Online Budget Request Form below.
  • Typed on the Student Senate Budget Request Form which can be picked up in the Student Activities Office, CTR210.

All expenditures must be itemized (as much as possible) within the five categories: Programming, Conferences, Office Supplies/Equipment, Hospitality and Miscellaneous.