Center for Access and Assistive Technology

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for services from the Center for Access and Assistive Technology, a student must:

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission to Hudson Valley Community College through the regular admission process.
  2. Provide current and comprehensive documentation of a temporary or permanent disability that requires accommodation according to the guidelines in the letter to doctor form.
  3. Please email DeAnne Martocci with your name and mailing address to request an information packet. Complete the registration form and release form and return to the Center for Access and Assistive Technology.
  4. Schedule an interview with the Center for Access and Assistive Technology Director or Assistant Director to discuss reasonable accommodations and to register for services.

Federal law defines a disability as "any mental or physical condition that substantially limits an individual’s ability to perform one or more major life activities," including:

Medical Documentation Required

Students are responsible for submitting to the Center for Access and Assistive Technology adequate documentation of disability. Students with physical disabilities, visual impairments or hearing impairments must submit a letter from their physician that verifies the disability. Students with learning disabilities must submit a full psycho-educational report completed within the last three years by a licensed psychologist or appropriate professional. Students with psychological disabilities must submit a letter from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. All documentation should address: diagnosis, prognosis, functional limitations, and recommendations.

Please have your high school or physician provide the Hudson Valley Community College Center for Access and Assistive Technology with the following information:

  • Medical documentation must be written in letter form
    (NO prescription pad notes will be accepted)
  • Diagnosis – DSMIV
  • Current Medications (If any are applicable)
  • How the disability affects the students’ academics
  • Please list specific accommodations needed to allow the student to be successful while attending college

Information can be faxed to (518) 629-4831.