Engineering Science (A.S.)

What do our graduates have to say?

Image of Claudio Bazzichelli Claudio Bazzichelli is a 1996 Engineering Science graduate who is presently a student of Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University. His career goal is to work in the transportation industry, utilizing both his pilot skills and engineering knowledge simultaneously. When asked about Hudson Valley's math department Claudio said, "I feel that I was adequately prepared for Cornell University, and that the Math Department at Hudson Valley offers some of the most skilled and talented professors that I have encountered in my academic career." Contact Claudio at


Image of Todd Bailey Todd Bailey is a 1996 Engineering Science graduate. He is presently studying chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and plans to do research in semiconductor fabrication or biomedical engineering while at MIT. He plans on entering the workforce directly after graduation and then return for an MBA (Stanford/Harvard/Sloan) in the future. Ultimately he aspires to be a high-ranking executive in a large corporation. Todd was the guest speaker at the 1997 Honors Graduation at Hudson Valley Community College. When asked about the Math Department Todd said: "The Math Department is very strong. I have yet to come across something here that wasn't treated at Hudson Valley Community College, with one exception, Green's and Stokes' Theorems." (Well Todd, you might remember that Professor Carragan covered them in Physics II!)

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