Criminal Justice (A.A.S.)

The Criminal Justice A.A.S. degree prepares you for a career in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Graduates can, after meeting civil service requirements, enter law enforcement, investigation, crime prevention and corrections on the federal, state and local level. Opportunities for employment in private organizations are also available.

Some graduates continue their education in pursuit of bachelor's degree and beyond, while others enter the workforce immediately following completion of the A.A.S. degree. The college has several well-established articulation agreements for this program

This program is offered through the Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Public Administration Department.

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Program Highlights

  • More than 3,000 graduates of this program are employed in criminal justice agencies throughout New York State.
  • Students have access to top-rate labs and forensic facilities.
  • Most graduates continue their education in pursuit of bachelor's degrees and beyond.
  • Three Chancellor Award-winning professors are on the faculty.
  • Graduates can take advantage of full-transfer articulation agreements with numerous four-year colleges and universities.
  • All of the courses required can be completed online.


Here are a few career paths Criminal Justice graduates have pursued: probation officer; parole officer; police officer; state trooper; F.B.I. agent; corrections officer; welfare investigator; attorney; loss prevention specialist; United States Marshal; drug enforcement officer; Secret Service; U.S. Border Patrol.

Recent employers have included: Albany County Department of Social Services; A.M. Contracting; Albany International Airport; Albany Medical Center Security; NYS Attorney General; Austin Police Department; Berkshire Farms Youth Facility; Canajoharie Police Department; Colonie Police Department; Lowes; NYS Parks & Recreation; Rensselaer County Sheriff; TSA, Albany County Airport; US Secret Service; Vanderheyden Hall; Wackenhut Security.

Salaries vary based on position and degree attainment. Here are median salaries taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of 2012): Probation Officer, $47,840; Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officer, $54,230; Corrections Officer, $38,990; Loss Prevention Specialist, $31,310.

For more information regarding this program, contact:

Ann B. Geisendorfer
Department Chair
Amstuz Science Hall, Suite 300
(518) 629-7342

For more information about admission to this program, contact:

Admissions Office
Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 223
(518) 629-7309