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Meet new people, start a wellness program, learn a craft or study for a new career.

Workshops and courses from Hudson Valley Community College's Office of Community and Professional Education offer many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our online registration system and digital brochure makes it convenient for you to search our upcoming offerings (both require Adobe Flash). Or, you can browse through the categories below.

Please note: For the most up-to-date information on course availability, search the online registration system or contact our office.

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(518) 629-7339
Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 252

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Registration begins Tuesday, April 28!


Advanced Studio in Acrylics
This course is designed for those who have previously taken courses in painting with acrylics. You will have the opportunity to improve and develop your painting and composition skills, as well as refining your individual painting styles. Student and instructor interaction, as well as class critiques, are vital in this development. Thinking outside of the box will be encouraged.

Please see the materials list for this class.
10 Sessions, DCC B05
Tues. & Thurs., 5/26 - 6/25, 6 - 9 p.m.
Colleen Connolly, Instructor

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Sewing Basics and Alterations
Are you tired of things not fitting you properly? Alterations can be so costly. Why not learn how to do it for yourself? In this class you will learn different methods of altering clothing on some household items. This is a class for all levels and you will be working at your own pace.

No sewing knowledge is required. You may bring in whatever item you wish to be altered. Students should bring their own sewing machine. Please see the materials list for this class.
4 Sessions, DCC 135
Wed., 6/3 - 6/24, 6 - 8 p.m.
Fatima Bey, Instructor

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Twiney-Whiney Bread Basket
Start with a checkerboard base, some plain weave and then the fun starts. You will twine with dyed round reed and baby seagrass, finished off with a sturdy rim and bushel basket handles. Measures 11" long by 7" wide and 5" tall. Course fee includes a $28 materials fee.
2 Sessions, DCC B05
Wed., 6/3 & 6/10, 6 - 9 p.m.
Joyce Flower, Instructor

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CD Basket
Make this useful carrier that is large enough to hold your CDs or DVDs. Use natural and dyed reed of various sizes on a wooden "D" handle to make a pattern in the basket. This rectangular basket measures 10" long by 6" wide and 4" tall without the handle. Course fee includes $25 materials fee.
1 Session, WIL 113
Sat., 7/11, 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (1/2 hour break for lunch)
Joyce Flower, Instructor

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Enchanted Summer Evening: New Techniques in Watercolor
Celebrate and paint the colors of a summer evening. We will observe how the late day color of a setting sun plays on the landscape, and capture it in watercolor, painting with washes, glazes and tones to recreate the luminous warmth and magic of the "golden hour." Note: this is an open air class, weather permitting. Course fee includes three hours of professional instruction, all painting materials and delicious snacks and beverages.
1 Session, St. Agnes Cemetery
Sun., 7/19, 4 - 7 p.m.
Karen Hummel, Instructor

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Father Abraham's Boys: When We Sent Our Children to War
Over the past decade, images of child soldiers carrying automatic weapons have appeared in the media followed by an accompanying expression of outrage from the "civilized world." In 2002, a New York Times editorial noted, "the use of children (those under age 18) in combat is probably the world's most unrecognized form of child abuse." Most people in today's industrialized West consider the use of children as soldiers as both repugnant and immoral.

Yet, it was only a handful of generations ago that our country condoned the use of children, ages 17 to 9, in the military. Many saw combat, some were disfigured and some gave their young lives for their country. Who were these children, and why were they soldiers? These and other questions will be explored in this program. Our speaker, Michael Aikey, is the retired director of the New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center in Saratoga Springs. He has published articles, lectured and served as a consultant on New York State military history, with a focus on the Civil War.
1 Session, WIL 113
Thurs., 5/7, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Michael Aikey, Instructor

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Painting in the Style of Georgia O'Keeffe: A Tribute to the Great Master of the Purity of Floral Form
Professional art instructor and painter Noreen Powell takes her students back to the 1920s and 30s when Georgia O'Keeffe was queen in the world of abstract art. Her flowers are a symphony of color, contours and fluid planes. O'Keeffe's paintings were likened to graceful, quiet poetry revealing organic reality. Each student will be provided with one large canvas, acrylic paints and brushes. Under Noreen's skilled instruction, O'Keeffe's style will be celebrated in a work of art you can create with your own unique spin. Suitable for all skill levels. A catered wine and lunch will be served from 12:15 - 1 p.m.
1 Session, St. Agnes Cemetery
Sat., 6/27, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Noreen Powell, Instructor

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Root for the Home Team: Tour "The Joe" in Rensselaer County
The Joseph L. Bruno Stadium, located on the campus of Hudson Valley Community College is the popular home field of the Tri-City ValleyCats. The Cats, are a New York-Penn League Class-A Affiliate of the Houston Astros. As members of the 14-team New York-Penn League, their rivals include affiliates of the Mets, Yankees and Red Sox organizations.

In 2013, the Tri-City ValleyCats won the New York-Penn League Championship. Although they feel short of a league title in 2014, the defeat did not damper how successful the season was for the ValleyCats. Not only did Tri-City finish with the third-best record in franchise history at 48-28, but it also won a club-best 26 home games, and set a regular-season attendance record with 161,171 fans through the turnstiles at "The Joe."

Get ready to kick off the 2015 season by touring "The Joe"… take a look at their great facilities, hear what's new for the coming year and get a look at the batting cage and locker room.
1 Session, Joseph Bruno Stadium
Fri., 5/29, 10 - 11:30 a.m.
Jean Chennette, Coordinator

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ed2go Online Career Training Programs
ed2go Online Career Training Programs offered online at Hudson Valley Community College are self-paced and provide short-term certificate programs. You may register for and start the courses listed below at any time. However, to receive a certificate of completion from Hudson Valley Community College, you must complete the course with a 70 percent or higher within 180 days. Each course includes a set of lessons and tests, and has an instructor who responds to you. Please note that any certification or exam fees are not included in the course fees.

Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding
This class will give you the skills to find a job as an administrative medical specialist (AMS), medical billing specialist, medical coder, and/or medical office manager. In addition to the extensive medical billing information, you will be taught every aspect of the medical receptionist/front desk position.

Upon successful completion of the Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding course, students will be prepared for an entry-level position doing medical billing or coding in a medical office setting and will be prepared to sit for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) exam and the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam.
Online course, 300 hours

More Information
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Medical Transcription + Medical Terminology
A medical transcriptionist listens to dictated recordings made by physicians and other health care professionals and transcribes the recordings, creating medical reports that eventually become part of patients' permanent files.

In this online training program, you'll gain the ability to transcribe medical reports and learn the skills to obtain an entry-level position as a medical transcriptionist. You'll also get a 60-hour Medical Terminology online training program.
Online course, 300 hours

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Veterinary Assistant
Prepare for a new career working with animals with the help of the Veterinary Assistant online training program. You'll learn about animal care and how to recognize signs of illness and disease. This online program also covers interpersonal communication, interaction with clients and their animals, and how to assist the veterinarian during examinations.

Administrative duties, such as fee collection, banking and accounts payable are also emphasized, and the program contains basic information about pet insurance. The coursework does not lead to New York State licensure and students will not gain fieldwork experience from this course.
Online course, 240 hours

More Information
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Please note that these certificate programs have their own cancellation and refund policy.

Paralegal Certificate Course
This intensive, nationally acclaimed program is designed for beginning and advanced legal workers. You will be trained to assist trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. The instruction is practice-oriented and relates to those areas of the law in which legal assistants are in most demand.

The online paralegal course is split into two parts: Introduction to Paralegal Studies and Advanced Paralegal Concepts. All registered students will be enrolled in both sections, which will be completed consecutively.

Introduction to Paralegal Studies provides the foundation for the study of paralegalism. During the seven-week course, you will gain an understanding of the American legal system and learn how you can be of assistance in the exciting field of law. Coursework is equivalent to 45 class hours of study.

Advanced Paralegal Concepts takes over where the introduction leaves off. In this seven-week course, you will learn the advanced skills of legal research and writing, formal and informal advocacy, and appellate procedure. Coursework in the advanced course is equivalent to an additional 45 class hours of study.

This is an accelerated course. While there are no prerequisites, you will be expected to complete a significant amount of homework and you can anticipate spending an average of 12 hours per week reading and completing writing assignments.

Successful graduates of this program will be awarded a certificate of completion. To receive the certificate, you must pass six quizzes and successfully complete five legal document writing assignments.

Please note: paid access to the Westlaw online legal library is offered through the Center for Legal Studies and is strongly recommended to complete the second part of the course. Students have access to Westlaw at Hudson Valley Community College. However, at this time, the Westlaw database can only be accessed from the Marvin Library on campus. Textbooks that accompany the instruction of this course are available for purchase in the college's bookstore or through the Center for Legal Studies at 1-800-522-7737.
Online course, 5/4 - 6/19 and 6/29 - 8/14

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Online course, 6/29 - 8/14 and 8/24 - 10/9

Registration Information

Additional information for the Paralegal Certificate Course can be obtained at

Do you know you want to work with animals but aren't sure which pet program to choose?
Please contact course instructor, Mary Lynn Gagnon.
Mary Lynn Gagnon is the owner of Pet Estates Inc., and Merry Lynn Kennels and has been a successful pet business owner and leader in the pet business field locally and regionally for more than 24 years.

Pet Educational Training Services

Pet Education Certificate
Interest in starting a career working with animals but don't know where to get started? This course will help you explore the field of animal-related careers through education and internships. The Pet Education Certificate course offers a variety of resources to help begin or enhance your career working with animals. Careers include, but are not limited to, pet-sitting, kennel work, daycare, training, and working with a veterinarian.

Course content includes: pet health and illness, communication, behavior management, safety, basic hygiene care for pets, and even writing a resume and preparing for an interview. The course will further your knowledge and skills through lectures, guest speakers and hands-on internship experiences. Those who successfully complete this unique program will have specialized education and experience that gives them an advantage in the field.

Internships can be a good source for students to network for experience and employment. The instructor will assist you in securing the necessary internships to complete the certificate.

In order to successfully complete the program, students must complete a pet First Aid/CPR class and must complete at least 54 hours of internships at approved animal care facilities within six months of the final class meeting. 7.2 CEUs
Online Course Dates: 6/8 - 7/27, 240 hours

Registration Information

Pet CPR and First Aid
In this class hybrid class, students will complete online learning followed by a hands-on skill session. This course is for students who wish to work in the pet industry or wish to acquire knowledge on how to respond in an emergency situation for pets. The course will provide hands-on experience in pet CPR using our dog mannequin as well as basic First Aid. In this class, you will learn what you can do in the first 15-25 seconds on the scene to make a big difference for a pet. Learning to respond quickly and properly in the first few minutes in a pet emergency is critical and can save a pet's life. Just a sample of some of the material covered in this class includes:

  • Equipment and supplies for putting together your own Pet First Aid Kit
  • Assessing vital signs
  • Understanding basic pet owner responsibilities
  • Bleeding and shock management
  • Restraint, muzzle, elevation, direct pressure, pressure points
  • Immobilization, shock management and transportation
  • Rescue breathing
  • Administering medicine and treating wounds

Many more scenarios and skills will be covered throughout the course. Whether you are a pet owner or just a pet lover, this class will provide critical knowledge that could help save a pet's life. Students will need to purchase at least one textbook as part of the online portion of this course. Approximate total cost is $20. 0.6 CEUs
Online and practical skills session
Online Course Open 6/3 - 6/24
Skills Session: Tues., 6/30, 6:30 - 8 p.m., ADM 107

Registration Information

Starting a Pet Business
This course is designed for students who desire to start their own pet business. In order to stand out in the pet industry you need to think outside the box and do your research. The course will save you time and money by giving you the tools to do it right the first time. It will help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls in the beginning stages of business planning.

Topics will include business planning, acquiring permits, how to make your business unique in the industry, writing a press release, tips to increase revenue, marketing and designs that sell, where to go for free assistance and much more. Course includes a 30-minute personal phone consultation with Pet Estates Inc. owners Don or Mary Lynn Gagnon.
Online Course Open: 7/8 - 7/22

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Getting Paid to Talk: Voice-Overs as a Profession
Have you ever been told you have a great voice? From audio books and cartoons to documentaries, commercials and more, this class will introduce you to the growing field of voice over. Learn what the pros look for, how to prepare, and where to find work in your area! We'll discuss industry pros and cons and play samples from working voice professionals. In addition, you'll have an opportunity to record a short professional script under the direction of our teacher. This class is lots of fun, realistic, and a great first step for anyone interested in the voice over field. For more info visit:
1 Session, DCC 136
Mon., 6/22, 6:30 - 9 p.m.
Creative Voice Development, Instructors

Registration Information

German for Everyone
This conversational course provides basic pronunciation, grammar and useful phrases in German. The focus is on having fun while participating in many interactive activities such as role playing, games and puzzles. Course fee includes a $10 materials fee.
10 Sessions, ADM 102
Thurs., 6/11 - 8/13, 6 - 8 p.m.
Lisa Jiardini, Instructor

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If your course requires a computer account and you are a new student, you will receive two envelopes in the mail, one containing your username and the other your password.

If you are a returning student and you no longer have your username and/or password, you can contact the Office of Community and Professional Education at (518) 629-7339 and we can reset your password and send both your username and new password to you in the mail. Please make this request at least one week before your course begins. If you do not have your username and password on the day your class begins, you can come to the Office of Community & Professional Education (during business hours) in the Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 252 and with photo ID we can reset your password. Students can also go to the Computer Learning Center in the basement of the Marvin Library Learning Commons to have their password reset.

Your username is defined as the first initial of your first name, followed by a hyphen(-), followed by up to 13 characters of your last name (all lower case no spaces or other special characters). The password is randomly generated. Please go to and use the "Change Your Password" link to change your password to something that will be easier to remember. You will find more detailed information regarding computer access at

Bring both your username and password to your course, as you will need it to access the computer during class. Course instructors do not have the ability to reset or view student passwords. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they have this information when they begin a class.

You will need your username and password for on-campus computer access for all computer classes.

Quickbooks Basics
Learn the essentials of QuickBooks so that you can easily enter transactions, manage accounts and generate reports. Course content is presented in an easy to understand format with hands-on experience. Content will include: navigating QuickBooks; entering information and transactions; managing lists and accounts; and working with and generating reports. Students should have basic computer skills. You will need your HVCC user ID and password for this course. Course fee includes a $3 computer fee.
1 Session, BTC 205
Thurs., 7/16, 6 - 9 p.m.
David Ewen, Instructor

Registration Information

Creating Websites and Mobile Apps
Do you want to make websites and mobile apps that run on any mobile device? Learn how to imagine, design, build and optimize a cross-platform mobile app using the very latest HTML5 standards. By the end of the course, you'll have built your first website and mobile web app, and you'll be on your way to making your dream of being a successful mobile app developer a reality. You will need your HVCC user ID and password for this course. Course fee includes a $3 computer fee.
1 Session, BTC 205
Wed., 7/15, 6 - 9 p.m.
David Ewen, Instructor

Registration Information

Health & Wellness

Women's Health Issues
This course will give you knowledge about health concerns unique to women. It will explore both physical and emotional issues and include strategies in the prevention and management of such issues. It also will cover topics such as physical fitness, nutrition, stress management, body image and various diseases common to the female gender.
1 Session, MCD 202
Thurs., 6/18, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Mary Musso, Instructor

Registration Information

MELT Away Pain*
The MELT method is a self-treatment that can address the cause of pain, enhance the healing process and erase the negative effects of aging and stressful living. It actually stimulates the results of manual therapy to bring your body back to a more ideal state by directly enhancing your postural awareness, rehydrating your connective tissue, and calming your autonomic nervous system. You will use small, non-toxic balls specifically designed to create global, lasting changes in your body. The first time you MELT, you will see and feel a difference. Over time, you can transform how your body looks and feels.

Learn this powerful self-treatment method from a certified MELT instructor who has seen much success in her patients' ability to independently regain pain-free posture and movement. The MELT method has appeared on shows hosted by Dr. Oz and Rachel Ray. Class fee includes a $50 materials fee.
1 Session, CTR 204
Thurs., 7/9, 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Registration Information

70830 (Choose if you have MELT kit)
Eileen Kopsaftis of Have Lifelong Wellbeing, Instructor

Registration Information

Nourish Your Body for Health: Getting Started*
Learn how to improve your health by changing how you nourish your body. Enjoy a delicious four course meal (recipes provided) and discover how to begin your journey to better health. Learn the relationship between disease and food, science-based facts about nutrition (not fads), food basics, what promotes disease/what fights disease, what really creates body fat, and much more.

You will take practical steps, learning which foods to eat that nourish your body and bring you to an ideal weight while greatly reducing your risk of degenerative disease. This single class is a condensed version of the 10-hour "Have LifeLong WellBeing Nutrition" series (taught in a four-week format). The goal is to introduce you to the concepts of how food works in your body and enable you to get started simply and easily. The series is recommended by medical doctors and professionals in multiple specialties. You will be empowered for lifelong wellbeing! Class fee includes a $10 materials fee.
1 Session, WIL 113
Mon., 6/22, 5:45 - 9:15 p.m.
Eileen Kopsaftis of Have Lifelong Wellbeing, Instructor

Registration Information

*Please note: The materials fee for MELT Away Pain and Nourish Your Body for Lifelong Wellbeing is non-refundable less than five days prior to the start of the course.

Chain Reaction for Back, Hip, Knee Pain
Chain Reaction happens in your body every time you move and it is based on something called Applied Functional Science. If you have knee pain it is most likely due to your hip or ankle not functioning correctly. Your knee is a simple hinge joint and only bends one way but your hip and ankle need to be firing correctly in all three planes of motion to keep from stressing your knee. Your back pain could be happening because of your hip. This class will teach you how to restore functional stability in all three planes of motion using simple exercises that "turn off" your pain.
2 Sessions, CTR 204
Thurs., 6/11 & 6/18, 7 - 8 p.m.
Eileen Kopsaftis of Have Lifelong Wellbeing, Instructor

Registration Information


High School Equivalency Preparation
This course prepares students to take the Test Assessing Secondary Completion™, or TASC™. The TASC is a national high school equivalency assessment to help individuals address their need for advancement, resulting in a high school equivalency diploma. The TASC has replaced the GED® exam.

Our instructors provide individualized and group instruction in the following areas: math, science, social studies, reading and writing. Using a Predictor Test, we will work with you to assess your test readiness. Students who register for this class must also register for one of the TABE pre-test dates below. Please note: in order to enroll in this class you must achieve an 8th grade level on the reading and math assessments. This course requires significant work outside of classroom instruction. Many students will find they need to take this class for more than one semester before they are ready to sit for the exam. A Certificate of Residence is required for this course.
22 Sessions, BTC 322
Tues. and Thurs., 6/2 - 8/13, 6 - 9 p.m.
Joal Bova, Instructor

Registration Information

TABE Pre-Tests
70669 Sat., 5/16, 9 a.m. - Noon
70712 Tues., 5/19, 6 - 9 p.m.
70825 Thurs., 5/28, 6 - 9 p.m.

Registration Information

Certificate of Residence Information
Some credit-free courses require a Certificate of Residence. If one is required it will be noted.

Why do you need it?
A Certificate of Residence enables Hudson Valley Community College to charge your county for part of your tuition costs.
Without a Certificate of Residence, you will be considered a non-resident of New York State and will have to pay the non-resident tuition.
Please note that students who register online will be required to pay the non-resident tuition charges if they do not have a valid Certificate of Residence on file.
Once the Certificate of Residence has been posted to the student's account, a refund of the non-resident tuition charges will be issued.

Where do you get it?
You obtain a Certificate of Residence from the county of your permanent address by providing proof of residency. You must be a New York State resident for one year and provide proof of residency for the past six months.

When do you give it to Hudson Valley Community College when taking a credit-free course?
If you register by phone or fax we ask that you send your Certificate of Residence to our office within five business days. Students who register by mail or in person should submit their certificate at the time of registration.

For additional information, please visit the Cashier's Web page.


Driver Education
This non-credit course will include 24 hours of classroom instruction and 24 hours of on-the-road instruction. You must have a valid New York State learners permit or license prior to taking the program. Students must be 16 years of age before the course begins.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be issued a MV-285 Student Certificate of Completion (formerly called a blue card). This will allow the holder, at age 17, to drive after 9 p.m. and also will allow for an insurance reduction where applicable. This course is taught by certified instructors from Bell's Driving School.

Summer Driver Education is taught on a Day 1/Day 2 schedule. Classroom time will always be Day 1. If a student chooses a driving time on Day 1, they can expect to be in class and on the road for three hours every other day.

If they choose a Day 2 driving time, they will alternate class and drive time for 1½ hours every day.

When registering via mail or fax, please indicate a first and second choice for driving times using the adjacent course codes. If registering online or on the phone, you will be asked to select your drive time when you select your class time. Driving times are available first-come, first-served.
48 Sessions
Tues., 6/30, 9 - 10 a.m., Orientation, BTC Auditorium
Mon. - Fri., 7/6 - 8/18, 9 - 10:30 a.m., Day 1 Classroom, BTC 1044

Registration Information

Drive Times Available
70348 7:30 - 9 a.m.
70349 10:30 a.m. - Noon
70351 Noon - 1:30 p.m.
70352 1:30 - 3 p.m.

70357 7:30 - 9 a.m.
70514 9 - 10:30 a.m.
70515 10:30 a.m. - Noon
70516 Noon - 1:30 p.m.
70350 1:30 - 3 p.m.

Please note: Driver Education attendance is mandatory. It is not possible to complete the requirements for this class and miss classes for vacation or other activities.


EMT Refresher
This course is designed to cover the updates to the EMT curriculum as well as the most recent EMS Educational Standards and the American Heart Association 2010 Guidelines. You will be required to show proof of completion of the ICS-100 and FEMA-IS-700 course to be eligible to sit for the NYS certifying exam. This course runs in conjunction with an original EMT course and students are allowed to take additional sessions as needed.
This course begins on May 19. For a complete course schedule, call our office at (518) 629-7339.
Bob Elling, MPA, EMT-P, Instructor

Registration Information

Setting the Stage for Safer Schools: A Two-Hour Prevent Violence Training for Persons Seeking Certification in New York State
This training responds to the requirement for a two-hour certification course for teaching assistants, teachers, pupil personnel service professionals and administrators in New York State as part of the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (SAVE). All participants will receive an approved New York State Education Department certificate upon completion of this training. It also can be used to fulfill the professional development plan requirement to provide a two-hour course for all currently certified educators and staff.

The seminar will highlight information regarding statutes, regulations and policies relative to a safe and non-violent school climate; the warning signs for violent behavior exhibited by a student within a developmental and social context that relate to violence and the troubling behaviors in children; how to participate in an effective school community referral process for students exhibiting violent behavior; and classroom management techniques when responding to potentially violent situations or behavior.
1 Session, ADM 101
Thurs., 7/23, 6 - 8 p.m.
Diane Teutschman, Instructor

Registration Information

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
Part 1 - Course
Part 1 is to be paid for and completed online by the student at You will learn single-rescuer and team basic life support for adults, children and infants through five interactive exercises, scenarios and a written test. Navigation controls allow you to move easily through content as you learn how to recognize life-threatening emergencies, provide high-quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilation and provide early use of an AED. The course also teaches relief of choking.

This self-paced course is accessible anytime from a computer with Internet access. Students can access the BLS for Healthcare Providers Student Manual, BLS Pocket Reference Card and more for 24 months. This course may be used for initial or renewal BLS for Healthcare Providers Course completion.

Parts 2 and 3 - Skills Sessions
Once you complete the online course you will be able to print a certificate of completion. After you complete Part 1, contact the Office of Community and Professional Education (518) 629-7339 to enroll in a skills session that will take place no more than 60 days following successful completion of the Part 1 course.

*Be sure you have completed the BLS for Healthcare Providers Online Part 1!

The skills session is the hands-on portion of an AHA eLearning course and includes Parts 2 and 3 - skills practice and testing. It is conducted in-person after you complete Part 1 online. For admission into a skills session, students must present their Part 1 certificate of completion to the instructor. Students who arrive at the skills session without the certificate of completion will not be allowed to stay and will need to re-register and pay for another session. Students must come prepared to the skills session. Please review the online course materials before attending. Underprepared students who do not complete the skills session in the allotted time will need to re-register and pay for another skills session.
Choose one $30
1 session, 400 Jordan Road, Room 224

70220 Tues., 5/19 2 - 3:30 p.m.
70221 Wed., 6/10 2 - 3:30 p.m.
70222 Tues., 6/23 2 - 3:30 p.m.
70223 Mon., 7/6 2 - 3:30 p.m.
70224 Tues., 7/14 3:30 - 5 p.m.
70225 Thurs., 7/23 5 - 6:30 p.m.
70226 Wed., 7/29 5 - 6:30 p.m.
70227 Mon., 8/17 10 - 11:30 a.m.
70265 Mon., 8/17 2 - 3:30 p.m.
70266 Tues., 8/18 2:30 - 4 p.m.
70267 Tues., 8/18 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
70268 Wed., 8/19 2 - 3:30 p.m.
70269 Thurs., 8/20 3:30 - 5 p.m.
70270 Thurs., 8/20 5 - 6:30 p.m.
70271 Sat., 8/22 9 - 10:30 a.m.
70272 Sat., 8/22 10:30 a.m. - Noon
Registration Information


NOTE: McDonough 192, where many of our fitness classes are held, is not air conditioned.

Yoga I: Foundations of Practice
This course is of value to students of any age, with or without previous experience in yoga. You will focus patiently on classic postures and breathing exercises to bring balance and well-being to the body, mind and spirit. With the development of physical flexibility and calmness of mind, you also lay the foundations for a rewarding lifelong practice of yoga. Please bring a mat designed for yoga and wear loose, comfortable clothes.
8 Sessions, MCD 192
Mon., 6/8 - 7/27, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Registration Information

70190 $80
8 Sessions, MCD 192
Wed., 6/10 - 7/29, 4 - 5 p.m.
Jeanne Wein, Instructor

Registration Information

Zumba is the hottest class to hit the fitness world! This hour-long dance-based fitness class is set to international rhythms. No experience in dance or aerobic classes is required, and Zumba is open to all fitness levels. This class will help you sculpt a tight mid-section without getting on the floor. Wear sneakers and light clothes. Bring a water bottle!
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Mon., 6/8 - 8/10, 5:45 - 6:45 p.m.

Registration Information

10 Sessions, MCD 192
Wed., 6/10 - 8/12, 5:45 - 6:45 p.m.
Chrissy Sarratori of Abs In, Inc., Instructor

Registration Information

Bokwa Tone and Core
Looking for a different workout while listening to today's popular music? Do you want to intensify your calorie burn while sculpting your body strong? Bokwa is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe.

You will learn to draw letters and number patterns with your feet while using optional hand weights. Everyone can do it! All you need is a bottle of water! Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers!
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Wed., 6/10 - 8/12, 7 - 8 p.m.
Abs In, Inc., Instructor

Registration Information

Moderate Hi-Lo Impact Aerobics
This is a combination Hi-Lo impact class designed with men and women in mind. Each class adheres to the exercise guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine. The one-hour class consists of a complete cardiovascular workout and a stretching and strength training component that will tone muscles and burn fat. Routines are set to contemporary music by the original artists. Energize and have fun. This class is designed for all levels – everyone will be successful!
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Mon., 6/8 - 8/10, 7 - 8 p.m.
Chrissy Sarratori of Abs In, Inc., Instructor

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Kettlebell Fitness
Kick all your fitness goals into high gear! Kettlebells are a Russian strength and conditioning tool that are rapidly taking over the health and fitness world.

Of all the different pieces of fitness equipment out there, nothing does the job more effectively and efficiently than kettlebells. Gain functional strength and muscle definition! Kettlebell is the most time-efficient workout in existence! The single biggest benefit of kettlebell training is how quickly you can get an effective workout. You can quite easily train every single muscle in your body in short periods of time, while simultaneously improving your strength, endurance and flexibility. Get your metabolism fired up and feel invincible! What you need: an exercise mat, a towel, water bottle and 5 lb. kettlebell for beginners.
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Thurs., 6/18 - 8/20, 6 - 7 p.m.
Lisa Scagg-Morin of Fitness Professionals On Demand, Instructor

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Body Conditioning and Toning for Beginners - ALCC (Arms, Legs, Core and Cardio)
Ease back into fitness - or start a health habit in 2015! ALCC is a fun 45-minute workout set to a catchy playlist. This class will increase your flexibility by improving your joint range of motion followed by a full body workout to strengthen your arms and legs, tighten your core and improve cardiovascular endurance. As the summer months roll on, you will look and feel fantastic! Modifications will be given to participants who have physical challenges that prohibit them from performing certain exercises. What you need: an exercise mat, exercise bands, towel and water bottle.
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Mon., 6/15 - 8/17, 4:45 - 5:30 p.m.
Deb Nuttal of Fitness Professionals On Demand, Instructor

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Sole Synthesis
Sole Synthesis is a fusion of strength, flexibility, core and cardiovascular work. It is a standing flow workout done barefoot without extra equipment to upbeat music. This full body workout combines movements inspired by fitness, ballet and yoga. The low impact moves will work you from head to toe. No previous experience is needed to participate in Sole Synthesis. Please bring a water bottle, a sticky mat, your bare feel (sole) and dress in comfortable clothing.
4 Sessions, MCD 192
Tues., 6/9 - 6/30, 5:45 - 6:30 p.m.
Mary Anne Fantauzzi of Total Body Trifecta, Instructor

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PIYO Fusion
PIYO Fusion will help you develop a strong core and increase your flexibility! The muscles deep within our abs and back are our foundation and strengthening them will help to reduce the risk of injury while performing your everyday tasks. This class blends basic Yoga poses for strength and balance with traditional Pilates exercises to build and maintain your core. At the end of this class, you will walk a bit taller, move with more grace, feel increased energy and notice a transformation in your abdominal region. What you need: an exercise mat, a towel and a water bottle.
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Sat., 6/6 - 8/15, 9 - 9:50 a.m.
No class 7/4
Connie Fagan, Fitness Professionals On Demand, Instructor

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Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing is an hour-long, total body workout designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance with a core of continuous kickboxing combos to work your upper and lower body and your heart. The class begins with a warmup, followed by basic kickboxing moves that become more intense as the class progresses. Modifications will be offered to accommodate all fitness levels and ages. The class ends with a cool down, core strengthening and a stretch. Please bring 3-5 lb. hand weights, a mat, towel and water. Get ready to have fun and sweat!
20 Sessions, CTR 204
Mon. & Wed., 6/8 - 8/12, 7 - 8 p.m.
Caroline Wunsch of Total Body Trifecta, Instructor

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Core de Ballet Workout
Core de Ballet is a fitness class that uses fundamental ballet movements to develop core strength, balance and alignment. The class includes a moving warmup, floor barre including abdominal exercises and a stretch, standing barre and reverence.

No ballet experience is necessary. Please bring a water bottle, a towel or sticky mat, and dress in fitness attire. A variety of footwear is acceptable: split sole sneakers, ballet slippers or socks.
4 Sessions, MCD 192
Tues., 6/9 - 6/30, 6:40 - 7:25 p.m.
Mary Anne Fantauzzi of Total Body Trifecta, Instructor

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Pilates Mat - Beginner
Pilates is a precise method of exercise that focuses on movements designed to lengthen and strengthen the body. This class will focus on the "core" and practice the controlled movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscles without adding bulk. Just bring a mat (yoga style "sticky" mat works best) and experience what Pilates can do for your body and mind. This class is designed for the beginner Pilates student with little or no experience.
10 Sessions, CTR 204
Mon., 6/8 - 8/10, 5:15 - 6 p.m.
Sarah Hoffman of Total Body Trifecta, Instructor

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10 Sessions, CTR 204
Wed., 6/10 - 8/12, 5:15 - 6 p.m.
Ellen Ehrlich of Total Body Trifecta, Instructor

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Pilates Mat - Intermediate
This course is a continuation of the Pilates method. It will incorporate the basic and intermediate level exercises into a more intense style of class. This class level is appropriate for students who have had at least two semesters (one year) of experience practicing Pilates. Just bring a sticky mat and a 14-inch Pilates Magic Circle (ring).
10 Sessions, CTR 204
Mon., 6/8 - 8/10, 6:05 - 6:50 p.m.

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10 Sessions, CTR 204
Wed., 6/10 - 8/12, 6:05 - 6:50 p.m.
Ellen Ehrlich of Total Body Trifecta, Instructor

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Butts and Guts
Butts and Guts...need it say more? This 45-minute class is all about tightening and toning those troublesome tushies and tummies. This class will focus intensely on ab and glute work that also breaks a sweat, sometimes uses light weights, and will finally give you results in inches lost, sculpted spots, and just plain confidence in how you fit in your clothes and carry yourself. Say goodbye to boring crunches and traditional butt lifts. This is a program that changes the way you see your core and backside forever!
10 Sessions, CTR 204
Tues., 6/9 - 8/11, 5:30 - 6:15 p.m.
Blythe Thompson-Hurlburt of Fitness Core You, Instructor

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Bulgarian Sandbag Blast
Break out of your fitness plateau and take it to the next level with the Bulgarian Sand Bag workout. You will master the techniques designed by former Olympian and coach Ivan Ivanov and discover the missing secret of most strength training programs, "variable angular resistance" which comes from the flexible structure of the "Bulgarian Sand Bag." With simple, non-stop multi-muscle moves that amp up your cardio, build strength and blast body fat, you'll likely experience an increase in metabolic function 18-24 hours after each 45 minute sessions. That means 18-24 hours of fat burning when you're NOT working out! A special Bulgarian Sandbag will be provided for each student to borrow for the semester or you can bring your own.
12 Sessions, MCD 192
Thurs., 6/4 - 8/20, 5 - 5:45 p.m.
Hollan Bonjukian of Tru Fitness, Instructor

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Elemental Fitness
Have you ever wanted to try all the fitness trends and discover the latest most effective targeted workouts…but felt intimidated? Well you no longer need to be in the dark. Elemental Fitness will provide a 10-week course that explores a different style of group fitness each week. Styles include HIIT, Butts and Guts, Tabata, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Yoga Fusion and much more! You definitely won't be bored as you explore and learn what style best suits your fitness needs. All fitness levels welcome.
10 Sessions, CTR 204
Tues., 6/9 - 8/11, 6:30 - 7:15 p.m.
Blythe Thompson-Hurlburt of Fitness Core You, Instructor

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Couch to 5K
Do you want to take the 5K off your bucket list? The best way is a simple-to-follow, group-based program that is fun and engaging! Can't imagine yourself running EVER? You can and will after you complete this course that is geared to make you successful and motivated!
10 Sessions, ADM 101
Sat., 6/6 - 8/15, 8 - 8:45 a.m.
No class 7/4
Blythe Thompson-Hurlburt of Fitness Core You, Instructor

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Metabolic Blast Bootcamp
Shred fat, sculpt lean muscles, lose inches and gain metabolic power before your day begins! Those who get their workout done before the day kicks off have a much better success rate and experience increased metabolic burn through the rest of the day!

What you receive:

  • 29 indoor and outdoor classes of high intensity interval training
  • Expert coaching from a nationally certified personal trainer
  • Nutritional support
  • Weekly food journal
  • Fitness assessment
  • 24-7 online support and individual attention
  • Injury prevention techniques
  • Supercharged motivation
  • Accountability
  • Powerful encouragement
  • An adrenalin kick to start your day that will fire up your metabolism
  • A Metabolic Class Achievement T-Shirt

What you give:

  • Three hours of your time a week
  • 100% effort
  • $215 course fee

29 Sessions, MCD 192
Mon., Wed., & Fri., 6/8 - 8/14, 6 - 7 a.m.
No class 7/3
Hollan Bonjukian of Tru Fitness, Instructor

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Core Camp
Lose weight around the midsection with this fast track fitness class designed to deliver results! Think Bootcamp meets Pilates. You will be inspired through high-intensity intervals of cardio drills that are geared to fire up your metabolism while you learn the best middle-whittling core moves out there. Melt the external fat and reveal the lean chiseled muscle that you will be developing.

This program will begin and end with a thorough fitness and nutrition assessment so you will see the incredible results from investing in yourself. Join us in Core Camp and whittle your middle this year! For more information, please contact Hollan Bonjukian at (518) 496-0337 or
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Sun., 6/7 - 8/23, 6:30 - 7:30 a.m.
No class 7/5, 8/2
Hollan Bonjukian of Tru Fitness, Instructor

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Pilates for Runners
Want to run effortlessly? Want to bulletproof your hips and knees against injury? Ready to become a force to be reckoned with? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this class is for you!

If you want to become a better runner and experience your fittest summer ever, join us for Pilates for Runners. This training will help you overcome common problems for runners including: plantar fasciitis, runner's knee and shin splints.

Although there will be NO running in class, this program is no walk in the park. You will learn the 'golden' exercises that will unlock your inner runner, by targeting the common weak spots; gluteus medius, lower back, abdominals and spine while lengthening the hamstrings, tightening the quads and conditioning the feet. If you are not a runner, you'll be runner-ready when you are through! If you are a runner, this class will be transformational for you. For more information, please contact Hollan Bonjukian at (518) 496-0337 or
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Sun., 6/7 - 8/23, 7:45 - 8:45 a.m.
No class 7/5, 8/2
Hollan Bonjukian of Tru Fitness, Instructor

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Tabata: 20-Second Fitness
Tabata is high intensity interval training (HIIT), which has exploded onto the mainstream fitness scene. It is now a prominent part of many successful fat loss and fitness training programs. Athletes such as runners and cyclists often take Tabata in the winter months to build their cardiovascular capacity and increase athletic performance. Many others do Tabata to lose weight and reshape their body fast.

You can accomplish more in 45-minutes of Tabata than you would in a traditional 60-minute group fitness class. Tabata incorporates cardiovascular and strength training exercises into a fast-paced, short (yet challenging) workout. Work at your maximum capacity for 20 seconds and recover for 10. Repeat the exercise eight times and move to the next circuit. This great class will boost your metabolism and build your cardiovascular endurance, and also tighten and tone your entire body! Please bring an exercise mat, a towel and a water bottle.
10 Sessions, MCD 192
Sat., 6/6 - 8/15, 8 - 8:45 a.m.
No class 7/4
Lisa Scagg-Morin of Fitness Professionals on Demand, Instructor

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The Basics of Selling on eBay
You can be successful on eBay! Learn how to register, create listings, utilize eBay's vast resources, research items, open and use a PayPal account, complete transactions, and most importantly, MAKE MONEY! While there is no computer used in this class, to be successful on eBay, students should have basic computer and Internet skills. Bring something to take notes.
2 Sessions, ADM 102
Sat., 7/18 & 7/25, 9 a.m. - Noon
Amy Grazda, Instructor

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Wilderness Navigation Techniques
In this class, you will how to read and interpret maps and effectively navigate with a compass. You'll learn to combine those skills to orient yourself to the terrain, plan routes, find and plot your location, mark areas of interest and calculate distances.

You also will understand how declination can affect your ability to navigate and use the map grid to assist you in navigating and plotting your location. GPS units are great, until they break or the batteries are drained. Every outdoor enthusiast should know how to effectively use a map and compass as a back up for times when electronics fail. Course fee includes a $20 materials fee.
5 Sessions, ADM 103
Sat., 7/11 - 8/15, 8 - 9 a.m.
No class 8/1
Hollan Bonjukian of Tru Fitness, Instructor

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Defensive Driving
This course will award all New York State motor-ists with a 10 percent reduction in motor vehicle liability and collision insurance premiums for a three-year period. Also, drivers who have incurred violation points on their record will receive a four-point reduction. The course is certified with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the National Safety Council.

The program consists of six hours of classroom instruction including films, lecture and discussion. You will be taught accident prevention techniques along with useful refresher material. Course materials include a student workbook and a certificate upon completion. The courses are taught by certified instructors from Bell's Driving School.

Students should bring a blue or black pen to class. Late arrivals will not be admitted and no refund will be issued.
1 Session, ADM 107
Tues., 8/4 & Thurs., 8/6
6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
Bell's Driving School, Instructors

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5-Hour Pre-licensing Course
This mandatory course is required by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for any individual seeking to take a New York State Road Test. The course covers the state required curriculum and is taught by certified instructors from Bell's Driving School. Students must possess a NYS Learners Permit in order to take the course.
1 Session, ADM 101
Sat., 7/18, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Bell's Driving School, Instructors

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Please visit for additional information and links to course schedules.
On-bike training is offered April - October.

For help with choosing the right course for you, please e-mail or call site administrator Barbara at (518) 813-1717, with a brief description of your needs or experience and we will help match you to the course that best fits your situation.

MSF - Basic Rider Course

  • For motorcycle or scooter (motorcycle or scooter provided)
  • Reserve a scooter at time of registration so we have one available (scooter registrations cannot be accepted online)
  • Designed for beginner and re-entry riders
  • Learn or review basic riding skills
  • Smartest way to get your motorcycle license
  • Must have strong sense of balance
  • Must be able to ride a bicycle
  • 16 ½ hour course
  • Successful completion of BRC qualifies for New York State Motorcycle Road Test Waiver.
  • Prerequisite: MUST have recent bicycle riding experience and a valid New York State driver's license. Out of state and military please e-mail for information. New York State Jr. or graduated license holders e-mail for information.

MSF - Basic Rider Course 2 for License Waiver

Riding curriculum for New Yorkers offered through the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program (NYSMSP).

This eight-hour course consists of a three-hour online (eCourse) and approximately five hours of practice riding exercises on your own motorcycle or scooter. The online course must be completed before attending the riding exercises. The online portion must be completed within 30 days of your riding class.

The BRC2-LW is designed for individuals that have some street riding skills and experience (braking, cornering, swerving) and have held a valid New York State Motorcycle Permit for at least one calendar year. This course is NOT for beginners.

To earn a NYSMSP BRC2-LW Road Test Waiver Completion Card you must successfully complete the MSF BRC2-LW eCourse (online) and pass the Skills Evaluation on the range. Your successful completion qualifies you for a Motorcycle License Road Test Waiver of the NYS DMV Road Test.


  • Complete online course and bring proof of completion to the riding component of the course.
  • No student will be allowed to proceed if they are unable to demonstrate basic riding skills in a parking lot. (no refund)
  • You must bring your own street-legal, insured and registered motorcycle or scooter. Must bring proof of same. You will not be allowed to proceed with the course if you do not meet this requirement. (no refund)
  • Bring original and copy of your valid NYS driver's license and permit. Cannot proceed without these. (no refund)
  • Out of state permit holders, contact your local DMV to see if they accept this new NYS training for waiver. Contact Barbara with questions at (518) 813-1717

For registration or scheduling questions, please call (518) 629-7339.

For specific questions about classes or policies related to motorcycle courses, e-mail:

Please note: Motorcycle courses are physically demanding and require you to be mentally alert and able to multitask. Proper riding gear is required for all courses.

All motorcycle courses have a separate cancellation and refund policy. This is available at You are required to sign off on the Motorcycle Cancellation and Refund Policy Acknow-ledgement prior to completing the registration process.

If a student is unable to gain the appropriate skills at the group learning level or poses a safety risk to themselves or others, they will be counseled out at the coaches' decision and no refund will be granted.


Great preparation for any incoming college freshman!

Smart Start
Smart Start is a two-week summer academic program to help you strengthen your math and writing skills before the Fall term begins. The Smart Start program is designed for students who want to gain confidence, learn more about the campus and prepare for college studies. College Learning Center faculty will review college writing and math skills, help equip you with skills for success in your first semester of college, and introduce you to campus support staff. Participants will become familiar with the campus and make some friends before classes begin. You may take part in the math or writing portion of Smart Start or participate in the whole program to build skills in both areas. This program is for incoming Hudson Valley freshmen. A Certificate of Residence is required. Information about Certificates of Residence can be found here.

$25 for both Writing and Math
8 Sessions, Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001
Mon. - Thurs., 7/27 - 8/6, 8:30 a.m. - Noon

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$15 for Math only
8 Sessions, Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001
Mon. - Thurs., 7/27 - 8/6, 8:30 - 10:10 a.m.

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$15 for Math only
8 Sessions, Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001
Mon. - Thurs., 7/27 - 8/6, 10:20 a.m. - Noon

Registration Information

$15 for Writing only
8 Sessions, Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001
Mon. - Thurs., 7/27 - 8/6, 8:30 - 10:10 a.m.

Registration Information

$15 for Writing only
10 Sessions, Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001
Mon. - Thurs., 7/27 - 8/6, 10:20 a.m. - Noon

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Jump Start
Hudson Valley Community College offers a workshop series designed to help students lay the foundation for college success. Each of the 50-minute workshops focuses on a different area including writing, math, learning strategies and computers. Learning Assistance Center, Computer Learning Center and Writing Center faculty members will provide instruction in college writing, math, computers and study skills. The program has a day and evening option to meet the needs of students' busy schedules. This program is for incoming Hudson Valley freshmen.
$30 Day Section
5 Sessions, Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001
Mon., Wed., & Fri., 7/27 - 7/31, 1 - 4 p.m.
Wed. & Thurs., 8/5 - 8/6, 1 - 4 p.m.

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$15 Evening Section
2 Sessions, Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001
Wed., & Thurs., 8/5 - 8/6, 6 - 9 p.m.

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Self-Paced College Algebra Review
This course is the perfect solution for students who plans to enroll in a college algebra or trigonometry course but feel a little rusty or unprepared. This non-credit, interactive computer video course allows you to review algebra skills needed for success in college algebra courses. The ModuMath Algebra program consists of 32 lessons averaging 27 minutes each, with video and audio presentation. At your own pace, you can review order of operations, algebraic expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, solving inequalities and systems of equations, word problems, factoring, exponents, roots and radicals, rational expressions and the Pythagorean Theorem.

Students will meet with a Learning Assistance Center education specialist to select video lessons and discuss how to use the program. Education specialists will remain a resource for students. You will then work independently and at your own pace (during the day or evening) in the college Learning Assis-tance Center, progressing through multi-media lessons, taking practice tests and generating a record of your progress. The Learning Assistance Center has both day and evening hours.
Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001

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Self-Paced College Basic Math Review
This course is the perfect solution for the student who needs to prepare for a High School Equivalency (HSE) or college placement test.

This non-credit, interactive computer video course allows you to review algebra skills needed for success in basic college math courses. The ModuMath program consists of 51 lessons averaging 23 minutes each, with video and audio content. At your own pace, you can review basic operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and signed numbers, as well as learn to solve word problems and equations and determine square roots and percentages.

Students will meet with a Learning Assistance Center education specialist to select video lessons and discuss how to use the program. Education specialists will remain a resource for students. Students will then work independently and at their own pace (during the day or evening) in the college Learning Assistance Center, progressing through multi-media lessons, taking practice tests, and generating a record of your progress.
Learning Assistance Center, MRV 001

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