Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Programs Training Lab

This residential structure, located on the grounds of Hudson Valley Community College, includes a kitchen, three bedrooms, one and a half baths and basement. More importantly, the building is uniquely constructed to serve as a state-of-the-art training facility for those in the building science field.

The New York State Weatherization Directors Association (NYSWDA) has constructed the space for pressure diagnostics training. Identification of air leakage sites around the home are difficult to determine, sometimes hard to correct, and can represent up to 30 percent of total heating costs. Drafts and other air leakage can be simulated throughout the house through the use of electrically-actuated dampers, which can be set up in an infinite number of combinations for students to identify.

The lab was made possible with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding through the US Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program. The funding has provided project partners with the ability to provide workforce development and skills enhancement training.

Site Usage
The site will be used by Hudson Valley Community College's Workforce Development Institute, which offers a variety of building science courses for those in and entering the field. NYSWDA will also make use of the facility for training, as will the college's Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Services students.

The training lab is located on the grounds of the former Hy Rosenblum Administration Center at Hudson Valley Community College. Please note: The lab/building is located off the main campus, on the corner of Morrison Avenue and Vandenburgh Avenue in Troy.