Community and Professional Education
Winter/Spring 2015 Offerings: Special Interest

30-Hour Course: Driving Instructors
This course is necessary for those driver instructors who intend to teach the New York State Five-Hour Pre-Licensing Program. Upson successful completion of this course and one year experience as an actual in-car instructor, a driver schools instructor's certificate endorsed for the classroom instruction will be issued. Topics to be discussed include principles of learning, communication in the instructional process, media equipment and its use in the classroom, uses and techniques of questioning, and instructional organization and management. All participants will be required to attend a five-hour pre-licensing program. A college certificate of completion will be awarded to all individuals who successfully complete this course.
5 Sessions, DCC B06
Mon., 2/23 - 3/30, 3:30 - 9 p.m. with a ½ hour dinner break
Dennis Lindhurst, Instructor

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Blogging for Money and Fun
Learn how to make blogs easy to use. Make your blog effective using the latest multimedia tools that help increase an engaged audience. Discover what makes today's blogs effective in reaching people and generating interest. Be part of the stream of writers, vloggers, content producers and online talk show hosts that make up today's popular bloggers.
1 Session, DCC 136
Mon., 4/27, 6 - 9 p.m.
David Ewen, M.Ed., Instructor

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Save Money with Extreme Couponing
Learn how to save $$$ every day with extreme couponing. Coupons are not just for groceries. The savings can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. This comprehensive workshop will teach you:

  • Where to find all different types of coupons
  • How to find the best coupon Web sites
  • How to decipher coupon policies
  • The best way to sort and store coupons
  • How to find other people to trade coupons with

Feel free to bring your coupons to class for a trading session. This workshop is taught by someone who has used coupons to save thousands and has learned many couponing secrets. Course fee includes $10 materials fee.
1 Session, BRN 109
Mon., 4/20, 5 - 6 p.m.
LeeAnne Krusemark, Instructor

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The Basics of Selling on eBay
You can be successful on eBay! Learn how to register, create listings, utilize eBay's vast resources, research items, open and use a PayPal account, complete transactions, and most importantly, make money! While there is no computer use in class, to be successful on eBay, students should have basic computer and Internet skills. Bring something to take notes.
2 Sessions, ADM 102
Sat., 4/18 & 4/25, 9 a.m. - Noon
Amy Grazda, Instructor

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Making a Difference for Animals: What One Person Can Do

Do you care about animals and want your passion to have lasting impact? Have you tried and feel perhaps one person just can't make a difference? Think again. This six-week session will explore key animal protection issues locally and nationally, and present practical approaches to working toward solutions. Topics will include recognizing and reporting animal cruelty, addressing real cases and current events, supporting legislative initiatives, initiating humane education, making compassionate choices, exposure to local animal organizations and more. Classes will feature guest speakers working in the real world, confronting the issues and making a difference. The class will be taught by veteran animal advocate Valerie Lang Waldin, J.D., M.L.S.
6 Sessions, ADM 101
Tues., 2/3-3/10, 6:15 - 8:15 p.m.
Valerie Lang Waldin, J.D., M.L.S

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Project Management

Learn to deliver projects on time, under budget and exceeding customer expectations. This intensive, eight-week program covers the 10 project management knowledge areas contained in the Global Standard for Project Management. The program will provide students with basic project management concepts and how to apply them to a typical project. This program will benefit the seasoned project manager and those who have recently been put "in charge" of a project. The Project Management Certification and exam fees are not included in this class.
8 Sessions, DCC B06
Tues., 2/10 - 3/31, 7 - 9 p.m.
Donald Nealson, Instructor

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Improving Leadership Skills
Leadership skills are critical in today's world. Communities, clubs, and businesses all need strong leaders to succeed in our complex and dynamic environments. This course will be an interactive discussion of the four foundations of strong leadership and the essential tasks leaders must master to succeed as a leader. In addition, will we will explore power as it relates to leadership.
4 Sessions, DCC 136
Wed., 4/1 - 4/22, 5 - 7 p.m.
Richard Edwards, Instructor

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Designing and Executing a Political Campaign

This is a non-partisan course for those who want to take part in the political process at the electoral level either as a campaign staffer or as a candidate. It is an in-depth look at how a political campaign is structured, planned and executed. After completing the course, students will have gained comprehensive insight into the workings of a political campaign from the candidates' point of view, thus making themselves valuable not only as a campaign functionary, but also as a potential candidate. Limited copies of the required textbook, "Running: How to Design and Execute a Winning Political Campaign" will be available from the campus bookstore.
8 Sessions, DCC 138
Wed., 3/4 - 4/29, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Peter Fusco, Instructor

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Chinese Literature and Art

This course will lead students through some classical Chinese literature, including Classic of Poetry, "Travel to the West" and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," poems of Tang dynasty and some contemporary writings from mainland China and Taiwan. Students will also be introduced to Chinese music, art and architecture. This class will help students understand Chinese culture and contemporary China.
4 Sessions, DCC B06
Thurs., 4/16 - 5/7, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Sui Duan, Instructor

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Media Production
Today's digital multimedia technology has made musicians and film producers successful with free resources. Learn how to get your music produced and film distributed using today's tools from freely available Web technologies. Discover the most advanced marketing techniques used by publishers, directors and content producers that you can use to make your project a success. Get insight on today's distribution outlet, to get your music and film projects recognized by an eager audience.
1 Session, DCC 136
Thurs., 4/30, 6 - 9 p.m.
David Ewen, Instructor

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Completely Confident Hypnosis Seminar

Everyone has to perform in some way, sometimes publicly, for their job or profession. Have you worried about being judged by others and that you are not good enough? Do you feel paralyzed with fear in interacting or speaking in front of others? If you lack confidence, then you will find it very difficult to be successful. This seimanr will allow you to trust yourself and believe that your presence is important. You will see things as they really are not magnify the negatives. The bottom line is that you will finally have the confidence you need and deserve.
1 Session, DCC B05
Wed., 1/28, 6 - 8 p.m.
Deborah Nettles of the Albany Hypnosis Center, Instructor

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Defensive Driving
This course will award all New York State motorists with a 10 percent reduction in motor vehicle liability and collision insurance premiums for a three-year period. Also, drivers who have incurred violation points on their record will receive a four-point reduction. The course is certified with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the National Safety Council.

The program consists of six hours of classroom instruction including films, lecture and discussion. You will be taught accident prevention techniques along with useful refresher material. Course materials include a student workbook and a certificate upon completion. The courses are taught by certified instructors from Bell's Driving School.
1 Session, BTC 324
Sat., 2/7, 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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2 Sessions, WIL 110
Tues. & Thurs., 4/14 and 4/16, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

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5-Hour Pre-licensing Course
This mandatory course is required by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for any individual seeking to take a New York State Road Test. The course covers the state required curriculum and is taught by certified instructors from Bell's Driving School. Students must possess a NYS Learners Permit in order to take the course.
1 Session, BTC 324
Sat., 3/14, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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Please visit for additional information and links to course schedules. On-bike training is offered April - October.

For help with choosing the right course for you, please e-mail or call site administrator Barbara (518-813-1717), with a brief description of your needs or experience and we will help match you to the course that best fits your situation.

Proper riding gear is required for all Motorcycle courses: DOT approved helmet (we have some loaners) jeans (no holes), over the ankle boots maximum heel 1", full fingered gloves, long sleeve jacket. Total Control Courses require riding pants, chaps or Kevlar jeans

FREE Motorcycle Information Session
Join the Capital Area Motorcycling School (CAMS) for a FREE, informal session about the motorcycle classes offered at Hudson Valley Community College. Courses are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. During this information session, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions about the motorcycle classes and learn valuable information. A motorcycle simulator will be available.
1 Session, BTC Meeting Room 1
Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015, 9 a.m. - noon
(SNOW DATE: Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015)

MSF Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME)

  • This two-hour experience provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with a motorcycle/scooter and its controls in a low-risk, controlled environment.
  • Motorcycle or scooter and helmet provided.
  • It is designed for the student who has no riding experience and isn't sure whether or not they should take formal training.
  • You will not learn how to ride a motorcycle/scooter, but you will experience its operational characteristics through an initial hands-on experience, allowing you to consider the possibilityof formally learning to ride.
  • You should consider yourself successful in this course regardless of you choose to learn to ride or not.
  • This experience does not guarantee success in the Basic RiderCourse (BRC). Group size is limited to three students.
  • Proper riding gear required: Jeans, over the ankle boots. Gloves, long sleeve jacket. DOT helmet or we have loaner helmets
  • Pre-requisite: None. No permit or driver's license needed but you will need them if you decide to take the BRC

MSF - Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

  • For motorcycle or scooter (motorcycle or scooter provided)
  • Reserve a scooter at time of registration so we have one available (scooter registrations cannot be accepted online)
  • Designed for beginner and re-entry riders
  • Learn or review basic riding skills
  • Smartest way to get your motorcycle license
  • Must have strong sense of balance
  • Must be able to ride a bicycle
  • 16 ½ hour course
  • Successful completion of BRC qualifies for New York State Motorcycle Road Test Waiver.
  • Prerequisite: MUST have recent bicycle riding experience and a valid New York State driver's license. Out of state and military please e-mail for information. New York State Jr. or graduated license holders e-mail for information.

Basic Bike Bonding RiderCourse (BBBRC)
Please note: This is not a licensing or beginner course. This half-day riding course (no classroom instruction) is the next logical step after the BRC. You will learn how to gain more low speed control and confidence on our motorcycles/scooters.

Instruction includes:

  • Bike Bonding Awareness
  • Basic Control Skills
  • Speed Control and Turns from a Stop
  • Tight Turns
  • Accelerating
  • Braking and Turning
  • Engine Braking
  • Curves and Swerves
  • Low-Speed Decreasing Radius Curves
  • Control in Tighter Spaces
  • Lollipops
  • Sharing the Road

Prerequisites: Basic RiderCourse completion. Must have motorcycle license or motorcycle permit and sufficient riding skills and experience to operate a motorcycle/scooter with basic proficiency.

Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse (UBBRC)
This half-day rising course (no classroom instruction) is for licensed riders looking to dial in their low speed control and confidence. Riders will use their personal motorcycle/scooter.

Instruction includes:

  • Bike-Bonding Awareness
  • Big box
  • Zigzag
  • Circle weaves
  • Switchbacks
  • Lollipops
  • Circuit Training
  • Sharing the road

Prerequisites: Rider must have valid motorcycle license and possess SOLID basic skills with recent riding experience. It is recommended that the motorcycle/scooter be appropriate for the size and strength of its rider.

Total Control - Intermediate Riding Clinic (IRC)
This is the perfect next step for newer riders who are looking to improve their skills on their own bike as well as riders that have recently gotten back into riding after years off but still have their license.

Total Control IRC includes:

  • Throttle control
  • Brake control
  • Vision
  • Line selection
  • Low-speed turning
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Road-speed turning

Prerequisite: Valid motorcycle license, good condition, street-legal, registered, and insured motorcycle. Must have 500 miles recent experience

Protective gear is required for all students, which includes a DOT-approved helmet in good condition (full-face recommended), motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pants, full-fingered gloves, boots that cover the ankles and eye protection. Kevlar jeans or chaps are accepted. Jeans and fingerless gloves are not allowed.

*No student will be allowed to participate without meeting prerequisites and proper riding gear listed on FAQs page! (No refunds)

Total Control - Advanced Riding Clinic (Two Levels)
Based on bestselling book, "Total Control" by Lee Parks

Level 1 - Full Day

  • Corner with confidence
  • Learn on your motorcycle (any style)
  • Enhance your mental strategies
  • High performance skills learned at parking lot speeds
  • Add safety to your street riding
  • Get more out of your track days
  • Full day clinic
  • Prerequisite: 3,000 mile recent experience
  • Passengers allowed (additional fee applies)

Level 2 - Full Day

  • Build on the skills you learned in Level 1
  • Advanced cornering techniques
  • More challenging exercises from the book "Total Control"
  • Trail braking into corners
  • Hard braking into corners
  • Speed shifting
  • Decreasing radius corners
  • Multiple apex corners
  • Full-day clinic Prerequisite: Total Control ARC level 1
  • Passengers allowed (additional fee applies)

Total Control Level 1 and 2
Sign up for both and save $$!

Please note: Motorcycle courses are physically demanding and require you to be mentally alert and able to multitask. Proper riding gear is required for all courses.

All motorcycle courses have a separate cancellation and refund policy. This is available at You are required to sign off on the Motorcycle Cancellation and Refund Policy Acknowledgement prior to completing the registration process.

If a student is unable to gain the appropriate skills at the group learning level or poses a safety risk to themselves or others, they will be counseled out at the coaches' decision and no refund will be granted.

For registration or scheduling questions, please call (518) 629-7339.

For specific questions about classes or policies related to motorcycle courses, e-mail