Community and Professional Education
Fall 2014 Offerings


A Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating and Weight Loss via Healthy Food Choices
Most Americans have grown up in a world of processed foods, quick stop meals and eating on the run. Obesity in America is now an epidemic. Many of us have made the decision to eat better, but then we stop and say, what does that really mean?

In this three part, three-hour series you'll learn the basics of a healthy diet and an exercise plan that can help you start living and feeling better. You will receive a one-month subscription to a Web-based program (one per household) with low glycemic meal plans, healthy recipes, food journal, access to videos and other supports to help you in your journey. In class, you will learn how to read labels, portion size, meal planning, how to increase your metabolism. Please encourage a friend, work colleague, teenage child or mate to join you. This will help you create your own support group. Course fee includes a $10 materials fee.
3 Sessions, ADM 103
Tues., 11/3 -11/17, 6 - 7 p.m.
Fitness Professional on Demand, Instructor
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