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Fall 2014 Offerings


If your course requires a computer account, and you are a new student, you will receive two envelopes, one containing your username and the other your password, in the mail.

If you are a returning student and you no longer have your username and/or password you can contact the Office of Community and Professional Education at (518) 629-7339, and we can reset your password and send both your username and new password to you in the mail. Please make this request at least one week before your course begins. If you do not have your username and password on the day your class begins, you can come to the Office of Community and Professional Education (during business hours) in the Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 252 and with photo ID we can reset your password. Students can also go to the Computer Learning Center in the basement of the Marvin Library to have their password reset.

Your username is defined as the first initial of your first name, followed by a hyphen(-), followed by up to 13 characters of your last name (all lower case no spaces or other special characters). The password is randomly generated. Please go to and use the "Change Your Password" link to change your password to something that will be easier to remember. You will find more detailed information regarding computer access at

Bring both your username and password to your course, as you will need it to access the computer during class. Course instructors do not have the ability to reset or view student passwords. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they have this information when they begin a class.

Microsoft Office 2013 Basics for the Administrative Professional
For the recent graduate or someone who wants to get back into the workforce and needs a refresher on the word processing and productivity suite, Microsoft Office, this class will help you get the skills you need to land that job. The course covers MS Office 2013. You will learn how to create a word processing document and merge it with a mailing list to send out letters. You will also learn how to create a spreadsheet to keep track of finances and create a database in Access to keep the names and addresses for your mailing list. While this class does not cover Outlook, you will receive tips on how to keep your e-mails professional looking and effective. This is a hands-on class, and you will need your HVCC username and password.

Prerequisite: Students must possess basic computing skills, such as copy and paste, be familiar with computer functionality and operation and/or have completed a basic computer class. Course fee includes a $5 computer fee.
5 Sessions, BTC 216
Tues., 10/7 - 11/4, 6 - 8 p.m.
Sherry Flansburg, Instructor

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Intro to PowerPoint 2013
What can you do with PowerPoint? Create a project or presentation for a class or professional meeting; compile your photos for a fun birthday or anniversary slideshow. Learn how to use PowerPoint to customize your presentations and slideshows with graphics, charts and animations, too. Course fee includes a $3 computer fee.
3 Sessions, BTC 204
Tues., 9/30 - 10/14, 6 - 8 p.m.
Umran Yaqoob, Instructor

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TechKNOW Prof Courses
TechKNOW Prof has a wealth of technology knowledge to share. Whether you're brand new to using computers or you just want to learn some new skills for use at home or business. TechKNOW Prof can help! Join us this fall for one (or all!) of TechKNOW Prof's short and informative computer courses.

Computer Basics for Absolute Beginners
Do you feel like a deer in the headlights when you try to use a computer? Do you need computer skills for your job hunt? This hands-on course will walk you through the basics so you can take charge of your computer. Learn how to turn the computer on and off, use a mouse and computer keyboard, work with the Windows 7 desktop, menus and windows, and open and close programs. Learn how to "surf the Web" with Google and Yahoo to find information and evaluate the results, how to use e-mail, and how to keep your computer and Internet activities safe from malware attacks, identity theft and e-mail fraud. Learn how to create and save files to folders (and find them again!), and do basic word processing with Microsoft Word. Course fee includes $7 computer fee and $26 materials fee for the required textbook. This is a hands-on class and you will need your HVCC username and password.
7 Sessions, WIL 111
Mon. - Thurs., 11/3 - 11/6, &
Mon. - Wed., 11/10 - 11/12, 9 - 11 a.m.
TechKNOW Prof, Instructor

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Quickbooks Basics
Learn the essentials of QuickBooks so that you can easily enter transactions, manage accounts and generate reports. The content is presented in an easy to understand format with hands-on experience. Class content will include: navigating QuickBooks; entering information and transactions, managing lists and accounts; and working with and generating reports. Students should have basic computer skills. You will need your HVCC username and password for this course. Course fee includes a $3 computer fee.
1 Session, BTC 205
Sat., 10/25, 9 a.m. - Noon
David Ewen, Instructor

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Creating Web Sites and Mobile Apps
You can make money by creating Web sites, Facebook pages and mobile apps. Discover best methods for: search engine optimization, choosing meta-tags, visual design fundamentals, effective content design, using script modules, and e-commerce tools to make compelling Web sites. Create interactive Web sites and mobile apps using video, audio, blogs and social media. Save money by using the many free tools available. This course will help individuals and business owners maximize their potential. Students should have basic computer skills. You will need your HVCC username and password for this course. Course fee includes a $3 computer fee.
1 Session, BTC 205
Sat., 10/18, 9 a.m. - Noon
David Ewen, Instructor

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