Off-Campus Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between classes offered on the main campus and those offered off-campus?

A: The only difference is the location. Off-campus courses follow the same guidelines as those offered on our main campus. They are taught by the same departmental faculty and carry the same number of credits as they would on the main campus. Faculty office hours are available before or after class, depending on the site.

Q: How do I register for off-campus courses?

A: The same way that you would for any other course. If you are a matriculated student you should contact the advisor for your program. If you are a non-matriculated student you can register through the Office of Continuing Education or online.

Q: Will credits taken at an off-campus site appear on my transcript?

A: Yes. Classes taken off-campus will appear on your transcript in the same way that any class taken on our main campus would, without any extra paperwork.

Q: Are the downtown sites safe?

A: Yes. There are security officers on duty throughout the evening hours.

Q: Is parking readily available at all of these sites?

A: During the daytime at 175 Central Avenue, students are asked to find parking along Central Avenue and its adjoining streets, however, in the evening parking in a gated lot is available behind the building off Sherman Street. Parking is ample and readily available at all other community sites.

Q: Do off-campus classes follow the same calendar as classes held on the main campus?

A: All off-campus courses follow the same academic calendar as the main campus however, many community sites may be closed on additional days. On these days, classes may be held on the main campus or the instructor may make other arrangements in order to make up class time on site.

Q: Is there a difference in the cost between off-campus courses and those held on the main campus?

A: No. The tuition rate and fees are the same whether the class is taken off-campus or on the main campus. [Loading Tuition and Fees link…]

Q: Is it possible to complete my entire associate degree at an off-campus site?

A: Not at this time, however, students matriculated into the Individual Studies program can meet many of their degree requirements off-campus.

Q: Is an academic advisor available at the off-campus sites?

A: Off-campus advisement is available by appointment at TEC-SMART in Malta.

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