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New Student Orientation

What is New Student Orientation?
Students who are new to Hudson Valley Community College and matriculating into a degree or certificate program are required to participate in a focused orientation session that provides an overview of college offerings and services, expectations of students, a brief tour and an academic advisement session leading to a first semester course schedule.

Am I considered a new student if I have attended another college?
No, anyone who has studied and earned credit at another college or university is considered a transfer student. Transfer students receive academic advisement and helpful information directly from advisors within their academic departments and do not need to attend New Student Orientation. They also will be invited to attend an information session to learn more about the college.

Am I considered a new student if I have college credit from high school coursework?
Yes, those who have earned college credit while in high school (for example, from Hudson Valley's College in the High School program, an Early College High School or from Advanced Placement coursework) are considered new students at Hudson Valley and must attend New Student Orientation.

When is New Student Orientation?
New students are invited to sign up for Orientation after they have been accepted to the college by Admissions, and have either taken the academic placement test or been waived from taking it.

A variety of dates and times are available for New Student Orientation, including a limited number of evening and weekend sessions. Since each session has a limited number of participants, students must pre-register online when invited to do so by the college. It is in the student's best interest to attend Orientation as soon as possible to ensure early advisement, course availability and schedule preference.

How do I sign up for New Student Orientation?
The Testing, Advisement and Academic Placement office invites students to register for a four-hour, on-campus Orientation session.

Students who are waived from academic placement testing are invited to sign up for Orientation online. Those who complete the academic placement test on campus are asked to sign up for Orientation immediately following the test.

Why is it important I attend? What will happen during orientation?
All new students must attend an orientation session before they begin taking classes at Hudson Valley Community College. Why? Information provided at orientation helps students understand college-level expectations and let them know about support services. Orientation is an opportunity to become familiar with the college campus, meet support staff and new students as well.

Research shows that students who complete an orientation are more likely to feel more comfortable and succeed in their first year of college. At Orientation, students will:

  • receive a brief introduction to the college
  • get a college ID
  • tour the campus and visit the Marvin Library Learning Commons, Guenther Enrollment Services Center and the Siek Campus Center
  • learn about the Web-based tools that help them complete and track course registration, financial aid, scheduling and bill payment (WIReD, Steps to Enroll checklist)
  • work with academic advisors to schedule first semester courses and discuss college goals

Are there any academic programs at Hudson Valley Community College that have their own orientation sessions?
Students in the Chemical Dependency Counseling certificate and degree, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Nursing, EMT-Paramedic certificate and Surgical Technology certificate and degree programs will receive academic advisement and orientation within their academic departments before the semester begins. Students in these programs are required to attend the program-based orientation events instead of the college's New Student Orientation.

Can I bring my parents or a friend with me to orientation?
New Student Orientation is just for new students and not parents, guardians or friends (unless they are also new students!). We ask that students attend orientation by themselves because the focus of the presentation is on their responsibilities and academic success.

Separate and dedicated orientation sessions are scheduled for parents and families. Sessions provide tips for encouraging student success; tutoring and mentoring resources; information on wellness offerings, student activities, and career and transfer planning assistance. Online registration is requested for these sessions.

Parents and family members who plan to be in the area or on campus while their student is attending Orientation are encouraged to tour the campus. Highlights include the Guenther Enrollment Services Center with the Financial Aid office, the Siek Campus Center with the college bookstore, cafeterias and social spaces for students; the newly-renovated Marvin Library Learning Commons and Learning Centers; the new 100,000 square-foot Science Center; the McDonough Sports Complex with athletic facilities including the Conway Ice Rink and fitness rooms; and the Bulmer Telecommunications Center with classroom and meeting spaces.

What if I'm studying online and not on campus? Is there an online orientation option for me?
We encourage all new students to come to campus for the in-person orientation. For students who live at a distance and plan to study exclusively online, the college has developed an online orientation module in Blackboard, the online course management system. Exclusively online students looking to complete the online orientation module should call the Orientation phone line at (518) 629-7705 or email

What do I need to bring to Orientation?

  • PHOTO ID: Students need to bring a photo ID with them to participate in Orientation. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, high school ID or a government-issued photo ID.
  • USERNAME and PASSWORD: Students should bring their Hudson Valley username and password that was mailed in two separate letters following their applications for Admission.
  • ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS: Students should bring any high school or college transcripts with them to assist academic advisors with selecting first-semester courses.
  • A SMILE!: Students learn a lot of important information, but also meet future friends, advisors and professors who play a significant role in their lives.

What happens after Orientation?
All students need to complete the remaining enrollment steps. They can track their progress on WIReD by viewing the Steps to Enroll Checklist which is discussed during New Student Orientation.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?
For more information about the New Student Orientation, call the Orientation phone line at (518) 629-7705 or email

For assistance with WIReD or general enrollment information, please contact the Registrar's Office at (518) 629-7700.