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Navy Veteran Finds Career Pathway at Hudson Valley Community College

Student: Jessica Stout
Academic Program: Environmental Science (Class of 2015)
Extracurricular Activities: Chemistry Club, Armed Forces Club, Phi Theta Kappa honor society
Previously: Nuclear machinist mate, United States Navy, USS Theodore Roosevelt

Jessica Stout
Jessica Stout

As second class petty officer aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Jessica Stout learned a lot about discipline, leadership, perseverance and hard work, but after her discharge from the Navy, she struggled to find a career path as well as the lingering effects of PTSD from her deployment.

Jessica held two positions in five years before making the decision to return to school and pursue a degree in Environmental Science at Hudson Valley. She graduated this year and will continue her education at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, studying microbiology in the public health / infectious disease track.

While at Hudson Valley, Jessica found a community of student veterans and quickly became involved with the Armed Forces Club, serving this year as its president. She also blossomed as a student. Just mention the study of microbiology and watch her eyes light up with interest.

Appropriate for a Navy veteran, Stout took home a boatload of awards her senior year. She was recognized by Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and was one of three students honored with the Stephen L. Hyatt Award, given to the outstanding graduate or graduates from the programs in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Department. At the departmental award ceremony, she also received honors for ecology, environmental science and earth science.

Jessica is just one example of a student who found a clear pathway to a career at Hudson Valley Community College.