Faculty Student Association (FSA)

Services to Campus Community

The Faculty Student Association is a funding source for many projects throughout the campus, including:

Academic Regalia

  • Purchased Academic Regalia for all Faculty and Staff
    In 2005, the FSA Board of Directors approved $86,000 for the purchase of new academic regalia for the faculty and staff of Hudson Valley Community College. Annually, the FSA buys regalia for newly-appointed instructors and administrators.


  • Arrangements for Commencement and Honors Ceremonies
    Most arrangements for the commencement and honors ceremonies are made through the FSA Business Office. Funding is derived from a portion of the records and activities fee. The FSA obtains the following on behalf of the graduating class:
    • Caps, gowns and other graduate regalia
    • Stage, chair and carpet rentals
    • Printing (invitations, programs and diplomas)
    • Music
    • Flowers
    • Catering
    • Photography
  • Contract for DVD Duplication of Commencement and Honors Ceremonies for Purchase
    The FSA provides copies of the Commencement and Honors and Awards Ceremonies for sale to students and parents at a cost of $15, tax included. These ceremonies are filmed, recorded and produced by Viking Video Technologies at Hudson Valley Community College.

PRIME Beat Food ServiceCampus Center

  • Subsidized Renovations of Campus Center
    The FSA contributed more than $1 million to the renovation of the Siek Campus Center.
  • Purchased Dining Furniture for Campus Center
    The tables and chairs on the first and second floors were purchased by the FSA. This furniture creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for the campus community.
  • Installed Muzak System in Campus Center
    Another feature that draws people to the Campus Center is the Muzak system. Muzak is a satellite music system that is provided in the Starbucks® area of the first floor and the dining and cafeteria areas on the second floor.
  • Installed Security Cameras in Campus Center and Child Care Center
    The FSA purchased a $95,000 security system for the Campus Center and Child Care Center. There are cameras placed throughout these areas that are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the Public Safety Department.

Student Pavilion

  • Subsidized purchase of student pavilion
    The class gift of 2000 was funding to erect the student pavilion in front of Hudson Hall. The FSA contributed $200,000 to subsidize this class gift.

Ongoing Campus Improvements

The FSA has provided matching funds for large-scale campus construction projects. These improvements are ongoing, and increase campus accessibility for all students, faculty and staff:

  • Parking Garage
    Completed in 2010, this structure is located off of South Drive and accommodates 794 new parking spaces.
  • Quad
    Upgrades to the Quad include the reconfiguration of walk ways, the addition of green space and the replacement of the flag pole. Work was completed in the fall of 2011.
  • South Drive
    In 2013, following the completion of the new Science Center, work will commence to repair and enhance South Drive.