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Amsterdam Distributor - Hill & Markes awards Hudson Valley Community College the Environmental Stewardship Award

Date: October 3, 2008
Contact: Andrea Packer
Phone: 518-842-2410
Fax: 518-842-2448

Amsterdam, NY - Hill & Markes Inc., Amsterdam-based wholesale distributors, is proud to announce that Hudson Valley Community College has received an environmental stewardship award from Hill & Markes.

The award recognizes the responsible decisions that Hudson Valley Community College has made regarding the products they select (Green Seal Certified, EPA Registered, Green, Environmentally Friendly, etc) and the methods they employ to clean that contribute to a sustainable future.

Some of the steps that Hudson Valley Community College has taken to use environmentally friendly products are:

  • Uses a Tennant, T3 auto-scrubber with foam activated scrubbing technology. F.A.S.T. uses only the amount of detergent needed. Reducing waste, eliminating chemical residue, and uses up to 70% less water and chemicals.
  • Utilizes several upright and canister vacuums with air filters designed to insure better air quality.
  • The use of Green Seal Certified Cleaning Chemicals: Alpha HP, Glance Glass NA Cleaner, Stride floor cleaner, Freedom floor stripper and Crew Tub/Tile Cleaner in its efforts to keep with green cleaning standards.
  • EPA registered towel and tissue products that contain the recommended recycled amount of products.
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer for promotion of healthy hand hygiene.
  • The implementation of high performance cleaning techniques.

Hill & Markes provides solutions to its customers who are looking to bring “innovative” sustainable and environmentally friendly products, into a company, business, school district, restaurant, hospital, state building, etc. Hill & Markes seeks to offer these solutions needed by customers, especially when customers are leaders in the care and protection of our environment.

Hill & Markes is delighted to serve the needs of not only Hudson Valley Community College but the needs of all our customers who share in the concerns regarding environmentally responsible care for their facilities.

We are proud to be a company…PROVIDING SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS!