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Hudson Valley Community College Disability Resource Center Fact Sheet

CONTACT: Jason McCord (518) 629-8071 or (518) 629-7180
FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Monday, October 23, 2006

The Disability Resource Center at Hudson Valley Community College assists students with disabilities to pursue their educational objectives by coordinating student needs with the services and resources available to them within the college system.

The center, located in the Raymond H. Siek Campus Center, offers some of the most state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive services of any college in the region. Here’s some additional background:

  • A total of 501 students with disabilities were enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College in Fall 2005, representing 4.1 percent of the student body. Staff members proctor approximately 1,200 tests a year for students with disabilities.

  • The Disability Resource Center moved into its new suite at the beginning of the Fall 2006 semester. The suite (2,762 total square feet) is more than twice the size of the old center, and is specifically designed to accommodate students with disabilities, such as wide hallways that allow two wheelchairs to pass each other.

  • Work stations include equipment and computer software such as:

    • Kurzweil 3000 – Improves reading comprehension for students with learning disabilities by scanning a page and speaking the text as words are highlighted on the computer screen.

    • Dragon Naturally Speaking – Transcribes a student’s spoken words so he or she can control computer applications with voice commands.

    • JAWS – Information on a computer screen is read aloud so students who are visually impaired or blind can use computer applications.

    • Zoomtext – Helps students who are visually impaired by magnifying the computer screen.

  • One assistive technology work station can cost $15,000. One motorized scooter (the center has eight) costs about $3,000.

  • Hudson Valley Community College also offers computers stations with assistive technology throughout the campus.

  • The 10 staff members at the Disability Resource Center offer students personal and academic counseling, registration assistance and act as liaisons with government agencies and campus offices.

  • Former college President Joseph J. Bulmer initiated the Disability Resource Center and was a key early supporter of improving access and services to students with disabilities.

  • Hudson Valley Community College is approximately 90 percent accessible to the mobility impaired with the remaining 10 percent accommodated through special scheduling.