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Dean\'s List Announced for Fall 2002

The college\'s Dean\'s List includes those full-time matriculated students who have a semester average of 3.00 to less than 3.50 and who received no \"D\", \"F\", \"I\", \"Z\", or \"W\" on their record for that semester. The grade of \"W\" will not remove a student from the Dean\'s List if the student has met all other requirements and completed at least 12 credits successfully.

The college\'s Dean\'s List also includes those part-time matriculated students, registered for at least six degree credits, who have a semester average of 3.0 and to less than 3.50 and who received no \"D\", \"F\", \"I\", \"Z\", or \"W\" on their record for that semester. The student\'s registered courseload cannot have included any repeated (coursework previously attempted) or remedial courses.

Jeffrey Abraham, Criminal Justice
Benjamin Anastasio, Computer Information Systems
Lisa Marie Apple, Individual Studies
Agata Babiuch, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Brandon Bailey, Criminal Justice
Edna Bell, Human Services
Vicki Bell, Human Services
Sylvester Bell, Human Services
Justin Belleville, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Bernard, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kim Blanchard, Accounting
Brian Brady, Individual Studies
Michael Brown, Business Administration
Sara Brown, Nursing
La Wanda Buchanon, Criminal Justice
Amalia Cancela, Early Childhood
Joshua Canelli, Individual Studies
Samuel Chang, Business Administration
Torrie Chapple, Civil and Public Service
Anthony Charles, Business Administration
James Christian, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Gladys Clas, Individual Studies
Kerisha Cowan, Individual Studies
Tia Crawford, Individual Studies
Jasmin Crljenkovic, Individual Studies
Michael Crouse, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Christopher Culihan, Business Administration
Paul Culpepper, Computer Information Systems
Kerin Culver, Nursing
Linda D\' Angelo, Nursing
Jon-Paul D\' Aversa, Individual Studies
Elizabeth D\' Ovidio, Nursing
Heather Dare, Individual Studies
Antonios Dimoulas, Individual Studies
Stacey Du Bois, Business Administration
Andrew Dushensky, Business Administration
Amira Eltahir, Computer Information Systems
Beatriz Espinoza, Individual Studies
Rong Fan, Nursing
John Felts, Criminal Justice
Emanuel Flowers, Electrical Engineering Tech
Austin Flowers, Business - Marketing
Nicole Francis, Individual Studies
Taleesha Galloway, Human Services
Jessica Gardner, Early Childhood
Jessamyn Garner, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Michael Gilchrist, Criminal Justice
Ryan Grainer, Individual Studies
Candice Green, Individual Studies
Rohit Gupta, Individual Studies
Adis Hadzic, Individual Studies
Richard Haldeman, Physician Assistant
Mary Catherine Hart, Computer Information Systems
Kinya Harte, Fine Arts
Layla Hendricks, Broadcast Communications
Allyson Irving, Individual Studies
Jason Kelley, Business Administration
Elizabeth Kelly, Nursing
Kelly King, Business Administration
Tiffany Kircher, Business - Marketing
Beverley Krauss, Physician Assistant
Adam Kwarta, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Donna Lasher, Computer Information Systems
Jason Lecuyer, Individual Studies
Justin Lehocky, Criminal Justice
Stephanie Link, Criminal Justice
Sean List, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Steven Luciano, Criminal Justice
Kathleen Maloney, Human Services
Sabrina Mantova, Business Administration
Amy Martinez, Criminal Justice
Emmanuel Massawe, Business Administration
Jadine McElroy-Moore, Business - Accounting
Sean McLaughlin, Individual Studies
Sharon McRae, Computer Information Systems
Nina Mikhaylova, Dental Hygiene
Andrew Miller, Broadcast Communications
Rebecca Mills, Radiologic Technology
Elisha Mittleman, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kerriann Moffatt, Business Administration
John Molesky, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jaime Musselwhite, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Danielle Nadeau, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Nicole Nichols, Nursing
David Nicklaus, Automotive Technical Services
Christopher Norton, Construction
Patrick O\'Brien, Individual Studies
Latressa Oliver, Business - Accounting
Crystal Oropallo, Individual Studies
Kimberly Ovitt, Criminal Justice
Maurice Padula, Nursing
Kristin Palmer, Business Administration
Michael Palmo, Nursing
Sunanda Panicker, Business Administration
Heather Passaretti, Individual Studies
Stephan Paszkowski, Telecommunications Technology
Angelica Pena, Business - Accounting
Mary Pettinato, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Bailee Pettograsso, Individual Studies
Priya Philip, Physician Assistant
Rejani Pillai, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Stephanie Pitts, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Stephen Plaske, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Rico Poblete, Echocardiography
Jeremy Pollard, Individual Studies
Lindsey Preston, Nursing
David Principio, Industrial Technology
Robin Quattlebaum, Individual Studies
Cailin Radigan, Fine Arts
Michael Rahm, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Tina Rexford, Business Administration
Josue Rivera, Electrical Engineering Tech
Jennifer Roach, Radiologic Technology
Cory Robinson, Electrical Engineering Tech
Diana Rodriguez, Administrative Information Technician
Judi Rogers, Respiratory Care
Paul Ruhl, Computer Information Systems
Baikui Sa, Business Administration
Reginald Sarpong, Business Administration
Timothy Sayles, Business Administration
William Schmidt, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kathryn Schulte, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Koryse Sealey, Individual Studies
Jiali Shen, Business Administration
Thea Sherlock, Nursing
Steven Silver, Physical Education Studies
Lynn Slocum, Individual Studies
Andrew South, Individual Studies
Adam Sperry, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Jeanette Stacchini, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Rasheen Stenson, Individual Studies
Isaac Sunkes, Computer Information Systems
Samia Tanksley, Criminal Justice
Robert Tario, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jesse Temple, Criminal Justice
Brian Thorpe, Business Administration
Damian Torres, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Minh Trinh, Electrical Engineering Tech
Vanessa Turner, Individual Studies
Jeremy Valason, Criminal Justice
Kelly Wagner, Nursing
Lindsay Walsh, Dental Hygiene
Tara Welch, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
David Whittle, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Robert Willey, Individual Studies
Anyata Williams, Business Administration
Shelette Wilson, Individual Studies
Alan Witonsky, Computer Information Systems
Joyce Yip, Individual Studies
Lisa Zagata, Individual Studies

Sandra Cianfarani, Individual Studies
Noel Coughtry, Computer Information Systems
Andrew Countryman, Business Administration
Daniel Haines, Business Administration
Jennifer Hans, Administrative Info Technician
Amy Laviska, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
William McGowan, Business Administration
Jennifer Pezzolla, Individual Studies
Nicole Rossner, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Raymond Barnett, Criminal Justice
Mary McNeil, Individual Studies
Abel Rivera, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service
Rory Scranton, Fine Arts

Jeffrey Hutchison, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science

Jessica Tisci, Physician Assistant

Christopher Watters, Business Administration

Averill Park
Stilson Applin, Engineering Science
Michael Cole, Business Administration
John Hennessy, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kristin Malloy, Individual Studies
Michael McGreevy, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jeanine Mills, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Lisa Murdock, Nursing
Kelly Wehnau, Samaritan Hospital Nursing

Ballston Lake
Amanda Badding, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Christopher Evans, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Stacy Heffernan,, Individual Studies
Elizabeth Hoenzsch, Business Administration
Jason Hubbard, Individual Studies
Kevin Huiest, Broadcast Communications
Valerie Marzano, Invasive Cardiovascular Tech
Theresa Najafipour, Business Administration
Vera Nawrot, Dental Hygiene
Charles Pagan, Civil Engineering Technology
Mark Soroka, Individual Studies
John Staines, Civil Engineering Technology
Amy Staines, Early Childhood

Ballston Spa
Pauline Andrew, Individual Studies
Brian Benner, Individual Studies
Christopher Dogias, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair
Robynn Englehart, Human Services
Nicholas Flannery, Individual Studies
Erik LaChance, Business Administration
Andrew McIntyre, Broadcast Communications
James Meehan, Telecommunications Technology
Andrew Palmateer, Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Robert Robichaud, Construction Tech-Bldg Const
Heather Smith, Early Childhood
Amanda Verdon, Individual Studies

Kevin Dunican, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair
Jason Marcoux, Manufacturing Technical System
Russell Peterson, Construction Tech-Bldg Const

Margaret Gutermuth, Criminal Justice

Adam Frantzen, Individual Studies

Jason Martin, Individual Studies

Brandon Good, Engineering Science

Christin Boeckman, Dental Hygiene

Jorge Almarante, Individual Studies

Walter Roland, Physician Assistant

Joseph Scordato, Physical Education Studies

Odette LaClair, Dental Hygiene

G Blake Missimer, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Burnt Hills
Joseph Caracciolo, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Jason Chriss, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Alissa DeBie, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jason Fitch, Criminal Justice

Jared Carrozza, Criminal Justice
Tammy Marpe, Administrative Info Technician
Edward Mulligan, Auto Tech Service - Chrysler
Ruth Sutton, Nursing

Jason Darfler, Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Jed Harrison, Criminal Justice

Russell Bernard, Individual Studies

Matthew Decker, Business Administration
Brian Driscoll, Business Administration
Michael Gagliardi, Telecommunications Technology
Diana Gonzalez, Individual Studies
Joan Hallenbeck, Industrial Technology
Jason Horan, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Tracy Howe, Business - Marketing
Kurt Maier, Computer Information Systems
Matthew McNamara, Computer Information Systems
Rachel Moseley, Mortuary Science
Barbara Plitnick, Nursing
Jason Scanlon, Physical Education Studies
Kelley Schultz, Human Services
Mary Pat Sharer, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Daniel Skiff, Business Administration
Jeffrey DiLorenzo, Telecommunications Technology-Verizon
Seth Peteani, Business Administration
Lisa Seney, Early Childhood
Corey Shoemaker, Business Administration

Jansen Casscles, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Katrina Hendricks, Radiologic Technology

Central Bridge
Aaron Sisson, Civil Engineering Technology

Jonathan Kemp, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Brian Muscanell, Civil Engineering Technology

Andrew Behrens, Criminal Justice
Rebecca Bishop, Individual Studies
Joseph Simons, Automotive Technical Services
Ryan Williams, Criminal Justice

Cherry Valley
Melissa Gridley, Respiratory Care

Clifton Park
Gia Bellanti, Human Services
Melissa Bruno, Individual Studies
Jennifer Cahrenger, Individual Studies
Jennifer Chirico, Criminal Justice
David Clarke, Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Nicole Cleary, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Brianna Costanza, Early Childhood
Charmaine Darmetko, Nursing
Kerri De La Croix, Respiratory Care
Matthew Desnoyers, Civil Engineering Technology
Sandra Geremia, Respiratory Care
William Gordon, Business - Marketing
Kristen Hastings, Human Services
Matthew Heekin, Business - Marketing
Jason Horn, Individual Studies
Ashley Jordan, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Deborah Kearsing, Early Childhood
David McClements, Individual Studies
Patricia McLellan, Computer Information Systems
Brian Montgomery, Business Administration
Holly Moore, Physical Education Studies
Jessica Mullan, Individual Studies
Christopher Nawrot, Computer Information Systems
Michelle Paige, Business Administration
Jason Parks, Business Administration
Christina Peregrim, Business Administration
James Quick, Business Administration
Kimberly Reaulo, Individual Studies
Kristine Routt, Business Administration
Justin Rutherford, Criminal Justice
Lynn Savoie, Nursing
David Shepherd, Individual Studies
Amy Speanburg, Nursing
Matthew Torino, Automotive Technical Services
John Traver, Respiratory Care
Andrew Trojan, Physical Education Studies
Kimberly Wuerstlin, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Michael Yund, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Clinton Corners
Tom McKibbin-Vaughan, Physician Assistant

Linda Garner, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Gregory Tuck, Respiratory Care

Coeymans Hollow
Deborah Seufert, Civil Engineering Technology

Miquelina Batista, Individual Studies
Gregory Bentley, Physical Education Studies
Jacqueline Bouchard, Respiratory Care
Larry Carter, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Nicholas Casale, Engineering Science
Yelena Cheban, Dental Hygiene
David Cheban, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Craig Ciejka, Individual Studies
Megan Clark, Individual Studies
Amy Darmetko, Physician Assistant
Elizabeth Depp, Human Services
Christina Desmond, Early Childhood
Shanna Dutcher, Individual Studies
Mark Farah, Individual Studies
Laura Gaudette, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Heather Gilmore, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Yuping Guo, Computer Information Systems
Katje Hansen, Early Childhood
Samantha Horn, Individual Studies
Melissa Johnston, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Robert Jordan, Physical Education Studies
Christina Kehl, Human Services
Eugeniusz Leoniak, Business Administration
Kirstin Lipka, Computer Information Systems
Shelly MacGregor, Human Services
Paul Marra, Telecommunications Technology
Thomas Mazzariello, Individual Studies
Nicole Mazzariello, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Sergiy Mukha, Business Administration
Justin Muscatello, Business - Marketing
Ian Parron, Nursing
Nicole Richards, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Julie Rock, Individual Studies
Gregory Rowe, Individual Studies
Yevgeniy Sandul, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Iryna Scheffel, Computer Information Systems
Stephanie Willsey, Criminal Justice
Jack Zheng, Computer Information Systems

Joseph Giannetto, Individual Studies
Jamie Richardson, Nursing

Shannon Porreca, Human Services

Christopher Cave, Manufacturing Technical System

Rebecca Van Norstrand, Individual Studies

Kathleen Armstrong, Radiologic Technology
Jason Donnelly, Construction Tech-Bldg Const
Stacey Zoller, Business - Marketing

Mark Castiglione, Criminal Justice
Ellen Christiansen, Business Administration
Michael Clemente, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Andrea Crandall, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Rene Crandall, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Elizabeth Gagnon, Nursing
William Hansbury, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
David Horton, Radiologic Technology
Phillip Surprise, Criminal Justice

Darien Center
Paul Maier, Environmental Studies

Matthew Terry, Business Administration
Joshua Wos, Fine Arts

Justin Hurley, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Gregory Stewart, Mechanical Engineering Tech

David Alexander, Business Administration
Kurtis Bubeck, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Maria Catalano, Criminal Justice
Mark Economides, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Matthew Goldberg, Individual Studies
Katherine Gould, Business Administration
Matthew Hill, Environmental Studies
Alexander House, Computer Information Systems
Timothy Kindlon, Individual Studies
Oleg Levchenko, Business Administration
Angelo Malone, Business Administration
Ruvi Mirafuentez, Criminal Justice
Bret Muraski, Individual Studies
Mary Newton, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Thalis Orietas, Physical Education Studies
Steven Riedel, Criminal Justice
Lisa Russo, Individual Studies
Christopher Strom, Fine Arts

Nicholas Deangelo, Business Administration

Eagle Bridge
Jeremy Alexander, Construction Tech-Building Construction

Frank Niosi, Mechanical Engineering Tech

East Berne
Jamie Conklin, Echocardiography
John Creed, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service
David Lipper, Business Administration
John Raiti, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Tarah Walsh, Auto Tech Service-General Motors

East Greenbush
Rachel Barde, Fine Arts
Suzanna Cable, Dental Hygiene
Karla Doyle, Criminal Justice
Dana Geary, Business - Marketing
Gregory Jette, Physical Education Studies
Paige Kearbey, Individual Studies
David Kettlewood, Broadcast Communications
Joseph Maddalla, Engineering Science
Michelle Morris, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Eric Morris, Computer Information Systems
Kristin Opanowski, Early Childhood
Erica Schmidt, Early Childhood
Jordan Shepardson, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Danielle Wingate, Individual Studies

East Nassau
Payce English, Individual Studies
Barbara Hankle, Accounting
Jessica Hankle, Business Administration
Helena McLaughlin, Business - Accounting

Thomas LaFountain, Electrical Engineering Tech
William Schipano, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Fair Haven
Julie Paul, Dental Hygiene

Feura Bush
Clayton Cahill, Business - Marketing
Jennifer DeForge, Individual Studies
Jennifer Sarsfield, Criminal Justice

Daniel Cosentino, Criminal Justice

Fort Ann
Joshua Bearor, Automotive Technical Services

Jessica Herpel, Nursing

Benjamin Potter, Civil Engineering Technology

Kelly Lajeunesse, Telecommunications Technology-Verizon
Shannon Phillips, Business Administration

Jesse Corradino, Business Administration

Olga Jones, Dental Hygiene
Crystal Schlegel, Individual Studies

Robert Boughton, Physical Education Studies
Matthew Frank, Individual Studies
Lisa Graves, Nursing
Nicole Kondrat, Individual Studies
Kellie Kovarik, Individual Studies
Ella Mallory, Early Childhood
Brian Northrup, Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Michael Roche, Broadcast Communications
Max Smelyansky, Criminal Justice
Glenville Jessica Camden, Criminal Justice
Brian Freihofer, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

Christine Pletka, Echocardiography

Richard Mills, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Christopher Allain, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Nicholas Snyder, Civil Engineering Technology

Green Island
Gregory Belokopitsky, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Christopher Cornwell, Business Administration
Darlene DeMarco, Criminal Justice

Greenfield Center
Thomas Jaeger, Computer Information Systems
Daniel Jaeger, Individual Studies

Matthew Pfeiffer, Automotive Technical Services

Robert Pietrocola, Telecommunications Technology
Anne Russo, Construction Tech-Building Construction

Matthew Decker, Business Administration
Michael Knott, Automotive Technical Services
Matthew Konsul, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jill Schleich, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Dean VanAlstyne, Automotive Technical Services

Eric Keller, Physician Assistant

Gustave Segschneider, Industrial Technology

David Olds, Physician Assistant

Jared Steller, Civil Engineering Technology

Hoosick Falls
Daniel Boorse, Biotechnology
Anna Brown, Fine Arts
Matthew Brownell, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Benjamin Koziol, Individual Studies
Heather Martin, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Jeramy Sweet, Telecommunications Technology

Randy Lovell, Manufacturing Technical System
Kurtis McCormick, Individual Studies
Richard Ohl, Engineering Science

Joseph Kennoch, Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Hyde Park
Shari Feather, Dental Hygiene

Johnson City
Sandra Fuller, Echocardiography

Jill Daurio, Individual Studies
Brad Perreault, Individual Studies

Nathan Rock, Physical Education Studies

Melissa Bagley, Human Services
Brian Fredericks, Business - Accounting
Michael Johnson, Criminal Justice

Matthew DeAngelis, Respiratory Care

Lake Katrine
Daniel Steedle, Radiologic Technology

Lake Luzerne
Christopher Combs, Automotive Technical Services

Kimberly Alston, Computer Information Systems
Meghan Beaver, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Zhanna Bondar, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Sharon Broden, Telecommunications Technology-Verizon
Adam Carey, Individual Studies
Benjamin Carterv Engineering Science
Angela Castracane, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Elizabeth Hock, Individual Studies
Asina Jama, Computer Information Systems
Fotini Kalpaxis, Nursing
Tracy Krom, Individual Studies
Patrick McDermott, Physician Assistant
Hina Memon, Business Administration
Brian Morgan, Physical Education Studies
Jessica Nangle, Individual Studies
Salvis Pogulis, Business Administration
Sabrina Rafferty, Individual Studies
Anthony Riccitelli, Criminal Justice
Julie Royston, Individual Studies
Namra Saeed, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Robert Sawyer, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Laura Scoons, Business Administration
Brandon Stanley, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair
Brian Strassburg, Physical Education Studies
Michael Sweeney, Business - Marketing
Matthew Tetrault, Business Administration
Adam Wands, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Mitchell Whitman, Telecommunications Technology
Brandon Whittaker, Physical Education Studies
Erick Yip, Criminal Justice

Little Falls
Jacob Scarano, Civil Engineering Technology
Steven Tomaso, Criminal Justice

Daniel Ahl, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Christopher Bashaw, Computer Information Systems
Ryan Burke, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Andrew Curry, Business Administration
Mark Elliott, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Lee Geddes, Individual Studies
Thomas Healy, Telecommunications Technology-Verizon
Krzysztof Jasiurkowski, Computer Information Systems
David Rainka, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Melissa Stack, Computer Information Systems
Nicholas Sturgis, Individual Studies
Sonia Sukljian, Physician Assistant
Robert Wilkins, Telecommunications Technology-Verizon

Vicky Leicht, Dental Hygiene

Jessica Gilmour, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Joseph Rosenbaum, Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Catherine Cameron, Nursing
Ryan Conerty, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Susan DiVirgilio, Business Administration
Rosemary Freeman, Nursing
James Horner, Individual Studies
Shirley Le Claire, Human Services
Joseph Phelps, Individual Studies
Ian Smith, Business Administration
Edward Stephenson, Telecommunications Management
April Stoddard, Business Administration
Katie Woods, Early Childhood

Jonathan Philby, Physical Education Studies
Shaunna Sondak, Individual Studies

Kara Donohue, Business Administration

Eric Boakye, Individual Studies
Laura Gibbs, Individual Studies
Leah Grosso, Early Childhood
Monee McAdoo, Early Childhood
Alexandra Nuzzi, Individual Studies
Larry Vann, Chemical Dependency Counseling

Roger Hornbeck, Criminal Justice

Middle Grove
Brandon Mitchell, Business Administration

Janelle Worden, Business Administration

Katie Hawks, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Derrick DeGiule, Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Casey Donnelly, Radiologic Technology
Natasha Gerson, Fine Arts
Cara Gorman, Individual Studies
Evan Mensing, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Susan Moffat, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Ayse Onkaya, Environmental Studies
Pamela Parsons, Business Administration
Keri Rickert, Nursing
Audra Rings, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Rebecca Young, Individual Studies

New Baltimore
Brandon Webster, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair

New Lebanon
Beth Breads, Early Childhood
Crystal Czerno, Business Administration
Lance Van Tassel, Biotechnology

New Paltz
Aaron Jett, Electrical Construction & Maintenance

New York
Kareem Skeen, Business Administration

Jonathan Callahan, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Patrick Carroll, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
William Foster, Physical Education Studies
Nicholas Franzese, Criminal Justice
Galina Kotsyuba, Business Administration
Mark LeMorta, Individual Studies
Jillian Mayott, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Georgio Menagias, Business Administration
Andrew Mitchell, Individual Studies
Vincent Pellegrino, Broadcast Communications
Michael Putz, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kacy Wixson, Criminal Justice
Young, Business Administration

Timothy Holton, Individual Studies

North Adams
James Sicilano, Mortuary Science

North Creek
Julia Moro, Dental Hygiene

Old Chatham
Benjamin Rael, Individual Studies

James Halloran, Physical Education Studies

Maria Cardo, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Jessica March, Individual Studies
Angela Murphy, Nursing

Stephen Hall, Criminal Justice

Eric Coulter, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
David Naumowicz, Engineering Science

John Santor, Physician Assistant

Charles Coffie, Labor Studies
David Da Mota, Individual Studies
Erika Goyer, Criminal Justice
Christine Honiker, Human Services
Valentine Reid, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Laura Roberts, Fine Arts
Matthew Schaaphok, Civil Engineering Technology

Pierrepont Manor
Ryan Zehr, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair

Melissa Bilis, Dental Hygiene

Brandon Cipperly, Criminal Justice
April Dennis, Computer Information Systems
Bonita Sullivan, Business - Accounting

Daniel Pizzarelli, Business Administration
Raymond Pusey, Telecommunications Management

Luke Paye, Criminal Justice

Jeffrey Jones, Civil Engineering Technology
Nicholas Mehalick, Individual Studies
Mary White, Chemical Dependency Counseling

Mitchell Baitsholts, Business Administration
April Brady, Early Childhood
Emily Crandall, Individual Studies
Gabriel Ecklund, Physical Education Studies
Kristofer Jeune, Physical Education Studies
Raymond Kottke, Nursing
Jeannine Richards, Physician Assistant
Kristen Taylor, Fine Arts
Xia Zheng, Individual Studies

Evan Anastasio, Criminal Justice
Maxwell Ball, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service
Patricia Brennan, Business Administration
Anthony Corellis, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Cramer, Business Administration
Amy Davis, Individual Studies
Christina De Julio, Early Childhood
Michael Drozdzal, Business Administration
Philip Dufresne, Individual Studies
Jodi Dunn, Human Services
Stephanie Elacqua, Individual Studies
Wendy Furman, Health Information Technician
Scott Geer, Computer Information Systems
Susan Gordon, Bus-Executive Office Assistant
Arthur Hampson, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Megan Hover, Nursing
Nathan Howard, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Shennan Jarboe, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Sara Jiguere, Individual Studies
Lindsey Kellman, Individual Studies
Brien Kielb, Individual Studies
Joel Landas, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Thomas Lashoff, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Benita Leigh, Individual Studies
Daniel Mastin, Civil Engineering Technology
Jill Miller, Human Services
Jessica Miller, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Erina Miller, Individual Studies
Kimberly Mooney, Early Childhood
Michele Moore, Dental Hygiene
Jessica Onyon, Individual Studies
Elizabeth Salsbury Luft, Human Services
Joshua Sidoti, Business - Marketing
John Streck, Computer Information Systems
Jessica Sutton, Individual Studies
Jerome Wimbush, Computer Information Systems
Kimberly Zeeh, Environmental Studies

Victoria Furman, Bus-Executive Office Assistant

Christie Olmsted, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Stephen Jones, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science

Victoria O\'Brien, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Jennifer Ramos, Individual Studies

Rotterdam Junction
Vincent Stone, Criminal Justice

Round Lake
James Marchione, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service

Sand Lake
Dylan O\'Brien, Broadcast Communications

Saranac Lake
Tammy Tschirhart, Dental Hygiene

Brad Bovee, Human Services

Saratoga Springs
Adam Finkin Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Marissa McMullen, Individual Studies
Lindsey Merton, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Daniel Goff, Invasive Cardiovascular Tech
Adam Guri, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Faber Kelly, Physical Education Studies
Lisa Richter, Echocardiography
Morgan Vittengl, Individual Studies
Jennifer Woodrow, Individual Studies

Carlos Morales, Business Administration

Pamela Bayly, Nursing
James Carlo, Automotive Technical Services
Kristopher Daurio, Criminal Justice
Renee Pailley, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Nicole Schermerhorn, Early Childhood
Kailyn Smith, Individual Studies

Adam Andres, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Loren Baker, Dental Hygiene
Joseph Barbera, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Michael Brown, Auto Tech Service - Chrysler
Ade Brown, Business Administration
Danielle Bruso, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kyle Buono, Individual Studies
Aaron Burton, Auto Tech Service - Chrysler
Daniel Bushnell, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jessica Cain, Individual Studies
Jeffrey Capitummino, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Kimberly Chase, Human Services
Ana Alicia D\' Auge, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jessica DeCrosta, Individual Studies
Matthew Dearing, Automotive Technical Services
Alfonso DiMeo, Individual Studies
Farhada Faizy, Early Childhood
Daniel Farstad, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Holly Fortin, Nursing
Heather Gaul, Individual Studies
Jennifer Gruda, Dental Hygiene
Steven Hicks, Physician Assistant
Jeremy Hills, Individual Studies
Toth Hopmeier, Criminal Justice
Caitlin Horan, Individual Studies
Michael Hubel, Broadcast Communications
Michael Hudon, Environmental Studies
Anna Isabella, Dental Hygiene
Michael Judge, Civil and Public Service
Michael Jurczynski, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Joel Kayser, Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Jennifer Kazmierczak, Criminal Justice
Bridget Kelleher, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Daniel Knapp, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service
Brian Lessard, Automotive Technical Services
Darien Lewis, Individual Studies
Lee Lysogorski, Telecommunications Management
Matthew Marciniak, Individual Studies
Judy Miller, Auto Tech Service - Chrysler
John Miller, Physical Education Studies
Anthony Montone, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Andrea Morrison, Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Nicholas Morse, Criminal Justice
Laura Murtagh, Business Administration
Ryan Myers, Criminal Justice
Christina Nicastro, Individual Studies
Richard Olsen, Civil Engineering Technology
Elba Pacheco, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Luigi Palleschi, Engineering Science
Brad Pikcilingis, Engineering Science
Erika Pippert, Business Administration
Michael Polsinelli, Civil Engineering Technology
Jason Poteralski, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service
Jaclyn Powers, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Gerard Sagliocca, Electrical Engineering Tech
Paul Severino, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Steve Shanholtz, Construction Tech-Building Construction
David Sherman, Environmental Studies
Laura Sherman, Respiratory Care
Jennifer Smith, Individual Studies
Christina Testa, Business Administration
M. Denise Tully, Physician Assistant
Garrett Wallard, Criminal Justice
Joshua Williams, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Bernal Zeledon, Telecommunications Technology

Terry Knapp, Mortuary Science

Schodack Landing
Jason Adams, Engineering Science
Frank Sorrento, Criminal Justice
David Van De Wal, Plant Utilities Technology
Christopher Bins, Telecommunications Management

Shalah Dawley, Individual Studies
Stefanie Rivera, Radiologic Technology

Jeffrey Dopp, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Christopher Erwin, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Craig Macherone, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Jacob Mohr, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair
James Nagle, Business Administration
Adam Platka, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Edmund Rohrmeier, Physical Education Studies
Amy Schimpf, Early Childhood
Laura Solimini, Computer Information Systems

Sara Mantei, Early Childhood

Kimberly Adams, Criminal Justice
Erica Imbert, Individual Studies
Joseph Kadish, Automotive Technical Services
Michael Pascone, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Samantha Zazycki, Early Childhood

Bradley Ransom, Radiologic Technology

Andrew Kisela, Mortuary Science

Thomas Belawski, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jeff Brewer, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Lindsey Capraro, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Cynthia Flansburg, Individual Studies
Jeremy Irving, Business Administration
Kathleen Ising, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Vernon Jones, Individual Studies
Robert Pillans, Business - Accounting
Lindsay Sullivan, Business - Marketing

South Glens Falls
Daniel Levo Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Gayle DePan-Cartier, Physician Assistant

Spring Valley
Lauren Neal, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Staten Island
Antoinette Burke, Business - Accounting

Lindsey Deiana, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Lacey Kollhopp, Individual Studies

Holly Huebner, Individual Studies
Erin O\'Brien, Early Childhood
Austin Walker, Individual Studies

Kathleen Maloney, Physician Assistant

Rika Melville, Nursing

Jeffrey Pittman, Mortuary Science

Kevin Cahill, Individual Studies

Ross Acevedo, Criminal Justice
Joseph Albarelli, Respiratory Care
Peter Allen, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Candedia Altman, Physician Assistant
Gabriel Alvarez, Criminal Justice
Diana Baker, Individual Studies
Scott Barnes, Individual Studies
Avery Beer, Physician Assistant
Ayse Bilen, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Lisa Bills, Individual Studies
Jennifer Blaauboer, Criminal Justice
Christina Bolt, Early Childhood
Cory Bopp, Individual Studies
Leo Brisson, Individual Studies
Kari Brown, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Gerard Buchanan, Business Administration
Tara Chapple, Criminal Justice
Marcy Chrysogelos, Computer Information Systems
Thomas Clemente, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Chelsea Conner, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Greg Coriarty, Business Administration
Brian Cudemo, Business Administration
Daniel Cunningham, Business Administration
Dana Davignon, Business - Marketing
Robert Demers, Business Administration
Scott Dickinson, Telecommunications Management
Jamie Dittmer, Business - Accounting
Gemma Divine, Biotechnology
Edward Doughney, Civil Engineering Technology
Amy Dowd, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Willie Edison, Individual Studies
Richard Finegan, Business - Marketing
Christopher Flynn, Criminal Justice
Alycia Foy, Physical Education Studies
Jonathan Gagliardi, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Michael Giarrusso, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Amanda Gibson, Administrative Info Technician
Karla Goldsmith, Nursing
Philip Gordon, Computer Information Systems
Jennifer Hardy, Early Childhood
Tiffany Herrick, Individual Studies
Katie Hershey, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Tanya Hohn, Respiratory Care
Steven Horton, Physical Education Studies
Nellie Hughes, Computer Information Systems
Tricia Hunter, Individual Studies
Judy Huynh, Individual Studies
Debra Janse, Business Administration
Sarah Janzow, Fine Arts
Alain Kayembe, Computer Information Systems
Jason Keyser, Computer Information Systems
Dana Kreiger, Individual Studies
Justin La Barge, Individual Studies
Daniel Lais, Physical Education Studies
Beth LoPiccolo, Physician Assistant
Tomasz Lubas, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Anthony Maiello, Business Administration
Heather Matrese, Early Childhood
Justin Matthews, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service
Anne Marie Mayo, Fine Arts
Gerard P.M. McDowell, Individual Studies
Margaret McLoughlin, Business Administration
Daniel McPartlin, Physician Assistant
Ravi Kumar Meyyan, Computer Information Systems
Nicole Miller, Individual Studies
Amanda Moon, Nursing
Anthony Moro, Individual Studies
Sean Neary, Criminal Justice
Michael Nettleton, Individual Studies
Samantha Newman, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Laura Nolin, Computer Information Systems
Jennifer Novak, Individual Studies
Elizabeth O\'Brien, Physical Education Studies
Casey O\'Keefe, Business Administration
James Oliver, Criminal Justice
Victoria Ortiz, Early Childhood
Harirajesh Palaniappan, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Matthew Pember, Business Administration
Jarrod Peters, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Timothy Petersen, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Keith Peterson, Engineering Science
Leslie Peyser, Radiologic Technology
Sarah Pezdek, Individual Studies
Scott Pignatelli, Individual Studies
Christina Proctor, Nursing
Christina Redner, Business - Accounting
Bradley Reynolds, Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Shannon Ring, Individual Studies
Minina Rose, Business - Marketing
Adam Rourke, Telecommunications Technology
Allison Ryan, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Bashir Saiid, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Peter Salisbury, Auto Tech Service-General Motors
Katherine Schell, Dental Hygiene
Janel Sharer, Individual Studies
Tamara Smith, Business Administration
Jason Smollin, Engineering Science
Bruce Soloyna, Physical Education Studies
Danielle Stopera, Individual Studies
Caitlin Taylor, Nursing
Joshua Thatcher, Individual Studies
Joshua Tremblay, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Courtney Usher, Fine Arts
Ina Valakh, Nursing
Michael Walsh, Electrical Engineering Tech
Chad Walsh, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Tech Service
Cheri Whelan, Physician Assistant
Samantha Zotto, Business Administration

Donald Dunham, Human Services
Jason Ferguson, Lib Arts & Science-Math & Science
Steven Lane, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Christopher Nastke, Business Administration
Elizabeth Wilcox, Individual Studies

Valley Falls
David Baranowski, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
James Madigan, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jennifer Overocker, Individual Studies

Bruce Goff, Individual Studies

Kristin Du Britz, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Darcy Miller, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Zaneta Miskinyte, Business Administration
Robert Nadratowski, Physician Assistant
Patrick Schraa, Individual Studies
Dominic Zanello, Computer Information Systems

Robert Ginda, Criminal Justice

Nicole Benoit, Dental Hygiene
Pamela Chamberlain, Criminal Justice
Paul Charbonneau, Business Administration
Dale Colton, Computer Information Systems
Jeffrey Dziarcak, Electrical Engineering Tech
Lindsay Frament, Individual Studies
Jesse Goot, Individual Studies
Michael Halstead, Computer Information Systems
Diane Hurtt, Telecommunications Management
William Kelts, Business Administration
James Kielty, Business Administration
Steven Lasek, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair
Melissa Messier, Individual Studies
Ryan O\'Connor, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Katie Pelham, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Lynn Perez, Individual Studies
Jacqueline Porcello, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Rebecca Razzano, Criminal Justice
Justin Tironi, Broadcast Communications
Eric Zordan, Education Studies

Aerica Biggers, Criminal Justice
Lioudmila Chrestkha, Business Administration
Melissa Clancy, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Amy Endres, Nursing
Dorothy Faulkner, Civil and Public Service
Anthony Harbour, Criminal Justice
Peter Havnen, Business - Accounting
Melanie Henault, Individual Studies
Elizabeth Lupian, Business Administration
Julia McCurdy, Business Administration
Patrick McGrouty, Business Administration
Ahsan Memon, Business Administration
Meghan Millett, Drafting
Katherine Murphy, Chemical Technician
Martin Ngo, Individual Studies
Jennifer Ogden, Environmental Studies
Thomas Paff, Business Administration
Allen Pailley, Physical Education Studies
Megan Paino, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Mary Lou Palmer, Telecommunications Technology-Verizon
Rachael Parente, Computer Information Systems
Michael Peters, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Robert Purrott, Business Administration
Meghan Rotolo, Physical Education Studies
Letitia Rowe, Human Services
Yvette Sanchez, Nursing
Shane Sebro, Business Administration
Michele Woods, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Muhammad Zamir, Computer Information Systems

West Lebanon
Cassie Gamari, Individual Studies

West Sand Lake
Jennifer Hull, Early Childhood
Sanjay Nash, Individual Studies
Jonathan Winnicki, Individual Studies

Rebecca Beck, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Jarrod Lee, Criminal Justice
Christina Quick, Business – Marketing

White Creek
Michele Tobin, Human Services

Jared Mowatt, Auto Tech Service-Autobody Repair

Rega Mc Iver, Mortuary Science

Marisa Bendetti, Individual Studies
Pamela Briscoe, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Carrie Daus, Radiologic Technology
Dionne Ehrgood, Computer Information Systems
Joseph Farrell, Criminal Justice
Donald Feldmaier, Physical Education Studies
Christopher Harkin, Civil Engineering Technology
Joan Keefe, Physician Assistant
Christian Koonz, Respiratory Care
Terri Lillis, Nursing
Melinda Lindquist, Individual Studies
Rachael MacDonald, Business Administration
Katelyn McKenna, Individual Studies
Soraya Moetamedi, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Conor O\'Brien, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jason Ostwald, Individual Studies
Danielle Pierre, Individual Studies
Justin Priddle, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Michael Reo, Individual Studies
Kristen Schoonmaker, Individual Studies
David Smulsky, Computer Information Systems
Matthew Talbot, Electrical Engineering Tech