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President\'s List Announced for Fall 2002

The college\'s President\'s List includes those full-time matriculated students who have a semester average of between 3.5 and 4.0 and who received no \"D\", \"F\", \"I\", \"Z\", or \"W\" on their record for that semester. The grade of \"W\" will not remove a student from the President\'s List if the student has met all other requirements and completed at least 12 credits successfully.

The college\'s President\'s List also includes those part-time matriculated students, registered for at least six degree credits, who have a semester average of between 3.5 and 4.0 and who received no \"D\", \"F\", \"I\", \"Z\", or \"W\" on their record for that semester. The student\'s registered courseload cannot have included any repeated (coursework previously attempted) or remedial courses.

Heather Koperniak, Dental Hygiene

Malka Antonio, Individual Studies
Afsaneh Anvarian, Business - Accounting
Walter Apple, Business Administration
Charles Armendola, Human Services
Theresa Arthur, Individual Studies
Osamah Awad, Individual Studies
Layne Bailey, Individual Studies
Eric Bartlett, Fine Arts
Alexander Becher, Individual Studies
Jessica Bell, Nursing
Fikret Besic, Civil Engineering Technology
Gregory Bianchini, Individual Studies
Adam Bossard, Business Administration
Daun Brophy, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Michele Bryant, Business Administration
Sean Burke, Computer Information Systems
Tiffini Burlingame, Individual Studies
Nicole Burnetter, Individual Studies
Victoria Chajon, Criminal Justice
Jill Childers, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Casey Childs, Business Administration
Sarah Clark, Business Administration
Ruth Clemenzi, Fine Arts
Daval Coleman, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Clayton Collins, Business - Marketing
Catherine Connell, Human Services
James Connell, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Jennifer Constantino, Physician Assistant
Melissa Davis, Criminal Justice
Nancy De Luise, Computer Information Systems
Leon Deas, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Cassandra-Haleh Delaney, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Mark Desov, Electrical Engineering Tech
Patrick Dewane, Nursing
Jennifer Donnelly, Computer Information Systems
Jessica Donnelly, Fine Arts
Sara Dudley, Physical Education Studies
Melissa Dunn, Individual Studies
Haziine Ey Tinav, Criminal Justice
Cheick Fadika, Business Administration
Naomi Fiddemon, Physical Education Studies
Mark Fields, Individual Studies
Jennifer Fink, Early Childhood
Joseph Forsha, Broadcast Communications
Tara Francis, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sandra Gabel, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Adele Gabriel, Broadcast Communications
Dorothy Gavin, Early Childhood
Polina Geseleva, Bus-Executive Office Assistant
Joanne Golding, Business Administration
Dmitri Golev, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Aracelis Gonzalez, Individual Studies
Richard Gosse, Physician Assistant
Philippe Goyeau, Mortuary Science
Sean Grady, Individual Studies
Yvonne Green, Criminal Justice
Ashish Gupta, Engineering Science
Michael Gwizdala, Individual Studies
Janet Hall, Business - Accounting
Scott Hargraves, Nursing
Tiffany Harris, Business Administration
Kathleen Hart, Business Administration
Brenda Haye, Computer Information Systems
Teresa Hickey, Computer Information Systems
Theresa Howard, Business Administration
Shelley Hughes, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Ronda Ismaeil, Nursing
Howard Jackson, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Melanie Jerrils, Nursing
Johnny Jimenez, Individual Studies
A. Marie Johnson, Computer Information Systems
William Johnson, Criminal Justice
Matthew Johnson, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Bertram Jones, Business - Accounting
Jack Kaplowitz, Information Systems
Mckenzie Karins, Individual Studies
Omar Khan, Business Administration
Sean Kieran, Automotive Technical Service-Autobody Repair
Patricia Kilrain, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Claude Kipeleka, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kathleen Kirchner, Individual Studies
Lea Kitsos, Individual Studies
Jesse Knapp, Business - Accounting
Bracha Krafchow, Individual Studies
Valerie Kuhn, Individual Studies
Adam Lanza, Computer Information Systems
Kimberly Larkin, Human Services
Matthew Le Fevre, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Patricia Lee, Physician Assistant
Ilya Letuchy, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Matthew Lombardo, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Ian MacCallum, Business Administration
Katrina MacFawn, Human Services
Chris Masillo, Physician Assistant
Desiree McAllister, Criminal Justice
John McCaffrey, Telecommunications Management
Sarah McClure, Computer Information Systems
Aaron McDonald, Computer Information Systems
Kailin McDonald, Criminal Justice
Daniel McEneny, Individual Studies
Daniel McKittrick, Business Administration
Louise Mealer, Computer Information Systems
John Michasiow, Engineering Science
Amy Miller, Early Childhood
Jessica Mitchell, Individual Studies
Justin Molesky, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Micheline Moncur, Business Administration
Nicolle Moore, Criminal Justice
Benjamin Morgan, Individual Studies
Ezra Moses, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Thomas Mosher, Individual Studies
Janis Moten, Individual Studies
Justin Murnighan, Business Administration
Timothy Murphy, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Kirsten Murphy, Individual Studies
John Murray, Business Administration
Peter Myer, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Michelle Nellis,, Human Services
Matthew Nicholas, Fine Arts
Bufi Nine, Individual Studies
Juanita Normann, Individual Studies
Jessica Novak, Individual Studies
Lacy O\'Brien, Fine Arts
Elizabeth O\'Neil, Business Administration
Chinwe Obichuku, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jennifer Oddo, Business Administration
Charise Parris, Individual Studies
Christopher Pauley, Respiratory Care
Steven Pellon, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Katherine Pendergast, Civil and Public Service
Carlos Pendley, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Seth Pinczykowski, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Dawhan Poole, Individual Studies
Jonathan Praklis, Administrative Info Technician
Patrick Reedy, Computer Information Systems
Amanda Reul, Criminal Justice
Dale Richardson, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Virginia Robinson, Criminal Justice
Jeffrey Rosenblum, Individual Studies
Eugene Rowinski, Industrial Technology
John Sager, Individual Studies
Matthew Salvo, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Krista Sbuttoni, Individual Studies
Kellie Scheurer, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Catherine Schleicher, Criminal Justice
Christine Selke, Individual Studies
Jason Shaefer, Individual Studies
Anna Shafer, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Vincent Sidoti, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Chris Sifka, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Lindsey Sim, Individual Studies
Jill Skelley, Individual Studies
David Skoney, Business Administration
Mary Ellen Smith, Individual Studies
Lynda Smith, Computer Information Systems
Edgardo Sosa, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Andrea Spawn, Business Administration
Sharri St Pierre, Individual Studies
Brandon Stanfield, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Laura Stetson, Civil and Public Service
William Stoecklin, Physician Assistant
Nicole Stork, Business - Accounting
Kerri Stout, Individual Studies
Rebecca Stradley, Business - Accounting
Paul Sugrue, Individual Studies
Colleen Sullivan, Individual Studies
Brooke Tanner, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Amy Thompson, Business - Accounting
Karla Thompson, Individual Studies
Leon Tune, Business - Accounting
Kristy Turan, Criminal Justice
Janet Vink, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Amy Walker, Individual Studies
Ellise Ward, Business - Accounting
Nadine Wasserman, Respiratory Care
Ashley Weil, Business Administration
Phil Weinman, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jeffrey Welsh, Individual Studies
Danielle White, Physical Education Studies
Myra White, Individual Studies
Cheyenne Winborn, Individual Studies
John Wismont, Business Administration
Weronika Wittbrodt, Individual Studies
Austyn Wolford, Business Administration
Pascal Zeccola, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
David Zostant, Automotive Technical Services

Robert Moore, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

Joseph Richards, Individual Studies
Kathleen Smith, Telecomm Tech-Verizon

Patricia Akers, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Adrian Best, Electrical Engineering Tech
Leslie Coughtry, Criminal Justice
Justin Kaylor, Individual Studies
Kristen McDonald, Individual Studies
Louis Tenaglia, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Deidra Travis, Accounting

Jorah Larocca, Computer Information Systems

Ian Brate, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Cari Hudson, Individual Studies
Amauris Rodriguez, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors
Robert Shaw, Manufacturing Technical System

Averill Park
Michael Ayotte, Industrial Technology
Krista Berner, Early Childhood
Angela Brust, Business - Accounting
Melissa Gardner, Individual Studies
Lauren Gooley, Medical Office Assistant
Chad Hulsopple, Industrial Technology
Jonathan Morse, Individual Studies
Joseph Nigro, Engineering Science
James Pawlson, Computer Information Systems
Melissa Podbielski, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kelly Post, Individual Studies
Joann Roberts, Business Administration
Anthony Ruotolo, Engineering Science
Patricia Smith, Individual Studies
Jessica Thomas, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Matthew Valente, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Maegan Wicks, Business Administration

Amanda McFee, Biotechnology

Ballston Lake
Alice Anderson, Fine Arts
Simeon Cloutier, Computer Information Systems
Christina Collamer, Individual Studies
Robert DeFrancisco, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Theresa Hennessy, Computer Information Systems
Justin Kenosian, Business Administration
Andrew Kroft, Individual Studies
Jeremy Messenger, Computer Information Systems
Christopher Mlynarick, Criminal Justice
David Nash, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Jason Rafun, Electrical Engineering Tech
Brian Saville, Business Administration
Adam Stiles, Business Administration
Ryan Ward, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Lisa Wilkinson, Telecomm Tech-Verizon

Ballston Spa
Nicholas Beebe, Electrical Engineering Tech
Alain Blais, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Andrea Chiera, Criminal Justice
Jeanne Day, Business - Accounting
Tanya DeMaria, Dental Hygiene
Anne Evans, Individual Studies
Darlene Marchetti, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Peter Medick, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Michael Redcross, Business Administration
Rick Roby, Engineering Science
Brett Rue, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ian Senecal, Fine Arts
Julie Simone, Individual Studies
Marci Simonson, Criminal Justice
Rene Sorrell, Business Administration
Kelly Williams, Individual Studies
Barbara Woodruff, Physician Assistant
Paul Zezulinski, Individual Studies

William Hathaway, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

Jonathan Michaels, Construction
Courtney Watrous, Early Childhood

Ryan O\'Herin, Automotive Technical Services

Jeremy Dengler, Electrical Engineering Tech

Clinton Murphy, Individual Studies

Burnt Hills
Kerri Aman, Business - Accounting
Carolyn Nickol, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Dayna Scaringe, Fine Arts

Rachel Lynds, Business Administration
Pamela Mayhew, Computer Information Systems

Daniel Tarquino, Business Administration

Darren Cosgrove, Human Services
Sage Klebes, Individual Studies
Nina Mumby, Early Childhood
Aaron Quantock, Criminal Justice
Nikki Wilwol, Engineering Science

Jennifer Gordon, Early Childhood
Christy Ransford, Dental Assisting

Crystal Bulan, Business Administration
Patricia Morgan, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Catherine Nicholas, Business - Accounting
Matthew Scott, Criminal Justice
Shane Swartz, Business Administration
Jennifer Swartz, Individual Studies
Kara Taylor, Early Childhood
Helena Bowman, Fine Arts
Rosario Brunetto, Individual Studies
Thomas Capparella, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors
William Fink, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Kelly Honsinger, Business Administration
Nicolas Lorette, Computer Information Systems
Clint Morse, Business Administration
Zenia Skalij, Individual Studies

Matthew Lee, Construction Tech-Building Construction

Central Bridge
Abigail Zeh, Medical Office Assistant

Michael Martin, Individual Studies

Christine Bryant, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Robert Kenney, Physical Education Studies
Paul McComb, Physical Education Studies
Jeremy Troskowski, Early Childhood

Michael Appleby, Engineering Science
Kathryn Crookes, Early Childhood
Stephen Domermuth, Criminal Justice

Stephen Keeler, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Clifton Park
Erica Barnes, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Andrea Bowie, Business Administration
Robert Brown, Engineering Science
Christopher Busta, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors
Diana Carson, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Dan Chen, Nursing
Stephanie Chimento, Individual Studies
Christine Clarke, Individual Studies
Nicole Cross, Nursing
Ryan Denison, Business Administration
Leah Devizzio, Early Childhood
Kiernan Dunn, Physical Education Studies
Lisa Fitzgerald, Nursing
Abigail Fleisig, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Janice Garrity, Respiratory Care
Timothy Gedney, Engineering Science
Jessica Guild, Early Childhood
Amber Hansen, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Patricia Harrison, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Christopher Hoag, Industrial Technology
Lisa Horn, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kristi Jouben, Dental Hygiene
Sarah Kennedy, Business Administration
Laura Marie Kent, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Michelle La Crosse, Business Administration
Brian LaCrosse, Individual Studies
Robert Mackey, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Jonathan McDade, Business Administration
Matthew McMahon, Physical Education Studies
Jennifer Merrill, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Willy Munoz-Mora, Telecommunications Technology
Matthew Murphy, Individual Studies
Robert O\'Malley, Criminal Justice
Nicole Pasheek, Individual Studies
Richard Pingelski, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Ellen Ponkos, Computer Information Systems
Howard Prescott, Environmental Studies
Lisa Quail, Early Childhood
Ronald Quinter, Business Administration
Hannah Rawlings, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Nicholas Ringelberg, Computer Information Systems
Robert Salisbury, Physical Education Studies
Benjamin Schenkman, Computer Information Systems
Jennifer Schumacher, Individual Studies
Mary Shepard, Early Childhood
Niraj Shrestha, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Theodore Theologes, Physician Assistant
Angela Wachunas, Business Administration
Stephanie Waterhouse, Physician Assistant
Christopher Wheeler, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Ann Zhen Hong Wong, Computer Information Systems
Gregory Zappen, Information Systems

Beatrice Corbin, Dental Hygiene
Michael Hampel, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

Coeymans Hollow
Jessica Appleby, Individual Studies
Ketti Horton, Business - Marketing

Christopher Biggs, Individual Studies
Bernard Bourdeau, Business Administration
Christa Callahan, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Terra Cebula, Criminal Justice
Oleg Cheban, Individual Studies
Melissa Cucchi, Business Administration
Theresa Dicesare, Fine Arts
Jamie Gervasio, Individual Studies
Melanie Girolami, Dental Hygiene
Valerie Guptill, Early Childhood
Carolyn Keeler, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Joel Kellogg, Individual Studies
Christine Kelsch, Individual Studies
Daniel LaJeunesse, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Chad Lagace, Industrial Technology
Michael Lassone, Computer Information Systems
Edward Lopatniuk, Automotive Technical Service - Chrysler
Erin Martin, Criminal Justice
Rachel Morrison, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sidney Newbold, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Lucy Olive, Early Childhood
Jaime Pettit, Bus-Executive Office Assistant
Donald Roy, Telecommunications Technology
Yaroslav Sagan, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Jennifer Sanchez, Human Services
Michelle Scurry, Administrative Info Technician
Kyle Sharp, Physical Education Studies
Brian Smith, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Bonnie Smith, Business Administration
Matthew Smith, Radiologic Technology
Lisa Smith, Individual Studies
Travis Staves, Criminal Justice
Melissa VanBuskirk, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Wanda Hodges, Business Administration
Joseph Miller, Computer Information Systems
Scott Williams, Physical Education Studies

Amy Scott, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Cesar Iturralde, Individual Studies

Cornwall On Hudson
Mark Raymond, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors

Stuart Osborn, Computer Information Systems
Marcus Pratt, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Regina Tushaj, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Jeffery Weeden, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Todd Linden, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Emily Brown, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kevin Bruno, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Kyle Caffrey, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Robert Di Gregorio, Computer Information Systems
R. Grace Dillon, Business Administration
Edie Eyres, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jessica Gericke, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Pamela Hotaling, Individual Studies
Deena Hsia, Individual Studies
Denise MacDonald, Business Administration
Maryann Murray-Wygel, Business Administration
Violeta Neverdauskiene, Individual Studies
Christine Norvici, Individual Studies
Heather Pangburn, Business - Accounting
Donald Przybylek, Business Administration
Erin Schucker, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Matthew St Jacques, Individual Studies
Darrin Tice, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Kelly Vadney, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jamie Weeks, Civil and Public Service
George Wong, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Jacob Zaccagnino, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service

Kristina Guthinger, Criminal Justice
John Mikus, Construction Tech-Building Construction

Eagle Bridge
Jessica Barnewall, Physical Education Studies

Tami Feit, Individual Studies
Leila Harrison, Fine Arts

East Berne
Amy Anderson, Individual Studies
Connie Filkins, Chemical Dependency Counseling

East Chatham
Michael Albrecht, Business Administration
Susan Lathers, Physician Assistant

East Glenville
Stephen Crecca, Criminal Justice

East Greenbush
Arabella Agcaoili, Computer Information Systems
Renee Alotta, Individual Studies
Michaela Brothers, Administrative Info Technician
Kristin Carlson, Information Systems
Shelly Clarke, Computer Information Systems
Colette De Julio, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Deana Dennis, Human Services
Rochelle Doin, Computer Information Systems
Jennifer Fordley, Early Childhood
Dawn Germano, Human Services
Patricia Goessler Tidd, Business Administration
Kenneth Herter, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Evan Lacivita, Individual Studies
David Lance, Radiologic Technology
Lindsay Morone, Business Administration
Mark Passino, Engineering Science
Christine Piasnik, Criminal Justice
Earther Quinones, Health Information Technician

East Nassau
Shannon Carinci, Individual Studies
Rebecca Frederick, Business Administration
Anthony Purificato, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Kristin Stauch, Criminal Justice

East Schodack
Pamela Chester, Individual Studies
Kathleen Desposito, Individual Studies
Kevin McKay, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Thomas Szalkowski, Engineering Science

East Worcester
John Gartung, Physician Assistant

Joseph Pouliot, Business Administration

Elka Park
Gareth Bazeley, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Esther Beels, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Stella Hindley, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Heather Sacco, Business Administration

Feura Bush
Michael Music, Physical Education Studies
Philip Willwerth, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service

Rosemarie Araujo, Nursing

Fort Ann
Aaron Quist, Automotive Technical Service - Chrysler

Fort Edward
Barbara Cearley, Dental Hygiene

Fort Johnson
Jessica Zugzda, Mortuary Science

Matthew Mauriello, Criminal Justice

Desiree Devine, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Brandon Edwards, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Jeremy Nash, Construction Tech-Building Construction

Brandy Donbeck, Individual Studies
Wesley Moore, Individual Studies
Garrett Murphy, Automotive Technical Services

Karen Brandow, Business - Accounting

Leonard Carusone, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Lisa Collen, Business Administration
Christopher Deitz, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
William Eighmie, Individual Studies
Michael Follette, Individual Studies
Kristyn Hammond, Individual Studies
John Kondrat, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Megan Leary, Fine Arts
Douglas Rubin, Criminal Justice
Nancy Smith, Human Services

Glens Falls
Jane Donivan, Telecommunications Tech NYNEX
Sharon Veneziale, Chemical Dependency Counseling

Jason Austin, Mechanical Engineering Tech

Sandra Yost, Dental Hygiene

Green Island
Christine Beattie, Early Childhood

Greenfield Center
Dale Banning, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Justin Burwell, Automotive Technical Service - Chrysler
Michael Parker, Engineering Science

April Bashwinger, Individual Studies
Debra Bender, Individual Studies
Richard Blake, Individual Studies
Steven Howd, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Amy LaTart, Business - Accounting
Maria Palmer, Physician Assistant
Ted Tucker, Computer Information Systems

Jonathan Ashdown, Engineering Science
Matthew Hebert, Invasive Cardiovascular Tech
Heidi Rieger, Individual Studies

My Duong, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Ryan Hearley, Criminal Justice
Ummad Naz, Engineering Science

Guilderland Center
Igor Dzhalovskiy, Engineering Science
Galina Vugmeyster Computer Information Systems

Charles Lewis, Business Administration

Roger Grondin, Mortuary Science

Erin Sullivan, Dental Hygiene

Travis Relyea, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Hoosick Falls
Sally Dawley, Business - Accounting
Robin Forster, Business - Accounting
Raymond Irick, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Albert Kolar, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Christopher Magazu, Electrical Engineering Tech
Anthony Nuccio, Computer Information Systems
Renee Sprague, Business - Marketing
Crystal Wolfrum, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Heidi Wooddell, Early Childhood

Hopewell Junction
Peter Doten, Individual Studies
Lynn Krupczyn, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Joseph Lotsko, Mortuary Science

Michael Nelson, Physician Assistant
Susan Furey, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Susan Hamel, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Christopher Leggett, Computer Information Systems

Hudson Falls
Christopher McCarthy, Telecomm Tech-Verizon

Muhammed Eksik, Individual Studies

Dillon Cail, Physical Education Studies
Danielle Centurioni, Individual Studies
Makenzie Frisino, Business Administration
Justin Frisino, Individual Studies
Susan Gibbons, Individual Studies
Bryan Herrington, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Andrew La Barge, Individual Studies
Bonnie Moore, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Heather Popp, Broadcast Communications
Tara Reedy, Bus-Executive Office Assistant
Chelsea Tesman, Business Administration

Andrew Mickel, Industrial Technology
Robert O\'Shea, Telecomm Tech-Verizon

Brian Hobby, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors

Kill Devil Hills
Linda Brower, Physician Assistant

Mackenzie Calhoun, Criminal Justice
Eric Joyce, Physical Education Studies
Erin Murphy, Individual Studies
Sabine Murphy, Individual Studies
James Obarowski, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Megan Sullivan, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Bonnie Vandenburgh, Business - Marketing
Amy Watson, Business - Accounting

Adrianne Saddlemire, Early Childhood

Lake Luzerne
Cory Fitzpatrick, Industrial Technology

Adelya Akhatova, Engineering Science
Chris Audi, Computer Information Systems
April Bergener, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Ernest Brown, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Michael Casey, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Tania Dhamija, Business Administration
Diljeet Dhamija, Individual Studies
Tabitha Dunn, Individual Studies
Timothy Geiger, Physician Assistant
Michael Gorman, Physician Assistant
Dionne Harvey, Business Administration
Amy Haydock, Medical Office Assistant
Brandi Hillman, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Jeffrey Hodgson, Engineering Science
Ryan Howe, Criminal Justice
Christopher Ingallinera, Business Administration
Jeffrey Kampf, Business Administration
Madeline Kennedy, Individual Studies
Mohamed Khan, Industrial Technology
Karin Kick-Thalmann, Business Administration
Matthew Kutryb, Engineering Science
Dayna LaRosa, Individual Studies
Jennifer Lawlor, Individual Studies
Matthew Letteer, Civil Engineering Technology
David Mahserjian, Business Administration
Matthew McGuire, Individual Studies
Cailyn McMahon, Business Administration
Stephan Muztafago, Nursing
Sunil Nichani, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors
Kristina O\' Brien, Individual Studies
Daniel Pollock, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Robert Rainville, Respiratory Care
Shirley Reittinger, Individual Studies
Steven Rosato, Individual Studies
Marie Rosenberg, Business Administration
Christopher Santos, Business Administration
Eric Scaringe, Business Administration
Meisha Smalling, Individual Studies
Vincent Soldani, Fine Arts
Danielle Spickerman, Individual Studies
Shannon Thompson, Physician Assistant
Shawn Turner, Computer Information Systems
Robert Zassowski, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service

Little Falls
Thomas Gardinier, Mechanical Engineering Tech

Stephanie Campbell, Individual Studies
Franklin Criscione, Criminal Justice
Michael Kinley, Business Administration
James Motta, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Jonathan Schwartz, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Peter St Louis, Engineering Science
Hal Stritt, Individual Studies

Lisa Wettje, Dental Hygiene

Tammy Crawford, Business Administration
Kevin Cross, Engineering Science

Andrea Catroppa, Individual Studies

Tara Pross, Dental Hygiene

Samantha Barker, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
John Caligaris, Fine Arts
John Decker, Business Administration
Daniel Farnan, Civil Engineering Technology
Katherine Greco, Computer Information Systems
Erin Martinelli, Early Childhood
Caitlyn Murphy, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
William Nichols, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Danielle Niland, Broadcast Communications
Kenna Piacente, Business Administration
Karen Russo, Individual Studies

Mary Donohue, Human Services
Nicholas Geleta, Telecommunications Technology
Patricia Jones, Computer Information Systems
Susan Jones, Individual Studies
Regina Morgan, Early Childhood
William Popp, Individual Studies
Jessica Sivos, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Claudia Graham, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Barbara Kinnicutt, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Amtul Nayeem, Computer Information Systems
Sharmila Pattan, Computer Information Systems
Ralph Southworth, Criminal Justice

Julia Zellmer, Individual Studies

Benjamin Volper, Individual Studies

Adam Lang, Computer Information Systems
MoabThomas Corcoran, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

Montour Falls
Russell Brown, Criminal Justice

Michael Brown, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Kelli Burrows, Physician Assistant
Lori Clark, Business Administration
Victoria Clow, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Diane Flubacher, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Megan Liming, Individual Studies
Julia Moldoff, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Debra Pellerin, Individual Studies
Kevin Renaud, Nursing
David Rost, Criminal Justice
Margaret Santanello, Individual Studies
Keith Shoemaker, Elect Construction & Maintenance

New Baltimore
Michelle Johnston, Business - Marketing

Lovelle Barksdale-McHolder, Mortuary Science

Brian Kelly, Business Administration

Adam Blot, Engineering Science
Bonnie Calise, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Brian Chobot, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Courtney Connor, Individual Studies
Kimberly Conrad, Labor Studies
Erin Dillon, Individual Studies
Christine Dorn, Health Information Technician
Troy Gallo, Criminal Justice
Michael Grant, Individual Studies
Sarah Holub, Individual Studies
Sean Leahy, Business Administration
Howard Miller, Civil Engineering Technology
Jeffrey Muller, Physical Education Studies
Sheri Podagrosi, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Abigail Schienberg, Respiratory Care
Yuliya Syrkina, Dental Hygiene
Igor Vitkin, Information Systems

Devan Childrose, Individual Studies

North Greenbush
Stephen Carter, Business Administration

North Chatham
Christina Barber, Dental Hygiene
Daniel Cavagnaro, Automotive Technical Services

Mary Piscitelli, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Old Chatham
Christopher Kelly, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

David Benedict, Echocardiography
Timothy Warden, Civil Engineering Technology

James Mangano, Physician Assistant
April Pauldine, Individual Studies
Shawn Walker, Individual Studies

James Simpkins, Criminal Justice

Matthew Beaudoin, Business Administration
Ann Betit, Individual Studies
Karen Day, Individual Studies
Michael Granger, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Brendan Kuchenbecker, Individual Studies
Courtney Ladouceur, Criminal Justice
Amber Shamblen, Physical Education Studies
Megan Tremper, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jessica Waitekus, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Pine Bush
June Charles, Echocardiography

David Graziola, Manufacturing Technical System
Ashley Lenski, Early Childhood
Melissa McGuire, Business Administration

Kelly Lawler, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science

David Kiszka, Business Administration
Michael Colfer, Business Administration
Richard Madsen, Individual Studies
Jason Morris, Computer Information Systems
Laura Morris, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Todd Schafer, Nursing
Sabrina Whitney, Business Administration

Port Jervis
Marco Mansueto, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Steven Weymer, Physical Education Studies

Porter Corners
William Austin, Automotive Technical Service - Chrysler
Carrie Haese, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Justin Pesta, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science

Paul Knapp, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Claudette John, Dental Assisting

Annmarie Carberry, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Theresa Darrah, Radiologic Technology
Thomas Penders, Telecomm Tech-Verizon

Matthew Canning, Computer Information Systems
Jennifer Chung, Administrative Info Technician
Tanya Conrad, Criminal Justice
Tracey Drobner, Human Services
Bonnie Ginter, Business Administration
Tonya Haldane, Criminal Justice
Fallon Haldane, Physical Education Studies
Elaine Hamlin, Business - Marketing
Charlessa Hughes, Business - Accounting
Jennifer Luhmann, Criminal Justice
Dorothy Pohlid, Individual Studies
Christine Primomo, Nursing
April Seymour, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Brandy Van Dorn, Business Administration

Ray Brook
Lana Gokey, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science

Michelle Adams, Individual Studies
Amanda Ahlemeyer, Individual Studies
Joshua Berner, Radiologic Technology
Tatiana Buchanan, Nursing
Gayle Chaifetz, Business Administration
Joseph Donahue, Business - Accounting
Brian Dufresne, Individual Studies
Kristy Ganance, Business - Accounting
Emily Golden, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Heather Gordon, Dental Hygiene
Michael Hadden, Physical Education Studies
Erika Hanks, Individual Studies
Tabitha Harting, Business Administration
Tiffany Harting, Individual Studies
Erin Higgitt, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jessica Humes, Individual Studies
Kristina Ketzer, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Jeremy Lischak, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Charles McNally, Industrial Technology
John Miller, Individual Studies
Stephanie Morris, Human Services
John Nolette, Business Administration
Florence Parmelee, Nursing
Iwona Pietkiewicz, Computer Information Systems
Lisa Quenneville, Early Childhood
Rachel Rice, Early Childhood
Mark Roberts, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Elaine Roy, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Christina Runk, Human Services
Patrick Russell, Individual Studies
Hillary Seaburg, Physical Education Studies
Boldbaatar Sugarragchaa, Computer Information Systems
Mario Tedesco, Business Administration
Heather Wyld, Engineering Science
Teresa Dajewska, Business Administration

Theresa DiCocco, Criminal Justice
Miriam Dugan, Individual Studies
Lynn King, Business Administration

Vernon Ledtke, Individual Studies

Jeffrey Mooney, Computer Information Systems

Round Lake
Jennifer Finkle, Fine Arts
Ronald Miller, Business Administration

Cynthia Prevost, Human Services
John Steele, Telecomm Tech-Verizon

Penny Supernaw, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

Sand Lake
Tiana Allard, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
David Cobden, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Christina Codner, Individual Studies
Ryan Wheeler, Computer Information Systems

Saratoga Spring
Geoffrey Delbridge, Business Administration
Judith Dion, Nursing
Aaron Swick, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Ashley Wells, Individual Studies
Chad Dorrough, Business - Marketing
Michele Fido, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Sean Kerls, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Geoffrey Lenza, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Gregory McCauley, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Dominique Sementa, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Jason Yourdon, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Margaret Bachand, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Shane Wiebicke, Computer Information Systems

Ashley Beiter, Broadcast Communications
Jacob Smith, Business Administration
Michelle Tummillo, Dental Hygiene

Brian Atchinson, Individual Studies
Josiah Bisceglia, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
David Hans, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Andrea Hill, Fine Arts
Nicholas Marchese, Business Administration
Brittany Patenaude, Early Childhood
Steven Rafferty, Civil Engineering Technology
Melanie Salisbury, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Mikah Ward, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Nathan Welch, Business Administration
Jason Wulff, Computer Information Systems

Lawrence Brown, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Craig Brown, Business Administration
Angelina Camino, Physician Assistant
Christopher Carroll, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
Jason Cintula, Business Administration
Jamie Cohn, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jessica Czebiniak, Early Childhood
Stacy Dodge, Physical Education Studies
Adetola Fadeyibi, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Edward Franke, Individual Studies
Leanne Galvin, Business Administration
Jennifer Garlin, Early Childhood
Alyssa Handy, Health Information Technician
Barrett Heacock, Business Administration
Man Ivan Ho, Physical Education Studies
Paul Hobson, Computer Information Systems
Gerrit Hopper, Individual Studies
Gregory Howland, Human Services
Nicholas Huba, Physical Education Studies
Craig Hutton, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
David Keller, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Larry Kimball, Computer Information Systems
Christopher Lewis, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Michael Liberatore, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Susan Lopes, Memorial Hospital Nursing
Valerie MacNeil, Criminal Justice
Joseph Mancini, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Justin Mattison, Criminal Justice
Jason Mauceri, Business Administration
David Maye, Business Administration
Michele Miakisz, Industrial Technology
Thomas Miller, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Michele Moore, Individual Studies
Elma Omeragic, Individual Studies
David Pacifico, Individual Studies
Michael Pantuosco, Manufacturing Technical System
Christian Pantuosco, Individual Studies
Jay Phillips, Individual Studies
Jonathan Poyta, Civil Engineering Technology
Theresa Riley, Computer Information Systems
William Rockenstyre, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic
John Roth, Physical Education Studies
Nicole Russell, Human Services
Chad Sample, Drafting
Ashleigh Santabarbara, Early Childhood
Gregory Savignano, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Joseph Scott, Individual Studies
Michael Seney, Nursing
Scott Shafer, Computer Information Systems
Elizabeth Smyth, Individual Studies
Michael Snider, Criminal Justice
Carrie Tolhurst, Individual Studies
Jamie Tomaszewski, Computer Information Systems
Paul Van Valkenburg, Mortuary Science

Schodack Landing
Megan Clemente, Business Administration
Dana Tibbitts, Individual Studies

Amanda Schanz, Human Services

Lorijo Andersen, Broadcast Communications
Michelle Brunt, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nancy Conrad, Business Administration
Robert Coons, Criminal Justice
Andrew Crecca, Engineering Science
James Czech, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Amy Holzhauer, Human Services
Bryan Laing, Criminal Justice
Gabriele Marruso, Criminal Justice
April McKenzie, Criminal Justice
Jill Nielsen, Business Administration
Sarah Quaile, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Andrew Rice, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Eric Roberts, Individual Studies

Charles Biers, Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christopher Eggleston, Construction
Nicole Gildea, Business Administration
Samantha Henrikson, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Dianna Higginbotham, Human Services
Wendy Hobb, Business Administration
Nate Hummel, Computer Information Systems
Danielle LaFave, Computer Information Systems
Thomas Reinisch, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Stuart Sharp, Physician Assistant
Julie Taylor, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Michael Weddell, Criminal Justice
Ruth Zinzow, Human Services

Doug Cooper, Individual Studies

Nur Abdul Aziz, Business Administration

Young Hee Seo, Business Administration

Addie Abrams, Individual Studies
Christine Bidwell, Dental Assisting
Subhen Bose, Information Systems
Keith Cromie, Physical Education Studies
Stephanie Hardy, Physician Assistant
Kevin Hotaling, Computer Information Systems
Jeffrey Jordan, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Robert Lake, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Jill Matthews, Business Administration
Brenda McGreevy, Criminal Justice
Christopher Meislahn, Business - Accounting
Jason Odom, Industrial Technology
Michael Suarez, Business Administration
Bradley Towle, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Daniel Tripp, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Bryan Walsh, Mechanical Engineering Tech

South Glens Falls
Louise Betts, Dental Hygiene
Elizabeth McLaughlin, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Kelly Reed, Physician Assistant

Springfield Center
Rory Misiewicz, Radiologic Technology

Michelle Angley, Criminal Justice
Matthew Carpinello, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kyle Gardner, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Ryan Morris, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Sean Parlapiano, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Clarence Peterson, Automotive Technical Services
Deborah Reiter, Human Services
Ryan Seebach, Individual Studies

Brenda Ahrent, Early Childhood
Leigh Benamati, Business Administration
Anthony Buck, Business Administration
Bonnie Mace, Business Administration
Annette Meliski, Physical Education Studies
Shannon Plasencia, Individual Studies
Matthew Potter, Computer Information Systems
Eric Renaud, Business Administration
Trisha Williams, Business - Marketing

David Seeberger, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Stuyvesant Falls
Robyn Smith, Physician Assistant

Christopher Warga, Physical Education Studies

Douglas Cossey, Telecomm Tech-Verizon
Bruno Fortino, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Margaret Scuderi, Telecomm Tech-Verizon

Dennis Styles, Physician Assistant

Sarah Agars, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Luke Allocco, Construction Tech-Building Construction
William Armintrout, Computer Information Systems
Michael Avila, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Francis Bacon, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kathleen Barcomb, Individual Studies
Owen Barnes, Individual Studies
Mary Bateman, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Amber Beardsley, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Sara Beazley, Business Administration
Meriah Becker, Early Childhood
Raman Bedi, Computer Information Systems
Bonnie Benson, Human Services
David Bidwell, Criminal Justice
Lauren Bizzarro, Business Administration
Anita Blandshaw, Business - Accounting
Gina Boepple, Early Childhood
Stephanie Boland, Bus-Executive Office Assistant
Pamela Bonesteel, Criminal Justice
Travis Braghirol, Automotive Technical Service-Autobody Repair
Misty Brice, Invasive Cardiovascular Tech
Lisa Bucciero, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Timothy Burr, Individual Studies
David Byrne, Business Administration
Brian Carroll, Business Administration
Seonmi Choi, Industrial Technology
Jason Chura, Individual Studies
Chad Cook, Criminal Justice
Heather Coonrod, Business Administration
Patricia Cowin, Early Childhood
Christopher Daley, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Nicholas De Tomaso, Electrical Engineering Tech
Tanya DeLaMater, Individual Studies
Christopher Denio, Criminal Justice
Shaina Devine, Criminal Justice
Jorge Diaz Granados, Individual Studies
Matthew Donohue, Business - Accounting
Kevin Dufresne, Business - Accounting
Donald Dunham, Business Administration
Daniel Empie, Computer Information Systems
Adela Faden, Business - Marketing
Katie Flynn, Nursing
Linda Foglia, Individual Studies
Lauren Forkner, Bus-Executive Office Assistant
Michael Gaunay, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors
Michelle Genovese, Individual Studies
Jessica Glynn, Early Childhood
Stephanie Goodspeed, Physical Education Studies
Christopher Graber, Business Administration
Joseph Green, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Justin Gregaydis, Early Childhood
Marcel Guenette, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Reetu Gupta, Individual Studies
Jennifer Hamm, Civil Engineering Technology
Nathan Hans, Computer Information Systems
Aiko Hatakeyama, Business Administration
Glenda Hawver, Business Administration
Jenna Hayner, Criminal Justice
Robert Hendricks, Individual Studies
Robin Henkel, Business Administration
Alan Herman, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Charles Hill, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Todd Hinman, Construction Tech-Building Construction
Kirsten Hotaling, Criminal Justice
Alfred Houghtaling, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Eamon Howard, Individual Studies
Mark Hughes, Business - Accounting
Tim Hummel, Computer Information Systems
Grace Idun, Individual Studies
Jennifer Kalpakidis, Computer Information Systems
Dana Keeler, Individual Studies
Matthew Klein, Individual Studies
Jeffrey Korsak, Criminal Justice
Cevahir Koyuncu, Information Systems
Deanna LaBrake, Broadcast Communications
Jonathan Laga, Criminal Justice
Nicole Lagace, Mortuary Science
Katie Lasky, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Gaetana Le Blanc, Bus-Executive Office Assistant
Carrie Lind, Radiologic Technology
Candice Link, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
George Linz, Individual Studies
Patrick Lowell, Computer Information Systems
Paul Lupe, Computer Information Systems
Cathy Madden, Individual Studies
Lillian Madera, Business Administration
Kate Magnetto, Business - Marketing
Lee Mahoney, Business - Accounting
Carey Mancinelli, Business Administration
Michael Martin, Business Administration
Jeanne Massey, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Michelle McBain, Early Childhood
Joyce McCampbell, Dental Hygiene
Althea McDonald, Business Administration
Courtney McNab, Business - Accounting
Bridget Moore, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Danny Murray, Elect Construction & Maintenance
William Nettleton, Individual Studies
Loris Newell, Business Administration
Yen Nguyen, Individual Studies
Maria Noakes, Early Childhood
David Oles, Plant Utilities Technology
Adam Parsley, Business - Marketing
Tracy Paul, Business Administration
Deborah Pease, Individual Studies
Sean Peterson, Individual Studies
David Premo, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Kurt Relation, Criminal Justice
Kera Rexroad, Business Administration
Mark Rexroad, Computer Information Systems
Thomas Ring, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Heather Rivest, Business Administration
Blanca Rodriguez, Information Systems
Sean Rosney, Business Administration
Brian Ruddy, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
Jesus Ruiz Perez, Business Administration
Kristina Ryan, Individual Studies
Theresia Schwalb, Computer Information Systems
Jeffrey Scott, Criminal Justice
Ernest Seabury, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Kathleen Seeloff, Manufacturing Technical System
Zachary Sharpe, Criminal Justice
Sean Shea, Physical Education Studies
Aziz Shrestha, Individual Studies
Valerie Shuba, Computer Information Systems
Andrea Sibinich, Individual Studies
Tracy Sicko, Business Administration
Randeep Singh, Business Administration
Jennifer Skotnicki, Business - Marketing
George Smith, Human Services
Chrystie Snyder, Dental Assisting
Christopher Sousis, Broadcast Communications
Mark Spain, Computer Information Systems
Todd St. Denis, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Parker Staring, Individual Studies
Jenelle Stilson, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Christine Stinson, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Hannah Strole, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
William Sutton, Industrial Technology
Marci Terk, Business - Marketing
Cynthia Thibeault, Business Administration
Carol Thornton, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jason Van Dervoort, Industrial Technology
Chasity Van Skiver, Individual Studies
Grace Vega, Administrative Info Technician
Mathew Vilmany, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Henry Vladyka, Physician Assistant
Jason Vogt, Business Administration
Jennifer Vogt, Individual Studies
Tatiana Wainman, Individual Studies
Tonya Watkins, Engineering Science
Matthew Winfield, Computer Information Systems
Jonathan Wood, Individual Studies
Joseph Yetto, Telecommunications Technology

Meranda Coon, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Ulster Park
Joel Gish, Physician Assistant
Galen Marchant, Construction Tech-Building Construction

Kelly Carcone, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jonathan Farley, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Kathryn Burke, Business - Accounting
Emily Colton, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
David Coon, Civil Engineering Technology
Daniel Craig, Engineering Science
Sarah Flint, Human Services
Kimberly Framarin, Individual Studies
Jean Hacker, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Mark Losee, Computer Information Systems
Zachary Pesce, Civil Engineering Technology
Devin Pharr, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Mary Thomas, Individual Studies
Allison Walters, Human Services
KaChun Yee, Individual Studies
KaKit Yee, Business Administration

Valley Falls
Beckie Briggs, Business Administration
Jerod Chapko, Engineering Science
Rosanne Chmielewski, Fine Arts
Stephanie Heslin, Individual Studies
Nathan Luskin, Physical Education Studies

Nicole Bruso, Civil Engineering Technology

Bryan Shortell, Individual Studies

Matthew Bloomingdale, Business Administration
Molly Bradley, Early Childhood
Amber Brate, Individual Studies
Kristin Fiato, Criminal Justice
Margaret McGeeney, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Emily Osterhout, Individual Studies
Nicole Filkins, Business Administration

Rodney Warren, Construction Tech-Building Construction

Joel Smith, Elect Construction & Maintenance

Aksel Bode, Liberal Arts & Science-Math & Science
William Brundige, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Jaclynn Carey, Business - Marketing
Craig Cheney, Business - Marketing
David Cope, Physician Assistant
Dina Davidyuk, Biotechnology
Joseph De Conno, Computer Information Systems
Phil Derrick, Computer Information Systems
Jennifer Dingley, Individual Studies
Barbara Forget, Business Administration
Daniel Forgett, Computer Information Systems
Paul Gervasio, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Lana Harriman, Business Administration
Cheryl Hutchinson, Telecommunications Management
Erin Kyne, Individual Studies
Scott LeRoy, Computer Information Systems
Jennifer McCormick, Individual Studies
Jason Messier, Dental Hygiene
James Metzger, Business - Marketing
Brian Mohan, Business Administration
Sarah O\'Connell, Engineering Science
Nataliya Pavlova, Computer Information Systems
Jason Piacente, Physical Education Studies
Paul Pulcher, Engineering Science
Nicole Storm, Individual Studies

Michael Ford, Business Administration

David Ackerknecht, Business Administration
Staci Albright, Computer Information Systems
Laila Amir, Dental Assisting
Vinay Anandam, Individual Studies
Carlos Arevalo, Individual Studies
Joel Bergman, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Jacinta Bloch, Individual Studies
Jeremiah Bratt, Broadcast Communications
Richard Bullard, Computer Information Systems
Nadine Burr, Respiratory Care
Patricia Camarota, Human Services
Kathleen Carroll, Individual Studies
Jamie Coulter, Individual Studies
Sarah Cozzolino, Business Administration
Ethan Dobson, Individual Studies
Elizabeth Egnaczyk, Fine Arts
Kimberleigh Fish, Individual Studies
Christina Hardy, Individual Studies
Sheena Hartshorne, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Marie Hillicoss, Mortuary Science
Joseph Howansky, Individual Studies
Adam La Vigne, Automotive Technical Service-Autobody Repair
Christopher Lee, Human Services
Cesar Lind, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Kathlyn Macey, Business Administration
Aaron Malinoski, Criminal Justice
Kathleen Mazzariello, Dental Hygiene
Grace McNeil, Human Services
Brian Mochrie, Business - Accounting
Kaysie Moore, Individual Studies
Jacob Moore, Broadcast Communications
Jeffrey O\'Connell, Criminal Justice
Adam Rappaport, Individual Studies
Kelly Sayward, Individual Studies
Hina Shah, Business - Accounting
Christine Skidmore, Business Administration
Thomas Szczygiel, Chemical Dependency Counseling
Jeffrey Tetrault, Business Administration
Spring Thornton, Business Administration
Frank Walton, Chemical Dependency Counseling

West Coxsackie
Carrie Francis, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

West Lebanon
Edward Murray, Broadcast Communications

West Rutland
Michael Skaza, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

West Sand Lake
Holly Boice, Early Childhood
Mary Jean Bryce, Mortuary Science
Kevin Canders, Automotive Technical Service-General Motors
Elizabeth Canders, Individual Studies
Valerie Christian, Physician Assistant
Shona Garretson, Human Services
Cory Hack, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Service
Heather Jones, Business - Accounting
Rebecca Kinney, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science
Alicia Martino, Early Childhood
Donna Read, Samaritan Hospital Nursing
Heather Reisig, Nursing
Randi St Pierre, Criminal Justice
Zachary Walker, Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science

Andrew Arthur, Individual Studies
Tara Foster, Individual Studies
Jennifer Lee, Human Services
Peter Rupeka, Elect Construction & Maintenance
Amanda Tombari, Individual Studies

Craig Van Decar, Construction

White Creek
Joseph Happ, Business Administration

Edward Martin, Emergency Med Tech-Paramedic

Clarissa Anderson, Individual Studies

Laura Garafalo, Physician Assistant

Jeremy Albert, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigerati