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What's New At Hudson Valley Community College? Here's A Clue: Grads Will Examine Crime Scenes

CONTACT: Jeff Foley (518) 629-8085
FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Given the popularity of criminal investigation television shows, here's a new Hudson Valley Community College program that shouldn't take long to fill up: Forensic Science Studies. Beginning with the fall 2003 term, Hudson Valley students will be able to enroll in this two-year program, which leads to an Associate in Science degree.

"Forensic science may not be quite as dramatic as shows like 'CSI: Miami' or 'Law and Order' make it appear, but students will indeed learn to apply scientific principles to physical evidence," said Dr. Ann Geisendorfer, chairperson of Hudson Valley's Criminal Justice department. "Basically, forensic science refers to the application of science to the criminal justice system, and forensic scientists analyze evidence as it relates to a crime. Forensic scientists work primarily in laboratories, but a number do go out to crime scenes. It depends on the laboratory or laboratory system. Their objective is to analyze the evidence so that it provides information to help in an investigation, either exonerating a suspect or linking that suspect to a crime."

Hudson Valley's new Forensic Science Study program will address forensic science's interdisciplinary nature, and the course of study is heavy on criminal justice and the sciences. Successful completion of the program will allow graduates to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a Bachelor's of Science degree in Forensic Science.

"We're very excited about the opportunities the Forensic Science Study program will present to Hudson Valley Community College's students," said John Buono, president of the college. "Not only can they earn a top-notch associate's degree, but we have an articulation agreements with John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Our graduates will be able to transfer seamlessly to one of the world's forensic science leaders."

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