SUNY Mascot Madness

The SUNY Mascot Madness 2018 competition included 36 SUNY campuses.

Thank you for supporting the Viking in the 2018 competition!

Unfortunatey, the Viking didn't make it out of round two this year but he's looking forward to spending Spring Break on a Scandinavian beach.

Q&A with the Viking

What is your name and what school do you represent?
I'm the Viking, and I represent Hudson Valley Community College, the Capital Region's largest community college.

What was your favorite athletics moment at school from the past year?
We've had quite an exciting sports year from our women's soccer team advancing to the Region 3 championship game, to our women's basketball team going to double overtime at home against Corning and winning with a spectacular three-pointer 104-101. However, I think my favorite moment is when our men's basketball team raised nearly $7,500 for Justus Simon, their teammate who has been diagnosed with cancer.

If you could major in any one subject at SUNY, what would it be and why?
Before sailing up the Hudson and landing my job at Hudson Valley, I traveled all over the world trading and doing business with all sorts of people. Now, I'd like to set up my own shop, so I'd pick the degree in Entrepreneurship at Hudson Valley.

If you could teach one class at SUNY, what would it be and why?
Seeing as I'm the college mascot, I've learned a lot from the top-notch coaches in our Athletic program. So if I got the chance to teach here at the college, I'd pick Theory and Techniques of Coaching, one of the requirements of the Coaching certificate program at Hudson Valley.

What is your favorite breakfast cereal to eat in the morning?
Being a true Viking I prefer a full Scandinavian breakfast complete with smoked arctic char on rye crispbread, Filmjölk (drinking yogurt), and muesli, but if I had to pick a cereal, Wheaties are always a great choice for someone as active as me.

What is your favorite topping to put on an ice cream or frozen yogurt sundae?
MMMM!!! Scandinavians eat the most ice cream of anyone in Europe, so I'd love nothing more than a delicious ice cream treat! My favorite toppings include Swedish Fish, Caraway Seeds, and Licorice, all Scandinavian Classics.

In your free time, what is your favorite NY activity to do?
I love sailing up and down the Hudson on my Viking ship in the summer, exploring the Adirondacks in the fall, and cross-country skiing, a sport invented by Vikings, in the winter.

What 3 items would you take to a desert island to help pass the time?
I would take my laptop to keep up with Hudson Valley's games and teams on social media, my megaphone so they could hear me cheering, and of course, some sunscreen, because Vikings burn easily!

If you weren't a mascot for your school, what job would you have?
I can't imagine having another job, but if I had to pick one I'd work in the Communications and Marketing department here at the college because I love talking to people and telling them all about Hudson Valley Community College.

Tell us one secret people would be surprised to know about you.
Although I'm best known for working the crowd and getting rowdy at sporting events, I have a sensitive side too. I love attending art and culture events, from nationally-known speakers at the Maureen Stapleton Theater to the productions put on by our Theatre Arts majors and club members.