Dwight Marvin Library

Dwight Marvin Library and Media Services to Persons with Disabilities

Hudson Valley Community College is committed to providing equal access to services and collections to all persons. The Dwight Marvin Library staff will promptly respond to individual requests for accommodation and will confer with the campus Center for Adaptive and Assistive Technologies (CAAT) or the Office of Human Resources on a case by case basis to verify eligibility, accommodation or compliance. A librarian is designated as the coordinator for library services to persons with disabilities.

The Marvin Library Learning Commons is an accessible building, with elevator access to all floors. Renovations to the building completed since the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have improved features of the original building so that all public restrooms include ADA compliant facilities and barrier-free service counters. All public areas are designated for either group study, quiet study, or silent study. Individuals may select the area that best meets their needs whether areas that permit talking or provide low distraction. Contact the library director to report inaccessible building facilities.

Accommodations include the following services:

Individuals with disabilities which prevent retrieving materials from the stacks may request assistance from library staff. The request must include the call number of any item needed; assistance with locating call numbers is provided by librarians in the Writing and Research Center. Items will be paged based on staff availability, within 24 business hours.

Individuals with disabilities which prevent independently photocopying or printing may request assistance from library staff. Copying requests must include the original material with any special instructions. Individuals must arrange for payment of copies or printing with library staff; this may require briefly surrendering a student ID card for payment processing. Items will be copied based on staff availability, within 24 business hours.

Alternative formats
If alternative accessible format is required, please contact the coordinator of library services to persons with disabilities or designee. Alternative formats may include large print, audio, or digital formats, or other formats determined by the CAAT. Alternative formats will be provided as soon as possible, but may require more than 24 business hours.

Faculty who have arranged library instruction must alert faculty librarians of known students who require accommodation in compliance with FERPA regulations in order to prepare presentations and distributed materials in accessible format.

Group study room for persons with disabilities
MRV 144 is designated for persons with disabilities. Furniture is arranged for convenient wheelchair access. The room may be used by individuals or groups of up to five. Contact the coordinator for library services to persons with disabilities to discuss any additional needs.

Adaptive equipment
A student workstation in the Writing and Research Center includes the adaptive suite of software selected by CAAT. Equipment is available for persons who require enlarged print text or high contrast textual presentation. A public computer workstation is available for web browsing using adaptive software for speech output. Video playback equipment includes options for closed caption display.

Online resources
Accessibility is considered when selecting research databases and other online resources from third-party providers. Contact the coordinator of library services for persons with disabilities if inaccessible elements prevent use of online resources so that an alternative can be located or a solution determined. The library adheres to CAAT protocols for responding to accessible web content issues.

Access to the Second Floor Faculty Office Annex
Access to second floor offices MRV 201-214 in the adjoining Marvin Faculty Office Annex is provided using the elevator in the Marvin Library Learning Commons and arranging for library staff to open the emergency door to the faculty office corridor in the annex. Speak with staff at the first floor service desk and access will be provided during regular hours of business.

March 20, 2017
Approved by Center for Access and Assistive Technology
Approved by Associate Dean, Instructional Support Services and Retention
Approved by Vice President for Academic Affairs