Nursing (A.A.S.)

What Current and Prospective Nursing Students Need to Know About the BS in 10 Law

On Dec. 18, 2017, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Chapter 502 of the Laws of 2017 amending Education Law section 6905 to require RNs to either have or obtain a baccalaureate degree or higher degree in nursing within 10 years of licensure. The law does not become effective until June 2019. In general, RN students enrolled in an licensure qualifying associates degree or diploma program as of Dec. 18, 2017, as well as RNs licensed in New York State, as of Dec. 18, 2017, are exempt from this requirement.

  1. What does the BS in 10 law do and why do we need it?
    The BS in 10 law will require future nurses who graduate from a New York State diploma or associate degree program to obtain a baccalaureate degree in Nursing within 10 years of becoming a nurse. The law is grounded in evidence demonstrating better outcomes when patients receive care from baccalaureate-prepared nurses.
  2. When does the BS in 10 law take effect?
    The BS in 10 law took effect Dec. 18, 2017 when it was signed into law by Governor Cuomo.
  3. Who does the BS in 10 law affect?
    The new law affects anyone who starts a New York State diploma or associate degree program to become a Registered Professional Nurse (pre-licensure program) after the bill became law unless they are grandfathered.
  4. Who is grandfathered under the new BS in 10 law?
    The following individuals are grandfathered and do not need to meet the requirement to complete a RN/BS program:
    1. All RNs who were licensed on or before Dec. 18, 2017.
    2. Any person who was enrolled in, accepted in or waitlisted for later acceptance in a diploma or associate degree program in New York State before Dec. 18, 2017
  5. How long will I have to complete my BS?
    You will have 10 years from the date of your first licensure as an RN after graduating from an associate degree or diploma school to complete the BS in Nursing to get re-registered to practice.
  6. What happens if I can't complete my BS in Nursing within the law's 10 year requirement?
    If you fail to complete the program in the specified time allotted in the law you may receive a one-year extension that may be extended for one additional year to allow you to complete the requirement.