Community and Professional Education

Course Material Lists and Additional Information


Course Materials Lists and Additional Course Information

Some Community & Professional Education courses require that students are prepared with information beyond that in the course description - including materials lists, computer information or next steps. In addition, our Creative Retirement courses often take students off campus and we provide notes and directions for those trips and tours.

Click on the link below pertaining to your class(es) for additional information about course materials or need-to-know information pertaining to courses you are registered for.

Please Note: Many instructors provide the lists of needed materials right in the course description, so be sure to check so that you are prepared before your course begins.

Summer 2018 Courses

Spring 2018 Courses

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Parking on Campus

Parking permits are issued to all students who register for credit-free courses at the time of registration. If you register by phone, fax or in-person parking permit will be mailed to you with your confirmation. If you register online, a parking permit will be mailed to your Hudson Valley Community College email account. Your parking permit should be displayed accordingly in your vehicle. All drivers are urged to obey the traffic laws and regulations for parking at the college.

Escort Service
In the interest of personal safety of students, faculty and staff, the college's Public Safety Office will provide an escort service during late evening hours. Anyone desiring an escort on college property should call (518) 629-7210 or stop by the Public Safety Office.

Maps and Locations
Information about and directions to other locations where Hudson Valley Community College Community & Professional Education classes are held can be found on the Maps and Locations page. If you are registered for a Creative Retirement trip or tour being held off campus, please see the Center for Creative Retirement Information Sheet in the section above.

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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Hudson Valley Community College awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to those who complete designated courses, workshops and seminars.

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a uniform measurement of individual participation in non-credit programs. One Continuing Education Unit represents 10 contact hours (ex. for a designated course 30 contact hours = 3 CEUs).

In order to receive CEUs, students must successfully complete courses according to the instructor's standards. Typically, this involves 75% attendance; however, there may be additional requirements.

Please be sure to check with your instructor at the beginning of the course.

Records kept for those students who accumulate CEUs will be available upon written request from the Registrar's Office.

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Important Phone Numbers

Bookstore (518) 629-7157
Cashier (518) 629-4504
Community and Professional Education (518) 629-7339
Public Safety (518) 629-7210
Weather-related closings (518) 629-4822
Workforce Development Institute (518) 629-4827

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Certificate of Residence Information

Some credit-free courses require a Certificate of Residence. If one is required it will be noted.

Why do you need it?
A Certificate of Residence enables Hudson Valley Community College to charge your county for part of your tuition costs. Without a Certificate of Residence, you will be considered a non-resident of New York State and will have to pay the non-resident tuition. Please note that students who register online will be required to pay the non-resident tuition charges if they do not have a valid Certificate of Residence on file. Once the Certificate of Residence has been posted to the student's account, a refund of the non-resident tuition charges will be issued.

Where do you get it?
In most cases, you obtain a Certificate of Residence from the county of your permanent address by providing proof of residency (typically at your city or town hall). You must be a New York State resident for one year and provide proof of residency for the past six months. List of New York State County Offices for Certificates of Residence

When do you give it to Hudson Valley Community College when taking a credit-free course?
If you register by phone or fax, we ask that you send your Certificate of Residence to our office within five business days. Students who register by mail or in person, should submit their certificate at the time of registration.

For more information about Certificates of Residence, visit the Certificate of Residence information page.

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