Academic Advisement

Criminal Justice Department

What is an academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is available to help you with scheduling, adding or dropping a course, or planning for your academic future. Your academic advisor also is a good place to start when you're not sure who you need to talk to about a problem or question. Your academic advisor can assist you in identifying and communicating with other offices at the college.

Advisors in the Criminal Justice Department advise students in the following degree programs:

Day and evening students should contact Howie Bancroft at (518) 629-7491 to schedule an advisement appointment.
Distance learning students should email Howie Bancroft at, using your HVCC email account.

Day and evening students are responsible:

  • To make their schedule advisement appointment on time.
  • To come prepared with your completed and signed academic planning sheet (see above for your curriculum)

It is recommended that students are advised prior to the opening of registration.