Instructional Support Services and Retention

Retention Programs

The Instructional Support Services and Retentionstaff is committed to working collaboratively with all campus departments to facilitate, support, and promote programs and activities that give students the best chance for academic success.  Efforts often begin as interdepartmental programs that, once successful, are woven into the larger institutional framework to become a part of "how we do business at Hudson Valley Community College."  As a need is identified, all campus resources are considered so that responsibility for an intervention or support program does not rest solely with one department or person.  It is the institutional integration of these efforts that makes them both successful and sustainable.

The office publishes a newsletter each semester, Retention PIECES ( Practices, Ideas, Evidence, Connections, Events, and Successes)to highlight the work being done all over campus and to share pertinent research that campus constituencies might find of value. In addition, links below lead to descriptions of some of our current initiatives. If you would like more information about our office or particular retention efforts, please email Associate Dean Karen Ferrer-Muniz.


Karen Ferrer Muñiz
Associate Dean for Instructional Support Services and Retention
(518) 629-7234

Gail Barber
Enrollment and Retention Services Technician
(518) 629-7505