Capital District Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)
a division of Hudson Valley Community College

Admissions Process

The Capital District Educational Opportunity Center is required to keep economic and educational eligibility records on each student. Applicants are therefore required to provide verification of income and educational background when registering.

Income Documentation
You must bring one of the following to support your economic eligibility:

  1. Federal Income Tax Form (W-2 forms plus 1040 worksheet): A copy of the forms sent to the Internal Revenue Service for last year.
  2. Budget Sheet: Department of Social Services clients can receive this form from their caseworker. (Must have a current effective date.)
  3. Social Security Benefit Letter: This can be obtained from the Social Security Office. (Must be for the current year.)
  4. NYS Unemployment or Disability Statement: Bring your most recent statement or check receipt.
  5. Retirement: Bring the most recent statement or check receipt.
  6. Verification of Child Support and/or Alimony: If you receive this support, you must provide proper legal documentation.

You must bring any of the following that apply to you:

  1. High School Diploma or GED/High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma
  2. High School Transcript if under 18 years old
  3. College Transcript: If you have attended college you must provide an unofficial transcript. (If you have a college degree, you do not meet the education eligibility requirements.)

Residency Documentation
To be eligible to attend EOC you must be a NYS resident for one year or longer. If you are not a US citizen see "Other" below.

  1. NY State income tax return for last year. Or;
  2. NY State driver's license with valid date of 1 year or more. Or;
  3. NY State non-driver id with valid date of 1 year or more. Or;
  4. NY State vehicle registration with valid date of 1 year or more. Or;
  5. NY State voter registration card. Or;
  6. NY State property deed. Or;
  7. Lease for housing or vehicle in NY State. Or;
  8. Mail (envelopes with canceled stamp), which shows NY State address over past 12 months. Or;
  9. County Certificate of Residency documenting 12 month residency.


  1. Social Security Number: If you do not know your number, bring your card.
  2. Alien Registration Number/Permanent Residence Card: If you are not a United States Citizen you must provide proof of legal residency.