Environmental Health and Safety

College Safety Committee


The committee representatives reflect a diversity of functions, specialties and departments across campus, including: faculty, student, FSA, Disability Resources, Physical Plant, Health Services, Technical Services, Special Events, Public Safety, union representation, and Environmental Health and Safety. Appointments are made by the College president and the committee is chaired by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

Committee Members:

Fred Aliberti
Director of Public Safety

Claudine Potvin-Giordano
Clinical Coordinator, College Health Services

Clem Campana
Operations Manager, Physical Plant

Kathy Cline
Director, Technical Services

Elizabeth Fahrenkopf
Assistant Director, Technical Services

Andrew Fuda
Assistant Director of Institutional Services and Events

Mike Gardner
Building Maintenance Worker, Physical Plant

Colleen Moore
Administrative Assistant, FSA Business Office

DeAnne Martocci
Director, Center for Access and Assistive Technology

Maxine Ortiz
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

Peter Schaefer
Department Chair, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Gail Van Wie
Program Assistant, School of Business

Laurie Vivekanand
Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Robert (Sid) Whitaker

Zach Yannone
Director, Institutional Services and Events