Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Public Administration Department

Degree Programs

Animal Policy Certificate
The Animal Policy Certificate Program is designed for students who wish to pursue or currently maintain a career in the field of animal policy. Working in the framework of public policy, this certificate program can be applied towards an A.A.S. in Public Administration Studies.

Criminal Investigation A.A.S.
The Criminal Investigation degree offers a strong academic background in investigative techniques, forensic science, evidence collection and analysis. This program is for students who wish to complete an associate's degree and enter the law enforcement field.

Criminal Justice A.A.S.
The Criminal Justice A.A.S. is designed to prepare students for careers in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Students could, after meeting Civil Service requirements, enter law enforcement, investigation, crime prevention, and corrections on the federal, state, county, or local levels. There also are opportunities for employment in private organizations.

Criminal Justice A.S.
The A.S. Criminal Justice program addresses the complexities of crime and justice. Students will discover how to apply analytical concepts to evaluate the socialistic system of criminal justice.

Cybersecurity A.S.
The Cybersecurity A.S. program combines criminal justice and computer information systems coursework with a strong base of liberal arts courses to prepare you for transfer into a bachelor's degree program in Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity and other related programs.

Forensic Science Studies A.S.
The Forensic Science Studies program addresses the interdisciplinary nature of forensic science. Forensic Science is the application of science to the criminal justice system. The course of study focuses heavily on criminal justice and the sciences. The graduate will have an opportunity to transfer seamlessly to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, one of the world's forensic science leaders.

Public Administration Studies A.A.S.
The Public Administration Studies major is designed for both recent high school graduates and for persons presently employed in the public sector who wish to work toward and Associate in Applied Science degree. This degree program is designed to allow students transfer opportunities to a public affairs, public policy, or public administration program at a four-year institution.