Viking Video Technologies
Bob Racette
Director, Instructional Technologies and VVT
(518) 629-7503

Kevin Buess
(518) 629-7757

Electronic Field Production Scheduling, Support and Editing

Roger Pinke
(518) 629-8087

ISDN and Broadband Videoconferencing Scheduling, Support and Media Duplication

Scott Freedman
(518) 629-7129

Studio Video Production and Multimedia Scheduling, Set-up and Support

Cheryl Trantham
(518) 629-7391

Clerical Support

Eric Kiel
(518) 629-7625

ISDN and Broadband Videoconferencing Support, Video and Multimedia Production Support and Media Duplication

Mark Wehnau
(518) 629-7130

Multimedia Set-up and Support

Jim O'Donnell
(518) 629-7716

Video Production and Multimedia Systems Design, Engineering and Support