Services Offered

Instructional programming must be both educational and entertaining.

We work closely with our clients to find the best mix of instruction and entertainment for their audiences. It's not enough to have high quality production facilities and qualified staff. To effectively produce a message for your specialized audience the content must be properly produced and presented.

As educators and communications professionals, we understand this mission - it's the main theme behind every thing we do at Hudson Valley Community College.

Studio Productions

We offer several unique production services and features, like a 34' x 34' studio with a two-wall cyclorama, a 240-seat auditorium built as a full-function television production studio, and two large adjoining television studios for easy set-up, staging, and coordination of large productions.

Our studios and auditorium utilize state-of-the-art production equipment including:

  • computerized light grids
  • switchable aspect ratio cameras
  • studio teleprompters
  • digital videotape recorders
  • a digital production switcher
  • 24-input audio board
  • Pinnacle Decko digital character generator
  • resident computer with standard Microsoft graphics programs
  • and other special applications software and closed captioning.

We can provide the full range of production services you need to produce your program!

Satellite Teleconferencing

Viking Video Technologies can offer its technical staff, spacious studios, broadcast television equipment, satellite transmission connectivity, site coordination, meeting spaces and anything else you need to successfully uplink or downlink a satellite teleconference.

Strategically located to serve state agencies and corporate clients with offices in the Capital Region, VVT can connect you with audiences around the state or around the globe through a wide range of presentation technologies (satellite, ISDN, TC/PIP, videostreaming, CD, DVD or tape).

Ask us how we can design a program with the production value that is right for your viewing audience.

ISDN and TC/PIP Videoconferencing

For full interaction, from point of origin in our studios or distance learning labs and then returning from your receive sites, (state-wide, nationally or around the world) VVT can offer you the latest technology solutions in "dial-up" two-way video. We can support your most demanding video communications needs from direct point-to-point conferencing to multi-point conferencing. Our equipment supports H.320, H.323, T120 data standards - along with the latest emerging broadband and TC/PIP protocols.

To best serve you and your viewing audience, this video solution, like all of our others, is also backed with the same full service list of professional broadcast services.

Remote Field Productions and Editing

Whether in the studio or on the road, VVT gets the job done. We are also capable of creating field-produced and edited programs. We can produce the program you want and build it to the specifications you need. When the editing is done, we can provide you with copies of your program on any tape format, CD, DVD or even videostream it for you.

Video Streaming

VVT offers a full range of services necessary to produce and deliver your streaming program from concept to completion with the Web presence you need. VVT can stream live events or present archived programming - either synchronous or asynchronous. We can produce video programming and tailor delivery to meet your needs.