Lab Supplies

The Bookstore provides lab supplies that are required for courses. These items may be purchased at the checkout counter, and include: safety glasses and goggles; dissection kits; chemistry kits; and latex gloves.

All chemistry courses (except organic chemistry) require that you purchase mono goggles, latex gloves and a lab coat.

Most biology or anatomy courses require you to purchase a dissection kit. You will also need an apron, safety glasses and latex gloves. For Biology 105 you will need mono goggles, an apron and latex gloves.

Other lab supply items of interest include:

  • Toothbrushes - Oral-B size 20, 30 or 35 at $0.30 each!
  • Dental Floss - Glide 66yd pkg.
  • Opticide wipes and steam tape
  • Face masks and goggles

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