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Spring 2014 Eight-week (Sprint) Classes
What does it mean to be a Viking?

Classes begin Monday, March 17, 2014
Classes end Friday, May 9, 2014

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CRN Subj Crse Sec Title Cred Days Time
35352ACTG120620Personal Finance3Online
35244ACTG210620Federal Income Tax3Online
35826ARTS100620Survey of Art History I3Online
35726ARTS107620Art Appreciation3Online
36427ARTS273600Documentary Film: HistoryTheory3S9am-Noon
34352BADM110620Legal & Ethical Env of Bus I3Online
34231BADM111620Legal & Ethical Env of Bus II3Online
34291BADM200620Business Communications3Online
35132BADM208620Organizational Leadership3Online
34206BADM240620Intro to Sport Mgmt3Online
34911BADM243620Intrntnl & Intrcltrl Sport4Online
34913BADM24362AIntrntnl & Intrcltrl SportLABOnline
35499BADM299620Business Capstone1Online
34907CMPT101620Computer Concepts & Applctns I3Online
36469CMPT135620Info Dsgn & Applied Dgtl Media3Online
35131CRJS101621Intro to Criminal Justice3Online
36472CRJS245600Forensic Science I3M W 12-1:50pm
36473CRJS24560AForensic Science I0T R 12-1:50pm
35607EDUC100620Child Development3Online
36474EDUC225620Children's Ltr,Lng,&Ltrcy Dvlp3Online
35456ENGL115620Library Skills for Research1Online
36476ENGL115621Library Skills for Research1Online
36429ENGL117600Mstrng Esntls Grmmr&Pnctuation1M W 12-12:50pm
33424ENGL125600Public Speaking3T R 3-5:50pm
33423ENGL152600Creative Wrtng: Poetry & Song3T R 3-5:50pm
36035FORM108680College Forum1M W 11-11:50am
30049HIST100600Western Civ & the World I3T R 6-8:50pm
34512HIST101600Western Civ & the World II3M W F 1-2:50pm
33630HLTH131620Stress and Health1Online
30807HLTH152600First Aid2M W 4-5:50pm
34506HLTH160620Personal & Community Health3Online
34802HUSV105620Human Development & the Family3Online
34720HUSV109601Orientation to Field Work1F 10-11:50am
36306HUSV109600Orientation to Field Work1M 12-1:50pm
36213HUSV115620Perspectives on Disability3Online
33496HUSV210620Human Sexuality3Online
36471INDS105620Intro Academic & Pers Effect3Online
35442MATH110600Intermediate Algebra3T W R 3-4:50pm
34978MKTG120620Principles of Marketing3Online
36355MKTG216620Small Business Management3Online
35809MKTG240620Business Ethics3Online
34497PADM100620Intro to Public Administration3Online
36483PADM100670Intro to Public Administration3W F 2-3:50pm
30844PHED136600Beginning Golf1M W 5-6:50pm
33629PHED141600Wght Training/Personal Fitness1W F 2-3:50pm
36046PHED144600Weight Lifting1T R 4-5:50pm
36478PHYS105620Introduction To Astronomy3Online
30398PSYC100600General Psychology3R F 9-11:50am
35248SOCL100600Sociology3M T F8-9:50am
36021SPRT100620 Phlsphy,Prncpls & Org of AthEd3Online
36022SPRT101620Hlth Sci Applied to Coaching3Online
36023SPRT102620 Theory & Techniques of Coaching2Online
36479SPRT275620Prof Issues in Sport & Exercise3Online

This listing was last updated March 7, 2014.
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