Public Safety
Open Letter to the College Community

The safety of students, staff and visitors on the Hudson Valley campus is the primary concern of the Public Safety department. These are some of the things we do to keep you safe:

  • Continuously surveying and recommending where additional or brighter lighting is needed.

  • Inform the college's Physical Plant department when lights are out.

  • Increase the number of outdoor emergency phones and check their service.

  • Provide escort services.

  • Maintain uniformed patrols in the college's parking lots as frequently as possible.

Even with all the steps and precautions we take, we still need your help. Here are some suggestions we hope you'll consider:

  • Try to leave your classes or buildings with others. Be cognizant of your surroundings. If it appears that someone is following or watching you, get to a blue light or campus phone and call Public Safety.

  • If you are a victim of a crime, or if you witness one, report it to Public Safety at immediately. Hudson Valley also offers many forms of support including the college's Health Service and counseling services.

  • When parking on campus in the evening, try to park in a well-lit area near buildings.

  • If you arrive on campus early in the day and have to park a considerable distance from an evening class, go out before dark and move your vehicle to a spot near the building your class is in.

  • Report suspicious activities. If something doesn't seem right (for example, if someone is sitting in a vehicle and watching you), report it.

  • Don't hesitate to request an escort. They're free.

To contact the Public Safety Department,
call 911 from any campus or emergency phone or call (518) 629-7210 from any non-campus or cell phone.