Borrowing from Other Libraries

Hudson Valley Community College employees and students benefit directly from several memberships and associations which provide direct access to many other libraries. Through reciprocal agreements, faculty and students may visit other libraries and access designated collections. Interlibrary loan service also provides access to library collections worldwide.

Please note that failure to return items to reciprocal institutions will result in blocks for financial obligation at the college.

Through the Capital District Library Council’s Direct Access Program (CDLC DAP), Hudson Valley Community College employees and students may visit and borrow from many academic, public, law, medical, and technical libraries located in the Capital District.

Before visiting another library, obtain a CDLC DAP borrower card at the Circulation Desk in Marvin Library. The card is accepted at all the participating libraries. Before a borrowing card is issued, the individual's library record at Hudson Valley Community College will be verified as current and clear of obligations.

Note that some participating libraries offer limited privileges. For more information on the CDLC Direct Access Program and the lending categories and restrictions of its member libraries, visit the CDLC website.

The Marvin Library currently provides borrowing privileges to users who are over 19, present a CDLC DAP card issued from a public, academic, or special library, and provide valid photo identification.

Other SUNY libraries
The State University of New York sponsors the Open Access Program, and most of the 64 SUNY affiliated institutions of higher education participate in the program. Upon presentation of a valid Hudson Valley Community College ID card; faculty, students, and staff are entitled to borrowing privileges at SUNY institutions which locally include University at Albany and Schenectady County Community College. Privileges extended to Open Access Program participants may be limited.

New York State Library
Hudson Valley Community College faculty and staff may borrow directly from the New York State Library (NYSL) upon presentation of a current and valid college ID card. For more information on the State Library, its services and collections, go to

Faculty and staff are considered by the NYSL to be New York State government employees and thereby are entitled to a “P”, or Privilege Card which includes remote access to a large number of licensed research databases.

Read more about library services available to state government employees at

Application information is online at Required documentation must be included with the application.

New York Public Library
The New York Public Library provides borrowing privileges to residents of New York State, including remote access to many research databases. Complete the online application and follow the instructions for validating your address. Note that the registration process may take four weeks to complete. Visit the databases list to view electronic resources available remotely.

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