Fine Arts (A.S.)

Facilities and Hours

The Drawing and Painting studios at Hudson Valley Community College are housed in a sun-washed wing of Hudson Hall. Painting students are given dedicated space in which to work - even in Painting 1. The drawing and painting studios are accessible to those students enrolled in studio art courses only.

Drawing and Painting Studio Hours
7 a.m. - midnight, 7 days a week
Access policy procedures are on file in the department office.

The Photography darkroom and studios are located in the Joseph J. Bulmer Telecommunications and Computations Center - a multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art facility. Black and white, color and non-silver processes are taught in these new labs and studios.

Photography Darkroom Hours

The college has provided students enrolled in photography courses with a fully equipped darkroom complex, studio, and work area with which to complete course requirements. In addition, student lab fees are collected to provide students with some necessary supplies such as photographic chemicals, enlarger and studio lamps, and other equipment. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the facilities certain rules must be followed by all photography students both during their scheduled class times and during open hours.

  1. All students must show valid Hudson Valley ID.

  2. Students will sign in and out, and will note use (film developing, printing, studio, etc.)

  3. Students are expected to follow the same rules of conduct during open hours that are required during regular class times:

    • report problems immediately.

    • keep workspace clean; dispose of trash properly.

  4. Some equipment may not be available for use during open hours without prior arrangement. Please sign up for studio and individual darkrooms at least 24 hours in advance.

Failure to comply with darkroom rules will result in a suspension of darkroom privileges.

The college requires that all campus visitors register at the security office. Guests are not permitted inside the darkroom.

The Joseph J. Bulmer Telecommunications and Computations Center also houses an Electronic Arts studio which provides students with instruction and course work in the emerging mediums of digital imaging, computer animation, electronic music, and digital video.