Broadcast Communications (A.A.S.)

The New School of Radio and Television

The New School of Radio and Television has offered quality professional training for careers in Television Production, Television News and Sports and Radio Broadcasting since 1973. With more than 3000 graduates employed in various capacities of the field, the New School's vast experience of educating and graduating well-trained professionals is unparalleled.

Instructors come from television and radio backgrounds and are highly qualified to instruct on the latest techniques used in the industry. Moreover, a caring, professional staff encourages and assists students to reach their maximum potential. Training is practical in nature, designed after the specific needs of the industry and the abilities and goals of the student, and equipment is representative of that currently used in television and radio stations. The program at The New School or Radio and Television is unique within the educational field and serves the student well for future employment or potential transfer.

Through the years, The New School of Radio and Television has refined and improved its program to be consistent with current trends. Programs have grown and become more inclusive. But the basic philosophy of small class size, individual attention and a caring, professional staff, has not changed. And, as with their first graduating class in 1974, graduates today are continuing to find success in the fields of television radio and broadcasting.

Students who wish to know more about the New School of Radio and Television or wish to schedule an appointment to visit the school should call (518) 438-7682. The Web site is